Most Dangerous Places In London

The Top Ten Most Dangerous Places In London

1 Peckham

Peckham? I lived there for 13 and a half years, luckily I know some members of peckham so they're kind to me but get on their wrong side and your one way ticket to hell is delivered. drugs, knives, guns and murder was probably just the few things that peckham has to offer, almost every part of it is full of thugs, dealers or new bloods that are soon to be killers. stay away because it's your best option for you and the people you love

I was once in peckham with my two best friends, we were walking through the streets at night when we heard a loud bang. Two men in hoodies walked towards us from across the street and one of them pulled out something from their jacket, I didn't see what it was but I directly grabbed my friends hands and we started to run, we got away luckily enough. Another time I was just out shopping when I could see two guys handing each other what looked like drugs, I have seen drug dealers, murderers, and more here. I have lived here now sixteen years, born and raised, luckily I am alive but there is no way I'm raising my kids here. As soon as I'm old enough I'm moving.

Seen murders there, so we moved, thankfully else I'm not sure I would be alive

Gangs everywhere. A LOT worse than Hackney, regardless of what others on here sat. I would never live in Peckham.

2 Brixton

Don't wander round estates etc looking out of place someone is always watching and it could end badly

I say never go to Brixton.. I has my worst night day in my life.. Hopefully I survived but Almost stayed there...

Brixton is the worst as it has 3/4 stabbings a day far worse than others

Man got bare shanks you know. Come down these ends you dun know Afghan Dan OUt

3 Tottenham

This was the only way I could find to post my opinion. Reading the comments and releasing what negative connotations people have or Tottenham nearly brought tears to my eyes. I have lived in Tottenham all my life and have felt a sense of community; I also feel lucky that due to the cultural diversity in Tottenham I have learnt about other cultures - broadening my horizons. Yes I understand that there is poverty in Tottenham but I have felt a growing sense of ambition amongst my peers and others in my community to achieve something. Furthermore the portrayal of Tottenham in the media is biased and untrue; and I feel that people base their understanding of Tottenham on this when they have never even been to Tottenham. Others may have been to Tottenham once or twice, have had a negative experience and decided to once again based their understanding on this. Honestly I can't imagine growing up anywhere else, and wouldn't be where I am today and achieved what I have if I'd lived elsewhere. ...more

I lived in Tottenham for seven years. It was a horrible place then and it is still is now. No character, no life, no shops worth speaking off, no sense of community. It is a mono cultural area, rather than multi cultural. Apparently, even in better days Tottenham had no heart, largely because of the way it was built, all at once in instead of organically. I will never forget, just before I moved out, the Council taking over the house next door when my neighbour died. A man gleefully smashed in all the beautiful coloured glass that was an original feature and my neighbour had loved.

Says it all about Tottenham, a place where the residents have no connection with it, they just live there. Not much of a place for dog owners either, people used to shy away from my beautiful beagle as if she was a rabid wolf.

Tottenham is one of the poorest areas in London and it is a failed area, plagued with crime, unemployment, welfare dependency, race hustlers, gang/gun/drug culture and degenerate broken single mothers (with 3 or more kids from multiple fathers.

Tottenham is run by Labour's Haringey Council (the same council whose Social Services couldn't protect Baby Peter from his abusers or failed to improve the area since the riots in 2011. Mark Duggan is the idol for all the thugs and race hustlers in Tottenham.

If Tottenham was a country, it would be a failed state on par with Somalia.

I'm ok in here
Maybe you ask why because I'm Iranian anyway nothing scares me.
I seen lots of things this is nothing compared to my past.

4 Hackney

I'm not really scared of it because iam an russian

Just arrived to London.
I am in a cheap crappy hotel in Hackney until I find a flat. I hope I get out of here fast. This place stinks to crime. So far I see the tube station is full of police, I saw people being arrested and lots of gang like looking people.

I've just passed by bus through Hackney and the scenery was horrible. The streets were very dirty, the buildings looked as if a war had happened there and every street corner was populated by groups of dangerous looking people that seemed to have been put there only to start a fight. And this was during the day.

I've been to many countries with many known bad neighborhoods, but Hackney gave me this feeling of unsafe that I haven't experienced anywhere else. Everything was so grim, it looked like one of those horror movies where someone is waiting for you around the corner with a knife.

Hackney is my definition of hole.

Crime, street fights, graffiti, murder, drug dealing are literally the Hackney features. Is going there, living there let alone safe? Not in the slightest. I would love to know the percentage of people that love it, I would hazard a guess, it's quite low. Try to avoid as much as possible.

5 Croydon

I lived in Croydon all my life so I know first hand how ghetto and secret it is. West Croydon was probably the worst effected area in the Riots, guess why? Because the youths here have nothing to lose. They are violent and don't care. The thugs here are not all talk, they will kill, shoot or stab whenever they find fit. Be careful after dark in the hight street of West Croydon, London Road. Things could get serious.

Croydon is really bad. I lived there at the start of 2014 and was mugged 2 times at night and in the late afternoon walking through an alleyway. Not good for kids. I always saw gangs of 14-20 odd year olds walking around the streets thinking they own the place. Brixton has calmed down, Croydon should definitely be up against Brixton and hackney.

As a person who has been brought up in Croydon I know where to go and what it's really like people get mugged everyday and stabbed too often croydons changing constantly and street wise is essential not to be robbed or stabbed new gangs form up each year most of them petty crimes but the major ones get kids and young ages and I've seen boys get kicked out of school and fall into the gang cycle. Too many people are getting stepped in Croydon and it's not down to alcohol it's about the clashes between gangs and honest people who are trying to get on with their own life's.

I grew up in Croydon. I was lucky enough to get out of that wasteland about four years ago now. Never looked back. Lots of gang activity and race crime. There was a time me and my friends were in the town centre at night and a gang threatened us with concrete blocks - just for being white!

6 Edmonton

Edmonton could make the new number 1 spot, a woman was beheaded and stabbed there today! - As17

I've lived in edmonton for 11 years, and I have seen many crimes taking place. Even in school, you need to make sure that you don't trust anyone. Just when you think they are your sisters, they snake you and stab your back. Also stuck in between tottenham and enfield, which are places with high poverty and unemployment. There was a time when a boy put a lot of weed in a cigarette and gave it to. A Muslim girl and the girl was so frass that they had to take her to the hospital. There are also a lot of squad hoes that will give anyone uck

Gangs who mug and kill and get away with it. In general full of strange people

Lived there for ten years before residing in Woolwich for the past ten years. I still have a lot of relatives and cousins living there, so I'm in Edmonton regularly and I still no not feel safe. Seems like the majority of killing happen right opposite the massive police station and yet no one is ever caught.

7 Stockwell

I'm an American who has lived in Stockwell half the year for the last 6 years. I know it well, even better than many native residents. Know shopkeepers, cafe owners. Sure, there is crime, but I feel it is terribly exaggerated. According to a friend from Stockwell on the police force, the crime is mainly gang on gang.

I find Stockwell a charming community with an identity, a small town feeling of sorts. I get on well with everyone, from the Pakistanis at the two grocery stores by the tube, the Cypriots at the Kebab shop, and of course the Portuguese cafe and restaurants owners and staff. I'm on a first name basis with so many of them and have a love affair with stockwell.

I've walked the streets of Stockwell at all hours, including coming home from clubbing in the wee hours of the morning. Never once have I felt threatened or uneasy. Sure, crime can happen. But unless one is a gang member, the typical crime (according to local police and my own experience) is a mobile ...more

I have seen 5 stabbings in person since I moved here a year ago. However it is full of fit boys so get over it.

Stockwell is Divided with to turfs. Sw8(North Stockwell) home of the 031 blood/Piru Set gangs who share the same rivalry gang ABM 67 Broad Day (South Stockwell SW9). Stockwell has been given a nickname Shotwell (for the large numerous gun crime in the area.

Jean Charles De Menezes was wrongly targeted as a terrorist and wrongly shot to death by under cover police officers inside Stockwell Tune Station. However no riots or angry protests were started unlike Mark Duggan, who symbolises the thuggish and violent community in Tottenham.

8 Stonebridge Estate Harlesden

Most Gun-crime in London occurs here according to metropolitan police force.

Not as bad as it use to be but During London's worst time for homicides 1999-2004 it was the murder capital of UK. Its mostly Black Caribbean and notorious for Yardie gang.

People think its just another estate this one is crazy I mean I have seen multiple firearms just in the estate alone let alone drugs the youths are crazy and have nothing to lose end up here at night there's a 90% chance you would get robbed

Run down brutal housing estate, this is pretty much what you can expect from Harlesden

9 Tulse Hill

Kids Go to school with knives and hang about in groups teasing people if you know people your safe else there will be one or more incidents with you please stay safe but in general the gangs in tulse hill are kinder then other areas on of the most safe area in the whole list.

Bad place to bring up teenagers

Woman in 20s, lived there for 3 years and me or the girls I lived with never once had a problem.

I've been living here all my life and lost 6 friends to gun violence

10 Custom House

Moved there over the beginning of summer of this year & I have already moved out of the area as I was frightened for my life when I saw a group of black boys shooting at each other on one of the main roads not far from where I had lived, that behaviour is extremely concerning & worrying for the people that still live there

It was 2014, I was going to a convention in ExCeL. I had to go through custom house and gangly looking people gave me looks. It was almost as if someone wanted me stabbed. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

This Areas Known For Its Violence & Gang Warfare that goes on between them & the rest of the newham borough. Young Adults & Young Kids caught up in homicides, Stabbings, Shootings, Kidnapp, Drug Dealing. Seen a number of three people get shot on a main road the kids looked young as 14

My friend saw a woman get shout outside on estate

The Contenders

11 Grahame Park

Lived on GP for 5 years...saw sooo many bad things. Moved 260 miles away for peace and serenity. I pity anyone that moves to this hell hole. I was burgled within months of moving there, had my house smashed up and my lip split open by a dodgy bloke. Can't pop to shop without being harassed by junkies begging for money. Bullet proof off licence...dealers police presence- lawless scum pit

If your going there you might as well just walk of a bridge mate your asking for a death wish

I love this area

I deliver pizza there and 8 eople came and kicked me down and stile the pizza now papa johns and any other food companies will never deliver there

12 Forest Gate

I lived in forest gate for a few years back in the 70's & 80's. I met so many people who were plain nuts! There's a lot of domestic violence, & I saw plenty of women walking around with black eyes. I finally had the sense to get the hell out of there. Forest Gate is for losers!

Lived there for only 3 months and was burgled, and surrounded by a group of teenagers at night in the town trying to intimidate me. I ended up moving enough said.

Very dangerous area, full of drugs and guns, and a bunch of nutters who will go to any length to get what they want

Rather Manor Park than this area. Slightly safer but not too far off - Zilo

13 Church Road

Never stop at the traffic lights & If u do don't look left they're always posted at the traffic lights if u look left for too long or u screw your dead just look ahead & act normal daytime nighttime they're always there just don't make the mistake of looking left at the traffic lights.. Trust me

Should be near the top. Full of yardie gangs. Big up nines though

Luckily for me I know the people In church road, therefore I'm safe. However, if you don't know the youths there don't try screw face because you can get stabbed. It's not even the olders that have to put in work, even the youngers will stab just for clout/ratings.

Manor park is one of the most dangerous places in London, church road in particular, don't walk alone

14 South Kilburn

I've lived in Kilburn my whole life (- 1 year) so far. It gives off a tacky kind of feel (but I still love it). The high street is okay and nice but then you have South Kilburn. Kilburn Park station isn't too ba (for the majorityof times you'll be fine - I pass here every day as a teenager and so far so good.) and the schools near there are pretty safe. I think there's a prominent and growing problem of drugs and especially weed in the area. Recently stabbings/shootings in the area have increased. Vandalism on council estates is also a real problem. I've not experienced many violent people round here though myself, but it is a dangerous place if you don't know kilburn that well. Steer clear of deeper parts of South kilburn, especially at night or in the early hours of the morning (12am, 4am e.t.c)

If your walking thru they will stare at you and ask what area you are from and if you try to run away they will chase after you

Youths and adults who run and sell drugs they will shoot, stab and rob you with no hesatation do not go there if you don't belong.

This estate is terrible,! Drugs drugs shooting stabbings even the white kids are terrible here.. I live in upper side of kilburn but I have to get the kilburn park station train to work and this is where I feel scared. Once I walked past a shop and saw a male laid out with ambulance aiding himm

15 Mozart

If Musical Composer Mozart was alive today, he would request his name to be removed from this HELLHOLE place.

21 are you joking what is this doing below canning town too this place is a literal hell and an insult to Mozart himself. My dad even says mozart is bad - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

I was brought up in Mozart and now live Canning Town. How Mozart is 48 behind Canning Town is ridiulous! Mozart is 10 times worse then any East London town

My home and I love it

16 East Ham

Too many temples mosques no English people too be seen tells you a lot about the area mostly loads of Indians living there high street north is peppered with bookies and takeaways the area around the station is littered with gangs of Eastern European men usually drunk and off there heads on drugs and drink keep away if you want too live.

East ham is a hole that's run by a gang who think they're hard even though they're not. They're just a bunch who get messed up by everyone

Live here but now its a cess pit! Only plus is its good transport links. Look forward to the day when police purge the place.

East Ham High Street was once a pleasure to go shopping. Now, thanks to Newham Councils neglect it's become reminiscent of a Whitechapel back street back in Jack the Rippers time, only without the character. Avoid at all costs, especially after dark.

17 Catford

Always armed police everywhere... shootings and stabbings are common here, one of the most dangerous areas in the most dangerous borough

Loads of crackheads and gangs especialy as there is an asylum down the road

A lot of crime. Notorious for mugging during the day. Groups of young thugs walking around. Avoid.

I love Catford it is a really nice place I find it really happy and safe

18 Lewisham

About thirty years ago I was taking out some money in a bank in Lewisham, when a young black girl started screaming abuse at me, because I would be carrying money around "without protection"... I presumed she was an avid church goer who was concerned about my safety and so I replied "Praise the Lord" and grinned at her.
The police were called.

Full of racial tension, gang bangin thugs and petty coke dealin white hooligans, tons or crack/ smackheads and no cameras on the back roads. Anything goes in the blue boro sutm like south east's wild west

I lived in lewisham VERY ROUGH Notorious drug dealers and turf war BEWARE AND don't STARE

I remember this one birthday I got a new a bike, so I took it round the place for a test drive. Lewisham has a tonne of side alleys where there are no cameras. I literally saw this guy in BROAD daylight handing a pouch of cocaine to some other dude, shady (made sure not to stare).

This other time I got a new deck for my skateboard and went down to Ladywell park to try it out, on the way back I saw these three guys wearing gloves and black bandanas round their face. (Peckham boys? ) Literally around this same big ass tower as before. Just today some kid got arrested for some reason. He was walking down the road, feds speed up and almost crash into our wall, take the kid and then drive away.

Although, for the most part I like living here compared to almost anywhere in London. Also if your in Catford be sure to say hi to everyone's favourite crackhead, Fritz!

19 Barking

Lived in Barking for over 30 years. It has got so bad over the years. It is mostly muslims and other Albanian gangs and blacks stabbing and robbing. There will be no go areas here soon. The police take 4 hours to respond to anything. Avoid Barking at all costs.

Barking is a crap place to live, filled with crime, thugs, ghettos, high welfare dependency and unemployment is at double-digits courtesy of the local Labour Party Council and its longest serving MP, Margaret Hodge.

This rating is a huge exaggeration, we get a few stabbings here and there. But over all I feel pretty safe. - miss_rxdriguez

Barking isn't that bad, considering I don't live far from there. But if something like the 2011 riots happen again, Id highly advise you stay away from barking at night. Other than that, barking is very nice - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

20 Lambeth

Another crap London Borough ruined by the Local Labour Party Council and its MPs. It's another crime infested hole with dodgy council homes, gang cultures, broken feckless families on welfare, crap schools, crap police, high unemployment and a local Race Hustler & Closet Racist Named Lee Jasper.

I've lived & worked all over London. Actually reflecting & writing about it. London including Lambeth tends to be a mix of rich, poor, council housing etc. Obviously not Chelsea etc but does have beautiful areas. There are risks of all sorts everywhere it seems. However after a night in Stoke Newington/Hackney & felt very unsafe. Happy just up stay at home & look forward to new picture house promised for a year or so. Brilliant.

The royal rich area which surprisingly brings lots of gangs together to kill or mug or drug deal but you can visit Lambeth but just don't live their

Got mugged in kennington, lambeth in broad daylight.

21 Dagenham

Dagenham is different I would say as I live there for about 6 years, but it not the safest area.

The only good thing about Dagenham is Stacey Solomon. Other than that the area is crap ruined by the useless, self-serving, Local Labour Council. It has mediocre dodgy shops, ugly pigeon crap infrastructure, dodgy ugly looking Council Estates, overpopulation, high unemployment, broken uneducated families and 3rd public services.

Earlier a boy was stabbed around the Eastbrook area and on the same day a 9 year old boy was knocked down in a hit and run, luckily neither died, but it just goes to show the kind of area Dagenham is, the fact that crimes like these are the norm.

Don't come church elm unless your known

22 Harlesden

Harlesden looks like an third world African Refugee Camp inhabited by thugs, drug dealers, uncivilized people, closet racist, gangster wannabes, who are all recipient of and dependent on state welfare, free health care and housing. It is a crap place with shoddy council housing/blocks and dodgy people/shops.

The Labour Council of Brent keep depriving and decaying the areas they are meant to improve.

If Harlesden was a country, it would be a banana republic and a failed state.

Moved there for the low price, BIG MISTAKE. Commute into Central London takes ages on the Bakerloo line which seems to stop every 100 yards. The 18 bus is unreliable (two or three would come within a few minutes of one another and then none for the next 10 minutes, long waiting time for driver change on both direction near Willesden Junction station) Local high street looks like third world with rubbish lying around and smell of urine at every street corner. Loads of shops with signs that no one apart from their specific ethnic clientele can read (no problem with minorities but at least write your sign in English so everyone knows what you are selling). Rude people who have no idea how to live in a city, always blocking roads when they wait for buses, and mothers with millions of kids who they just let to run around like mad.

Can't think of a more depressing place to live in a great city like London - at least until I travelled past Church End just to the north. AVOID LIKE A ...more

I don't feel safe at this area at all. Trying to avoid even when driving.

Not as bad as it use to be but During London's worst time for homicides 1999-2004 it was the murder capital of UK. Its mostly Black Caribbean and notorious for Yardie gangs

23 Enfield

Enfield is actually nice borough in London (if you don't live in Edmonton). Edmonton is crap area in Enfield run by Socialist Labour councillors, who have neglected the area for many years and have caused it to be overpopulated with people and council blocks.

Edmonton is infested with crime, gang culture, degenerate sub-human children born from out of wedlock Crack mothers dependent on welfare, corruption, bureaucracy, unemployment and crap public services. There are better communities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia & Libya than in soulless Edmonton.

If you have kids don't send them to a public school in Enfield, drugs are taken so lightly now it seems normal to smoke some weed before school isn't even bad now, this really depends on which school it is but if I was you I'd make sure your kids are smart so they can go to a selective school that's really your only chance trust me.

Enfield isn't that bad compared to Edmonton - RickyReeves

My dad grew up there and there was fights gangs and bad stuff

24 Chingford

I've lived here since I was 2. Its very quiet and has beautiful houses. I'm from north chingford where there is a high percentage of youth however you don't really see them around at all. I mainly see elder people. I've never heard anything to do with any crimes other than young people from the local secondary school trying out drugs such as weed. Overall its very quite and a safe place to live in. Also, I love the greenery - you wouldn't find that at other places ine ast London. Chingford is kind of ancient looking and a place everyone should visit at least once in their life.

My guy jetman was 14 and killed two 31 year olds and did not get arrested because he stabbed the police officer who attempted to arrest him and then a police van came and he blew the van up with a rocket launcher and then ran away to Kenya for 4 years

Underrated it goes off drugs gangs burgs robs land of the villains

Getting worse, lots of young men that want to hurt each other, this includes Highams Park. Sure there are some nice bits and if you are not in the above age bracket you may never be aware of the simmering violent under currents.

25 Wood Green

Such is it's global fame that, it's the only part of London where one can spot Japanese tourists on safari hoping to spot some crime taking place. The seating at the bus stop opposite the Tube had to be removed as it encouraged criminal activity. Mostly drugs, street violence, organized crime from Asia minor, murder and money laundering activities. Lot's of beggars too. For a change of scenery, one can pop down to Turnpike Lane to see the crackheads.

Such a dangerous area. A no go at night, because of the criminal activity. My friend who lives there has to run home after reaching the station from uni, because he is scared he might get robbed. Been there many times I felt very uncomfortable. Also the cinema was closed down a while ago due to a rat problem. I would only advise to to go there for cosmo, a nice restaurant, but apart from that it is best to stay away. My friend told me so.

Living in wood green. Have not experienced crime on my own skin but I do tend to look over my shoulder.. Wouldn't go out just for a walk. Just go where you need to and don't screw around. Got offered drugs plenty of times.. The usual question,do you smoke comes to mind. I would to see more patrolling officers but that doesn't happen.

At least you can quickly escape to nearby Alexandra Palace for normality, but the place is very unwelcoming, dirty and I wouldn't recommend anyone to move there. Only real bonus are the good connections to Central to quickly get away from there!

26 Harrow & Wealdstone

Wealdstone is by far the single worst place in Harrow (rest of the borough isn't that bad and there's some really nice areas too), the high street is messy and very often has dodgy people and drug dealers. Hooded lads like to hang out around the library in front of the bus stop. I often take a bus through there and get nervous there and try avoiding eye contact with those youth. Best to avoid this place at night, you'll be a lot safer in any direction away from Wealdstone.

They are dangerous they should be in top 10 2 stabbing and gang attacks they aren't afraid to rob you in front of the police there's 20 people in gangs each it's madness police can't do anything

Should be a lot higher in the list and if you live in harrow you would agree

Somali boys are fools thinking there hard. Laugh out loud

27 Southall

People are quick to jump the police about the problems. The police service are under staffed and over worked, mostly dealing with domestics which takes away their commitments dealing with what matter most. It's our silly government who have put us in this state, how about choosing a government that are pro police as apposed to it. Therefore the problems lies with us not choosing what now matters to us. Also let's point the finger out to the way these offenders are raised, after all it all starts with discipline in your own home, the police or other civil services ain't responsible for that. I'm. Not defending anyone, I just don't believe the rubbish people come out with and pointing the finger. Southall is a unique place and I really don't think it is as bad as what people think. Well old southall is quite pleasant anyway. I think people should work with civil agencies closer or how about join them for a day and see what goes on behind the scene. As I said, it's our silly government ...more

Southall just hard core crime ridden area. Just ask the police.

Southall always been bad. Been burgled 4 times. Robbed 3 times on the streets of southall. It's full of street drinkers, drug users and dealers, prostitution, kerb crawlers, robbers. Majority of crime goes under reported. People have no faith in the police. Better to just get on with life and deal with it.

Worst area to live in, once I went to the shops and 2 guys approached me and asked where I was from, I told them hayes and they took me to a ali way and gave one phone call, then a bunch of them came and robbed me and got a shank and one took out a big gun, by gods will the police came and arrested all, however where realised 1 month later, then my friend got shot, I live in essex now however despite this I hope they get 75 years like there 'older gs', I'm just happy I can inhale fresh air

28 Thornton Heath

I live in the middle of croydon and thornton heath it is alright if you lived their for long you will know the shortcuts and the placed gangs will be so you won't have to go there I lived here for 14 yrs it's been alright nothing bad has happened to me but too many stabbings and guns and drug dealers. Everywhere you see you will always see gangs or groups of people who will come and threaten you but to be honest if you stay around with a lot of people your safe if you alone at late night roaming the streets your definitely going to get robbed or stabbed or beaten up hundred percent. It's been alright for me because I've lived her for a long time and I know my stuff. It definitely the worst places in South London in fact London along with brixton

Ahh Thornton Heath. I know T. Heath back of my hand, it can be very dodgy if you haven't got your wits about you. There is a lot of crime going on, also gangs etc. It is getting worst, lots of flats popping up all over T. Heath. Moving out soon to Ashford Kent, new start etc. T.Heath just like the whole of Croydon is called chicken sitting they have the most chicken shops. 330? and growing chicken bones scattered all over the place. fly tipping everywhere, sad to say T.heath has become a dump!

Home of the One a Woman, Chicken Shop Riot. (OW-r) Hot wings are not a patch on the ones in Stratford opposite the park and a great source of disappointment. Welcome to my world.

One of the worse places in South London, it's not safe at all shootings stabbing drug dealing gangbanging, I remember I saw a man wielding a machete down the high street and chopped up about four men

29 Leytonstone

Nah, Leytonstone ain't that bad, I was born there and have been living here for 21 years, yeah you get your petty little drug deals, but only since the train station incident with the Islamic extremist, there's hardly ever a stabbing, shooting, muggings. Just guys on coke slinging dope.

Leytonstone sounds really dangerous! I planned to go there once and I am so glad I had second thoughts because my dad said there was a bunch of stabbings there! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Been living in leytonstone forever, honestly not that dangerous of an area during daytime but definitely don't walk around at night unless you want to run into gangs and a few low level drug dealers.

Leytonstone is fine. I live within a mile of Leytonstone and I go there a lot. Never feel unsafe. The high streets a bit crap but it feels completely safe. Nearby forest gate and Maryland are a lot worse.

30 Redbridge

Very quiet place nice and peaceful

I was walking on the red bridge and I saw David Cameron commiting obscene actions with a pig

Lovely area

31 Yeading

Got crack dealers on every corner that never going there yet live so close.

Disgraceful area, just yesterday 04/03/2017 the area got invaded with police due to the normal youths selling drugs and starting trouble, avoid area

Always youths on every corner smoking weed, just ask them for any drug and they will have it, every few days a fight or stabbing

That's the biggest 1

32 Kennington

I was once in Kennington with my two best friends, we were walking through the streets at night when we heard a loud bang. Two men in hoodies walked towards us from across the street and one of them pulled out something from their jacket, I didn't see what it was but I directly grabbed my friends hands and we started to run, we got away luckily enough. Another time I was just out shopping when I could see two guys handing each other what looked like drugs, I have seen drug dealers, murderers, and more here. I have lived here now sixteen years, born and raised, luckily I am alive but there is no way I'm raising my kids here. As soon as I'm old enough I'm moving. - Anonymous11

Was chased through park by two thugs who were hiding in the bushes. Meat elephant and castle and gets a fair amount of crime in the estates. Pity, because like much of London there are some very nice areas of Kennington sandwiched between danger.

Lived there almost 10 years ago. It was scaring. There were 2 shots on Sunday morning in front of my door, one fatal. In the day you could walk relatively safe, but be aware in the night

I've lived here all my life and it is quiet scary. ! My phone got robbed here in broad daylight

33 Tower Hamlets

Jailed: Gang (of Muslims) who left US student too scared to leave the house alone after savage bottle attack in east London (Evening Standard, 2/2/2015:'The attack came as he walked home in Commercial Street after a night out with a friend in Brick Lane. He became aware the pair were being followed by a group of men who became threatening and aggressive.'

'One of the men grabbed the bottle Mr Hounye was drinking from and smashed it against his face.'

Tower Hamlets is the new capital of Bangledesh, courtesy of Labour's open door mass immigration policy in exchange for more votes.

I lived in tower hamlets all my life I used to live in Bromley by bow however their was gang wars and stabbings going on literally every day. I saw kids selling drugs and riding on mopeds creating a noise almost 24/7. Even when I used to go shops I used to see boys chasing people with very big knifes. Now I live in Canning Town which is a very quite place.

Stabbed and be killed

34 Westminster

Only lowkey criminals are here the ones that where suits and act good

Highest density of crooks and career criminals anywhere in London, in fact in the nation. Casually destroy lives around the world and getting rich doing it.

I don't know why this isn't higher up. Full of criminals, highest fraud rate in the country, and the police are fully aware of the crimes being committed here but always look the other way. In fact, they'll arrest you for complaining about those crimes being committed. I think you all know the criminals I am talking about here.

This should be at like 25

35 Feltham

Everyone thinks this area is a joke because it is far from inner London but trust me this area is on badness. My friend is from Hayes and he is a delivery driver. He was delivering pizza to Highfields Estate and one of the guys there asked him where he was from. My boy said hayes and they forced him to take off his helmet and banged his head on a brick, before making him eat the brick itself. They then nicked his phone, his ped and the food he was going to deliver. Don't get me wrong tho there is a lovely change of scenery if you turn off the High Street towards Vernon Road where the hood celeb and everyone's favourite crackhead lives, JasonTheJCat! - Nattyt23

Avoid this ends at all costs unless you really have to go there. Some 3rd world African Caribbean ghetto run by a dead up council that can't contain the badness that happens here. Make sure not to screwface or make eye contact with any youths there; that was the first mistake I made here. A gang of about 8 men approached me in a Caribbean food shop and asked what ends I was from. I said Hayes and they led me out of the shop, to an alliway and demanded all of my money, clothes, and the mangos I had just bought from the store at knifepoint. They then called even more guys and about 4 came over and robbed and beat me. Luckily, police were called and that scared the thugs off, however, I was left with a slash across my arm which is still here two years on. Definitely wouldn't recommend, unless you're going cinema of course!

If the terrorists decide to bomb a place in london, please let it be feltham. This place needs to get fumigated along with the thuggish parasites of youths that live here. Thank God I could move to Kingston instead

Can't lie this area can be very cute for someone who is into daily stabbings, your son starting to move food in year 7 and random bissheads offering sex in exchange for crack! TW13/14 is nuts forreal - Nattyt23

36 Stonebridge Park

Stonebridge Park looks like an third world African Refugee Camp inhabited by thugs, drug dealers, uncivilized people, closet racist, gangster wannabes, who are all recipient of and dependent on state welfare, free health care and housing. It is a crap place with shoddy council housing/blocks and dodgy people/shops.

If terrorists want to bomb a place in London, please let it be Stonebridge Park. It would save a lot of taxpayers money eliminating those degenerate parasites with their equally degenerate feral thug kids.

Predominately Afro-Caribbean it is The most notorious estate in London until demolished a few years ago. Still one of the poorest districts in London as a whole. Media dubbed it the murder mile of the west a decade ago

With the Stonebridge Estate it just looked like a ghost city in Eastern Europe, full of roadmen. Now it just looks like a barren wasteland without the estate

I'm from Stonebridge and It's my faviroute place to be in. Yeah it's dangerous but I like it like that. It's more exciting

37 Camden Town

I've lived in the heart of camden my whole life. Gorgeous and diverse of the day. Troublesome by night. Let's just say I've had a woman abducted on my road last week. Two men stabbed last month. I've witnessed my ex boyfriend get battered in my old estate south of camden because he wasn't from the ends and to top it off I knew the guy, I swung for him to get him off my ex and I got restrained by three of his boys. Avoid the estates and quiet roads.

I LOVE Camden. I go to the market most weekends. Never seen any trouble - only scary-looking punks, goths and skhnheads. Camden's got such a cool way about it. - Britgirl

Interesting area sub sections of it like the market are very nice (some skinheads) but otherwise quite nice. I was born in camden and moved to Canada a while back and every story I have heard is always about crime. Some people tried to take over our house, my dad was abducted and nearly killed then dropped into the middle of an intersection, everybody's been mugged a few times, on my second birthday a drug dealer was killed by his kids outside my old house. This is all ferrier street but overall camden is a very nice area.

Camden is by far one of the scariest places in London the gangs there are reckless and mental in agar grove. They have nothing to lose and enjoy causing pain on to other and would do anything to money more even if it means murder

38 Islington

Islington is now actually a pretty expensive area, near the Emirates Stadium, in the Area of Holloway Road. No particular danger

Edmonton is much worse than Tottenham. Search on the net on how many people died in Edmonton since the last 3-4 years, its unbelievable.

I love islington I lived here for 15 years in upper holloway however there were quite a few stabbings, shootings, drugs and gangs.(especially at night).

Don't go to the canal at night. Just don't

39 Finsbury Park

Can be dangerous at night. Just outside of my flat there was I guy who got shot in the chest while sitting in his BMW. Also a bunch of youths breaking into the library and nicking computers. Also a lot of stabbings recently. If you want to stay safe don't travel by yourself at night

It is ok at daytime but at night be careful. There are a lot of stabbings around here at night and the victims are almost all the time teenagers. Sometimes to get to my house I would have to walk past about 10-15 thugs on bikes to get home which was quite terrifying. My advice is if your a teenager do not walk around Finsbury past 7pm or your at risk of being mugged or stabbed like one of my mates who made that mistake when he was with his cousin.

Lived here for 18 years, all of my life and literally have never had a problem around here apart from when I was mugged like 2 mins from the station but that was just unfortunate, it wasn't gang related or anything like that, just two random guys who saw a 14 year old kid and decided they'd take his stuff. It isn't the nicest place to look at to be honest and at night there are some weird people about but not really dangerous, whenever I've stopped to get food after a night out around FPK I've never had any trouble. Highbury is literally right next to it which is a very affluent area but also very multicultural, seven sisters road leading up to holloway is a bit dodgy and manor house is okay but not the safest at night. Other side of FPK is green lanes which is a pretty safe place albeit a couple of weirdos here and there. FPK has a bad name but it really isn't that bad at all and there are virtually no gangs around there

This is full of lies. I have been living for 6 years and could not possibly live somewhere esle. The area has changed a lot especially around station and stroud gree. A theater, many independant shops and yes it is multicultural and what? London wouldn't be London without its diversity of cultures.

40 Kensington and Chelsea

I was born deaf and now living Kensington and chelsea nice place lower crime few racism.

Kensington is not dangerous in the slightest! It's all posh and glamorous. I've been there multiple times and the greenery is lovely in comparison to the polluted parts that I've lived in.

This is actually a nice place, its posh, no gangs or anything

Worlds end is quite rough

41 Brixton Hill

Brixton Hill is one place I'd definitely not want to be caught if I don't belong round there, 67 rule the entirety of Brixton Hill's estate and believe me, they aren't so keen on outsiders.

Worst ever 67 gang gang

67 my brothers.

Way more violent then Angell Town

42 Ilford

Best Indian I've ever had, if ya know what I mean

Absolutely horrible seen many stabbings and gang war with newhams mp ilfords main older (MOD) are know and feared around all of east and hold numerous country lines making a killing of selling drugs.

A relatively small town with a large population results in an area packed with dealers, gangs and dodgy characters. Stay close to the station if you wish to avoid any trouble.

I lived here for 6 months and never felt safe. It's very run down and sketch looking people everywhere.

43 Acton Town

A third-world haven for illegal migrants, who are reliable to re-elect dodgy Labour Councillors in Acton and a useless Labour Council in Ealing. It's an overpopulated dump that is paradise for single mothers, welfare dependency, gang culture, crime and Socialism. Thank You Labour Party.

Massive estates around where all the junkies come from. I have worked in the local pub for 2 years and had to deal with all the violence you can imagine, kind of understandable on Sat night when people are pissed but not on a weekday... Never seen so many psychos in one area.

I have lived in Acton all my life and even was a pupil in Acton high its really only dangerous for outsiders

Drug gangs wars and very common thefts and muggings. some knife and gang crime

44 Canning Town

Canning Town was dubbed as one of the poorest places in the uk by the media, but it is definitely progressing, because loads of investments are being made

So much much investment is being put into Canning Town. Things are definitely on the up. Superb connections to central London. A good place to get on the property ladder.

Canning isn't as bad anymore

Gangs on a street daytime, police in the underground station

45 Isle of Dogs

Come down my end and get shanked by the mandem, bare dogs no lie

Got mugged by a group of 6 with a knife to my throught right outside asda there!

Got chased by dogs no lie

Not much crime compared to the rest of London

46 Stratford

Oh come on... I've lived in Stratford for nearly 2 years (near West Ham Park) and never had any issues or saw any trouble. It's a decent place to live, the rent is cheaper than other parts of London in Zone 2, and the transport links are great. We have people that sell pot on or road but they aren't dangerous - who cares

You can't have a list of the most dangerous areas in London and forget Stratford. There is a section of Stratford which is the most dangerous place in London.

Stratford has Maryland which is a place not to play about in, there are some dangerous people in that area so I advise for you not to go there. It has a very big gang who hang about on the depths of the area they wear red and I've heard they have shoot outs on the main roads also Maryland has a lot of boys I didn't see many girls when I went there. Many broken home families and drugs, killings and prostitution a very bad place

Not a scary area but a scatty area filled with Somali boys, especially located at Stratford station. They also hand out leaflets for little change and harass subway workers as a motive.

There's a lot of drunk people in stratford at night and maryland is probably the worse area to be in at night

47 Shepherd's Bush

Shepherds Bush is one of the most dangerous areas in hammersmith and fulham especially white city where there are many infamous gangs. definitely a no-go.

Shepherds bush is a very high rated crime area with an gang that is also linked with one of the gangs in Brixton

One of the most deprived estates in the uk, white city estate... Was a lot of gun crime and robberies, the whole area was crime ridden, probably the most drug addicts in London, but a lot of regeneration and investment has been put forth here

Yeah this is a safe place, the purple hayes gang put them to bed after that shooting

48 Walthamstow

Walthamstow is another area ruined by the long serving incompetent Labour Party Council and its current MP Stella Creasy. Walthamstow is just like Edmonton. Notorious for its crime, gang-culture, riots, rise of Extreme Muslims, overpopulation, shoddy buildings, mediocre shops, Broken Families on Welfare, crap schools, high unemployment rate, and neighborhoods turning into ghettos

Walthamstow isn't all that bad you just have to be careful and just because Muslim people are living doesn't make it a bad place to be honest you just have to look out for yourself just like any other part of London. Having lived here for 17 years all I can say is that because there is a college nearby so lots of youth people tend to think it's worse than it actually is

Due to the raise in prices in areas like hackney where there used to be lots of gangs a lot of the gangsters move to areas like walthamstow where it is cheaper, when all the gangs came to walthamstow the local kids had to stand up for themselves more which ended up creating more gangs and crime

Walthmastow is riddled with gangs; you have LT, OC, Boundary Boys and many more. If you are not careful enough in these areas you will be mugged on the street by gang members who lurk the back roads almost as if they were on patrol. There are many secretive dealings done in these areas, dealings vary from knives, knuckledusters, guns, and even drugs. If you happen to come across a usual everyday dealing in Walthamstow you will likely be robbed of all your possessions which could be sold for trap money. These areas are also very known for recruiting younger kids (yg's) to shot marijuana, knives, and many more items to gang members to stay below the radars of any posing threats such as feds, rival gang members and other groups of people. The bottom line is; you should never be walking alone at night in Walthamstow as you will likely be involved in a violent act even if you are with someone or a group of people. Stay wary in Walthamstow and don't find yourself walking in the wrong ends.

49 Belmont

Man ain't no snitch, we bare dun talk bout dat, man got clout

Smh these ends

U get shanked everywhere

wet dons

50 Basildon

Probably one of the most dangerous areas of the U.K. Home of Essex man and Essex girl! Need I say more. Daily stabbings, shootings, burglaries, muggings etc. Drugs openly and widely available. Prostitution is rife - and all those tough Essex boys? You'll find them in corridors of the town center car park and Gloucester Park having sex with one another. Male rape is a major problem in this area. And the women? They would kill you sooner than look at you. If you go to Basildon you go at your own risk - beware!

One Basildon isn't in London it's Essex and two I've lived here all my life like most places some areas are bad but overall I think it's quite safe.

Isn't Basildon in Essex...? - Britgirl

The gangs are even more ruthless still

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