First mmo I have played love it and 12 years later still play it 8-10 hours a day and still have more and more and more to do and more goals I can set. Wonderful game.

Everquest was the first MMO I played and the only one I still have respect for.

Seriously, play WoW - its too freaking easy at times. I remember running through Oasis being scared s***less of a Sand Giant coming along and pummeling the crap out of me. - Busproof

Daddy of them all, constantly evolving,

What the hell, Everquest should be #1 and we all know it! It's the grandfather of all MMORPGs, and by far the most epic of them all.

One of the many great things about Everquest is that SOE listens a great deal to player's suggestions and adds them into the game. The progression servers, for example, are awesome! People wanted classic EQ back and they got it!

I'll admit this game can be a bit too much for some people, particularly those who enjoy simpler MMOs like Runescape and WoW, but if you're up for a REAL online adventure that will challenge you, I highly recommend it.

I had played this pretty religiously from 1999-2001. It was super addicting, probably too much so. In fact it's the only MMORPG I've ever played or will play again!

with project 1999, we get the best of the best, the father of all, the classic Everquest gaming

I started playing this 11years ago with my new born grandson on my knee, he now plays along side me.

L started playing EQ when it came out and man was it hard, but that's was what kept you from getting bored and, you had to really think of what you were going to do, and attack or you die, loose hours of xp and had to run back to your body with no armor, good luck not getting killed on the way back laugh out loud. One of my favorite games ever. Healers where needed, tanks where needed, grouping was fun.

As Hendrix for a guitarist, the same is everquest for mmorpg games. But it doesn't have so much respect. - Matis

Everquest is for the hardened, dedicated, strategic minded gamer. If that isn't you, go to WoW.

Nothing comes close to EverQuest. And I have tried many online games.

No question it beats out WoW and deserves a top spot.

On it's 18th expansion, you won't find anything bigger.

This is the #1 game its huge and a blast to play

How this can't be number one is mindbubbling. This is without a doubt the best mmorpg game that I've played.

Nothing gave a better gameplay then Everquest!

One of the first, and still one of the best. Totally immersive content. I spent thousands of hours on this game. I still pop in from time to time to play.

Nothingwill ever compare to that launch day experience. It changed me forever and I was hooked. You can't ask for more.

I've been playing this for 15 years now and it still entertains me. great social community and still play with some great friends. The origional MMORPG of all time. this is where it all started, I remeber starting at 8pm and going all the way through till 8am constant every day for months when this was released... addicted.com

This was a decade ahead of its time, and is still the benchmark. All mmorpgs want to be EQ. The player base is amazing.

This was the original. The one people lost their lives and homes and families too. Evercrack. It was WoW before there was WoW, and it was such a more complex game. I think the only debate here is which is the best MMO of all time - WoW or EQ. But I have to give it to EQ. All other MMO's are left in the dark by these 2 behemoths.