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Mosquitos Spanish for "small fly," mosquitoes are flies that have been known to cause various diseases . A sample of diseases caused by mosquitoes: malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus .

I'm sweet blooded and when I went to camp for a school fieldtrip, I ended up with thirteen itchy bites from these stupid mini-Edward Cullens. Their buzz is annoying.

Have killed more people than any other creature on the planet.

Leave extremely itchy bites.

Some scientists believe that the ecosystem would be fine if mosquitos suddenly went extinct (in other words, they're useless).

In conclusion, they do no good whatsoever and only cause problems.

They suck blood and give desease I want them no more

Hate these jerks. When they bite, they leave you a rash that keeps you itching for days! They are creepy looking and the only reason why they bite you is to make even more mosquitoes (their blood helps feed the children) so it's not even for a good cause! At least when bees sting you they die after so that makes you feel kinda good, but mosquitoes need to get wiped out they are such a useless and pointless creature!


They eat your food, buzz all over, and just annoy you! Everyone hates them.

Mosquitos are dumb, they always choose us as prey despite the fact that we have much greater opportunity to kill them than any other large mammal. Due to our hands.

Flies on the other hand ha literally thousands of eyes, and are remarkably agile and quick fliers, so if you don't have a fly swatter ready, they're capable of annoying the life out of you constantly until you by some miracle manages to kill one.

Mosquitoes have a really painful buzz and cause diseases, but if you're agile, at least you can smack them with your hands. Flies, on the other hand, are bloody disgusting and impossible to catch without a flyswatter. And to make things all the better, they contain tons of bacteria inside them and considering I have a HUGE flesh wound, I tend to keep away from them. They are also known to LAY THEIR EGGS INSIDE YOU, and I swear to god, that is bloody terrifying. Sorry Mosquitoes, you guys are WAY out of the league of Flies.

house flies get into everything. they barf and crap on anything they touch. also they are disease carriers. also there BUZZ is very annoying. but its fun to use them in a evil sicking prank!

Bed Bugs

They are not fatal but they stink like ripen rasberries and they populate pretty quick. Even there are many individuals of them, it's hard to find them and their shelters. They do not just bite one spot when they suck blood, they bite many times in order to find juiciest body part of yours which makes you feel really itch.

Bed bugs are disgusting and annoying and leave a human itchy. They are little monsters.

I HATE THEM, they bite in a line and the worst stinking creatures ever...

My friend hade them he was not at school for a week


These give you lyme disease! Some can even kill you! They MURDER!

Oh my gosh yes! They are super hard to kill, and they can be hard to catch, they get into everywhere and they are so small and hard to find, Their bites affect you really bad and they are the reason why your dog is itching so much (besides fleas) SCREW THEM!

It's another drackula sometimes they can get bigger than grapes!

At least mosquitoes don't go into your skin & be a pain to get out!


Bees should not be compared to wasps. In this short essay I will explain why wasps are useless and bees are not. Firstly, Bees pollinate flowers and make honey as well as just trying to get about their lives in an ordinary fashion. Now, on to the wasps. The short and simple answer is that they are useless. Yes they may pollinate flowers as well as bees, but if we didn't have wasps, life would be a lot easier. They sting you however many times they want and get off scott free but the bees? Nope they get deaded for no reason. Bees are like cats, if you stroke a cat too much it will get annoyed and scratch you and like a bee, if you annoy a bee, it will get annoyed and sting you but then it will die. This is why bees should be protected and kept alive and the wasps should basically become extinct as they may have a small purpose but on the whole they are useless. Thank you for coming to my TED talk about bees.

Well, bumblebees usually won't hurt you. But they bite (my brother's friend learned that the hard way). See, now I don't know if I'm allergic to bees or wasps, so if by any chance (knock wood) I ever got stung, I might even die.


Bees are extremely good for humans.
Meanwhile, Wasps do nothing but sting you and ruin your life, house, and existence.
This should not be Bees/Wasps.
Just wasps.

Bees are rather gentle creatures. Yes they may be annoying. But don't bother them, for they will sting. And they don't want to sting you because after they do, they die. Wasps on the other hand... Let's just say run for your life because those things can sting you multiple times and nothing bad happens to them.


They're annoying, and rats are not to blame for the plague, fleas are.

Hey this should be higher. They are so small and jump really high, and crawl away real fast. Plus, they breed worse than bunnies do. And they leave itchy bumps on your sweet loving animal and you and your friends.

Point is, they're a pain to kill, and a pain living

Fleas are the most annoying little blood sucking bastards

Bastards!... Fleas are just bastards!


These things are the bees evil cousins. While bees contribute to society by pollinating, wasps just sting people

Wasps are annoying when they fly by me, they kept flying by me in 2018 summer, one landed on me lucky I didn't get stung

Head Louse

They're hard to kill; one usage of head louse shampoo isn't enough, you have to use it again to make sure they're dead. They make your head itch.

I hear they cause a lot of itching


These nasty thing are always scary! They are all over, and pose health risks.

I hate cockroaches they are full of germs and worse is like stink bugs, when u squash them, they summon thousands of baby cockroaches and they are all over the place and u can’t find them cause there are thousands in your house. They eat garbage and they love food so they will go to your house and spread lots of germs and there is nothing u can do about it, go extinct u stupid little freaks.

They are super gross I remember when I was vacationing in our rental in Florida, we would find at least five cockroaches everyday! They are the most gross creatures to ever live and they are pretty hard to kill! They suck!

Cockroaches are the second worst insect ever

Ants Ants are eusocial insects of the family Formicidae and, along with the related wasps and bees, belong to the order Hymenoptera.

You left the piece of chocolate cake uncovered on the table, five minutes later there is an army of ants around your poor cake.

Ants can be annoying sometimes especially if they keep coming in your house

One time I was doing work in my yard with my mom and she handed me a big bush to throw away. But a fire ant colony (or some other kind of ant) apparently lived in that bush and I got stung a bunch on my arm. It hurt and it looked like I had chicken pox on just my arm.

They are annoying and stupid. They get in your house and steal some bits of food you have on the ground. Where ever I step, I don't know if they are here or not! It's worse if you have a carpet floor.

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? Pine Beetle Stinkbug

if you live in northern Michigan, you know that these pests keep invading your house in the summer and fall, especially if you have lots of pine trees around

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Gnats are awful because they're the smallest things ever and mosquitoes are very close honestly but really, gnats are just too tricky to kill and there are quadrillion's of them in the world. One quadrillion is 1000 trillion. It's just awful that they're so common

Gnats are extremely annoying as flies and hard to kill --- have to use a spray. Gnats like to crawl on the computer screen.

I absolutely hate gnats! They fly in my room and I have to use my own hands to catch one. It always interferes with what I'm doing, such as drawing

I hate it when they fly into my eye and then get stuck there! They are so much worse then flies in my opinion

Brown Stinkbugs

Once ONE lives, the whole area WILL be populated by these annoying creatures... They stay in your house for so long all year (even in summer). In summer or autumn, DON'T open your window, they immediately go into your house. Once they are killed they smell. You can't let them alone either because they pee (or something) on your house. They are very VERY RUDE going around your house to surprise you when you don't expect it!

Evil little bastards that invade my room and send me running like the idiot I am. Actually, as of now, I'm hiding from one downstairs.

Invasive species that came from Asia and is destroying U. S crops worst thing is when you stomp on it it lets out the worst smell ever that only summons more of them.

Hornets Hornets are the largest of the eusocial wasps, and are similar in appearance to their close relatives yellowjackets. Some species can reach up to 5.5 cm in length.

These chase me all over and try to sting me. I don't get stung, but they scare me to death.

No they are the coolest insect

Moths Moths comprise a group of insects related to butterflies, belonging to the order Lepidoptera. Most lepidopterans are moths; and there are thought to be approximately 160,000 species of moth, many of which are yet to be described.

I don't mind moths, if there is one in my house, I let them out, some can actually be quite beautiful, luna moths, madagascan sunset moths, atlas moths, sphinx moths, cecropia moths etc. Only one kind of moth eats clothes and others don't even eat at all and even if they do they pollinate on flowers. I do admit they get a little annoying when they keep bumping into me but like I said, I let them out. But I do respect your others opinions on moths, you may find them annoying or creepy but I find them quite fascinating creatures. Its just my personal opinion.

Are they really this far down the list? The maahoosive furry demons, Flying round your bedroom in a dusty flurry, nibbling on your new threads and repeatedly flying into the walls, windows, lightbulbs, doors - Has no one experiences the havok of one of these bad boys busting thru the window just before you decide to go to sleep? Annoying little pricks if you ask me.. Like, if you're in love with the light so much.. why don't you go fly around during the day HOMEBOY.

I find them annoying. Moths just fly all over the place. One bumped into me.

There was a moth in my bathroom the half the size of my phone no joke I wish I took a picture

Carpenter Bees

The just buzz in your facr


They get in yiur hair and stay there forever. They are the biggest burden to parents. You can't get a haircut if the stylist finds out! The eggs(nits) are stuck with glue! Everyone hates then and they lower your self esteem.

Who wants them anyway?

They ruin your life.



How common is that swarm by the way

Crop destroyers!



They're stupid. They sit on the door until someone kills them, yet they don't fly away when someone is coning

Their singing is extremely annoying. Shut up! They sing, then stop, then sing again for a long time.

I actually like Cicadas.

Cicadas is flying most popular animals, Cicadas his no beautifull alliance. My comparison alliance to animals Cicadas for deadly flying man of serial Xena: Warrior princess, season 6, episode 3, (Heart of darkness). My comparison Cicadas for LUCIFER, LUCIFER be opponen of Xena, and he is God. He is me wings and start trick offer Xena.


They are cool looking

These things are GROSS! And they're a nuisance!


Their chirping annoys me.

Grasshoppers were kind of annoying in summer 2015 they were everywhere


Fire Ant

Fire Ant, when bitten, excrete dangerous formic acid.

Termites Termites are eusocial insects that are classified at the taxonomic rank of infraorder Isoptera, or as epifamily Termitoidae within the cockroach order Blattodea.

If your house got termites,don't put any wooden furniture.DON'T put your wooden furniture or else all your wooden furniture will be gone and all your money for your wooden furniture will be wasted.

More than happends in Detroit Michigan!


Little gits


They bit me literally everywhere. Extreme genital itching.

By far the longest lasting annoyingness of any insect. They hitch a ride on me every time I set foot in the woods!

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