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81 The Secret World

Best game ever, the real world engine it uses and the storyline makes this a great game

82 Evony

Evony is a relatively new online game, created June 2009. What is so great about this game, is that it is free, has a ranking system so that you can see where you rank in the game, different servers so you can try different tactics and ideas, alliances so you can band together and fight alongside friends, and it's a browser game, so there is no hassle of downloading the game. Evony is more of a strategic online game, forcing the player to build up cities and vanquish foes from the map. - Lordofcatwn1

Great! It is an extremely good strategy game... Players get to build towns and train trops and attack enemies!

83 Torn City
84 Rappelz - Siege for glory

Now this game I enjoy and if we all could get blessed with more free games like this online. Everyone would be happy and a lot more satisfied. I like the fact that you can level up with JP that is gained every time you kill a monster. Although it would have been great to still incorporate the norm living with that, and more armor and weapons. Instead of 20 to 50 with nothing in between, don't worry you can upgrade these infinite times though...

I give it a solid 8 out of 10

Great game played it for a while, but to many players on it and if you go into some of the trading rooms it's so confusing it's so packed. Maybe I haven't been playing long enough, but you would definitely enjoy it. Also I you and the game isn't necessarily free if you have a load of money to spend on it then you could be the number one player in a week laugh out loud

Real nice game been playing it for about 2 years now its real fun, would be amazing if Gptato actually cared about this game a little bit more it would be epic, but just the way it is it is good..
You should try it!

Best game of listed here. Many characters available and etc.

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85 Supreme Destiny

Supreme Destiny is one of the best multiplayer games India has ever seen.

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86 RAN Online

Ran Online is the only mmorpg game which have a very advanced technology in the game (party, duel, chat, set, and style). I wonder why this is not in the top 1. Please try this game then you can inderstand why a lot of people loved this and will never stop loving this game. - mrtriplex

I love this game! :) this is so fun.. :D the more you play the more you get involved in many happy events and gathering more friends!

This is a stunning game. The graphic is indeed fascinating. However, the players are getting less due to the age of this game, since 2004. Because of this, this game had been purchased by some bad quality gaming companies in some nations for examples, in Malaysia (Myrosso), etc. Making this game slightly unbalance in almost every aspect. I guess that are some reasons why ranonline is not able to rank number 1.


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87 Star Trek Online

Ever since it went free to play, it has been the game that came back with a vigor that most games can only dream of.

With high graphics, action, and thousands of ships, it is very fun.

Star Trek online is the best MMORPG!

Best game ever!

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88 Digimon Masters Online

This is by far the best MMORPG iv'e EVER played it has great graphics, you can pick your own tamer, hatch your favorite digimon! I'll leave the rest for you to decide!

89 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Best game EVER! My sister has only been playing for 2 years and she's already on level 50

Way better than world of warcraft.

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90 Blade & Soul V 3 Comments
91 Mu Online

Very cool game.Low xp with real Mu-online ..U can get more fun with pravete mu servers ..It's looks very much at Diablo 2 ..but diablo2 fun on the beginning. so play it graphics not very good but it's good enough

very good game play, cool graphics,
not boring because there are so many things to do. It is currently in season 2 and more season and patches to come.

I'm talking 'bout MU Philippines.

It's the best MMORPG of all the times! - salamidas

I like cows also

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92 Black Desert
93 Age of Wushu

This game is going to take the place of Wow some day.
Give it a shot!

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94 Aika Online

This game was really good (turkish server is closed now :(( )

95 Warframe V 3 Comments
96 Alidhan

An excellent game that I play since 5 years.

w. Alidhan. Net

97 Ultima Online

Ultima Online in my opinion is the BEST game out there. I started playing in '97 and quit in 2000 when they changed the game completely. I found free servers to play and I still play UO 15 years later, I've tried WoW, laugh out loud, DoTa, DAoC.. NOTHING can compare to UO and I will never go back to those games. UO is #1 even if it's all the way down here, it's because people can't handle it's ruthlessness. But also the game has GREAT rewards if continued playing. if you still want to play the best game in existence.

No other MMORPG gives the freedom that ultima online has to offer! It was the first and it still rocks!

This game has and always will be my all time favorite. Mmorpg. I played it back in the 90's all the way up into now it still has the spark that I always look for in a good rpg... A There's nothing in the market that even comes close to this..

Was a game of a life time for me. Shroud of the Avatar has now taken its place!

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98 Last Chaos

like you can do loads of stuff on it like slay monsters make armor and weapons mine cast spells even own your own pet whitch you can ride on why isent it number1! you cant even put it on spot nuber 2. can you please!

bob0718, Hatzring server
Shantimay GA 9x/1xx
One of the best ever free-to-play PvP based MMORPG's Ive played. Better than WoW in my opinion - what

this is a really cool mmorgp that is just like Wow it has cool graphics and awesome characters like rouges, sorcers, warriors, Titans, healers and more so come check it out!! - hckyplaya8

Awesome game I like the pets takes a while to level them up but once you finally do its really cool. I'm a level 26 titan I have tried all of them but I think the titan is the best.

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99 Shaiya Online

After trying to find something after WoW, I kept getting disappointed. However, after playing Shaiya, I can't stop! It is a great game!
It lacks classes, but still a very fun game full of amazing graphics and game play. Come join in on the fun!

NOt very perfect but it offers good game. Don't go to borderland if you do not have real cash. That's where the ugly face of shaiya coms in. Otherwise perfect game and could be played from from low graphics computers too gt really nnice quests - jyraj555

It was great game but after Nexon bought it it dissappointed me

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100 Wyvern

Great game for the retro gamers out there and for those interested in expanding their horizons. It's like a multi-player version of the games I used to play as a kid, only better and a lot more fun. - CabochonatWyvern

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