MapleStory was the most addicting I ever played. Hats off to Wizet, and now to Nexon who currently own it. You guys designed, potentially, the best 2D MMORPG every made and published on this earth. It had the perfect trading system, unlike most MMORPGs (like runescape), there was a chat box in the trade and stores, so people could easily communicate. The questing system was very organized, and the Job Advancement system was one of the best. I quit this game last August, because, although it's one of the best games, and I still love it, the people in it aren't nearly as great. Some very immature and unethical players and WAY too many bot/hackers. If this was fixed, and the game was mad more mature, I'd come back any day.

This game is the best MMORPG ever. I've been playing for 5 years now and I'm not going to stop. The trading system is original and great, because it's easy to chat about the price and maybe even make friends. MapleStory isn't all about the levels, you know. Also, about the graphics. They might seem bad in the first place, but when you get into the game more, they actually start to look way better. Although, the new patches are kinda making MS worse. I've lost many friends after the Big Bang-update.

a great game that is so fun, its hard to get off of! In this game you can pick from many armors, robes, ranger armor, and much, much more! The environment in this game shocked me when i played it. The word 'noob' is rarely used in my point of view, and it only takes a week or two of leveling to not be considored a low level! I would say this game gets straight to the point!

It's a fun relaxing game that can be played whenever you feel like it. If you judge games based on their graphics you should not be writing reviews. Maplestory has so much content you won't be able to do it all at once. It's also a game that is easy to get rich in, not like other ones where you have sit for hours grinding or hoping for a rich person to pity you. Nexon tries to add as much content as they can as fast as they can leaving you with events and new things to do every month or two (if you've been playing for a long time)

My first MMORPG and its still #1 in my book. It made my childhood an amazing experience. I spent five enjoyable years playing this game and will never forget it. I made friends from all over the world in this game, I learned about love and fun. I still go back to it a few times here and there but its never going to be the same as it once was because of the updates. - Catos94

OK, Maple Story may be a side scrolled and have 2.5d graphics but it has a very complicated, yet simple living system with great game play, sound etc.

this is the best game if you haven't tried you should. there is over 10 classes in maplestory korea. please try it you will like it and you wont get rid of it. you can play it in europe, korea, euorope, north america... its a game from nexon and wizet friendly people and gms everything is perfect.

6th place?! MapleStory need to be the first! Biggest community, patches, map/towns, 16 classes that each class has 3/4/10 kinds of Job Advancement with a lot of choices for next job advancemt... very popular game, and I very like it!

BEST GAME IN THE WORLD I've played since the day it came out. I've played all of the games posted here, and I would say maplestory is the best game in this top 10 ratings. I have been playing since the beta came out and have been playing ever since. If you don't really care about the graphics and want to play for fun you would play this. If will get fustrating at some times, but in the long run it's the best game out there.

Best free mmorpg out there! Addicting. Don't get fooled by the childish graphics. Its very in-depth game and hard core leveling system

This Should Be Far Above Runescape. It just Should. It is better in almost every way. and runescape is just plain crap. Bes MMORPG Out there thats free. Paying For Nexon Cash is totally optional =)

its one of the best games I ever played I played it 5 years ago and I still love it its a good game 2D game you can do quests and party quests its nice come play please and add xxonlyproxx you can't miss this game is a perfect game friendly players fun items and much more

The graphics may look "kiddy" or childish, but it's actually a very good game. The economy is extremely in-depth, the equipping system is elaborate, and there are a huge variety of classes to choose from that makes the experience all in all very fun. Best game out there!

Despite the terrible graphics and 2d world, this game has some amazing elements. The classes available are diverse and allow for variable game play experiences. In order to level some grinding is required, but fun party quests are always available. I've been playing for about a year, and don't plan to quit.

I quited Maplestory a long time ago because my account was hacked.Level 60 bandit and 53 cleric.All hacked.Maplestory,well,a good game,but ruined by hackers.If you see any hackers while playing Maplestory,report them. - fuzone

This game is really good.
16-bits graphics is cool, just like the final fantasy older super nintendo versions.
its just cool with levels and the shop (real buy shop)

Its original and simple and a great pace to have fun you don't always go on to fight sometimes just to hangout

This game is horribly horribly horribly addictive. The amount of character classes, quests, equips, upgrades, character customization, enemies, and areas to travel is unreal for a game that's free to play. You can never do it all. You will never have the time. This game even has it's own legend. Fangblade, the first character to reach level 200, the highest level possible in the game.

despite the 2d cartoonish graphics
this game is very serious and u make friends so easliy
i been playing for 2 years and i have lvl 103 DK and 80 CB =)

This is a great fantasy games allow you to imagine through. It has different job like warrior, magician, thief, bowman and pirate. More new job has already created. It is created by nexon company, the story is amazing...

i remember wen i was as noob as teh green snail and i used to play is foh hours and then it sucked me in and i almost died
=D the end


best game ever. but its hard to stop playing but why would you want to stop playing such a good game

maplestory was my first and best mmorpg I have ever played. you might get fooled on how its a 2D game but there are many features maplestory has that other games don't

Love it! You can make many friends, seeing as so much people play it, and there are so many different character classes with their own unique skills to try out! It is amazing. Just try it; You will NOT regret it, trust me.

I have been playing on this game for 6 years and I still don't know half of the material that's out there don't mistake this game for "just another lame 2D MMO" it's a whole new world that has yet to be explored by you