YouTube Review #6: Fred

Martinglez So today i'm reviewing a channel instead of a video, and I think i should also review channels from now on.
So Fred is this Youtuber who isn't around now but had a huge success back in the day. He relied on talking about his fictional life and, of course, on his high pitched voice. It wasn't really his, it was edited.

So the main problem here is obviously his voice. It's very annoying and sounds as pleasant as nails on a chalkboard. Even if the rest of things were good the voice would completely ruin it already. But wait, there's more!
Another problem is it's humour, or better said 'humour'. It really isn't funny unless you are 10 years old or younger, and as we all know that's the main audience on YouTube, so that's how Fred got his fame.

Then there's his show which was even worse than his channel, his movies are too. Because the best solution was making this formula longer. Even Fred's primary demographic didn't like this, as the show failed hard and eventually lead to Fred's downfall. I really hate the show, it gets an already horrible thing and somehow manages to make it even worse. The plots are horrible, the characters are horrible and obviously the voice is horrible. Same goes for the movie. Also, Fred's father is JOHN CENA.
(Insert John Cena music here)

And that's about it, Fred was an annoying YouTube star who somehow managed to make it big. He really didn't deserve the fame and atention and he could only entertain 10 years olds.
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