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181 Upton Park

I lived there before.Really not feel safe.Also so many dodgy people are there as well.

182 Heston V 1 Comment
183 Cranham

Innocent area in the daytime, different story by night. There is a feud between the cranham Romanians and another group, very hostile at some times, 'cranham crew' members fill the streets making it a risky task to go out of a night. It is not an obvious area so not many police go here, I've lived here for 3 years before moving to Romford. Honestly I have never seen more people deal as much drugs, cannabis being the primary one. I've lived in places like Hackney and tulse hill before, and you never see as many dealers as in cranham, something needs to happen.

Lived there my whole life, horrible place to live at night, lots of stabbings

Yeah I agree lived here fair few years, not a great place, was threatend with a knife twice in school alone, got mugged etc.

184 Barnes

Quiet and peaceful. I've never witnessed a crime here before. It is one of the best places to live in Richmond even though it I ridiculously expensive. There is a pond around the middle of the village and a school named St.Osmunds which is one of the top 300 primary schools in the country. It has several restaurants, Bakeries and cafes which are a pleasure to go to. the Parish is a very nice place. Between Barnes and Hammersmith, there is Castlenaw which has the famous RIVA RESTAURANT in it. It is a very good place in south - west London and it is also a nice place for the elderly. There are no muggings, drugs or gangs in Barnes and the residents are generous and kind. It is a great place in all the seasons especially in Spring and Summer. If you are looking for a good (but expensive) borough you have found the right place. It is also close to Sheen and Putney. I definitely recommend this.

This place is not bad

Moist area

185 Hawkinge
186 Houghton Regis V 1 Comment
187 Manor House

Full of druggies and alky dossers also has loads of beggars all working hand in glove

188 Vauxhall Vauxhall

The only reason an outsider would venture here is to go to lightbox. Just don't loiter in the streets and don't be on the streets or use the underground between 1am-6am. Lots of crackheads and drunks.

Much better than it used to be, the drugs and gangs have largely been removed. It's a very gay area and used to have gay clubs with lots of drug use, encouraging gangs to loiter and sell drugs and mug people.
These have largely been replaced by organic food shops etc. It's basically a big bus stop.

It is a typical London area with nice bits and rough bits but not particularly dangerous but not completely relaxing by any means. - Tenchumoto

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189 Finchley

I want be safe in East Finchley because Edmonton and wood green are very dangerous place. I've turn around walk away and I did nothing to those. I'm innocent and not a criminal!

A lot of crime behind close doors. The criminals in Finchley are smarter and don't attract attention like criminals in other areas

Not dangerous in terms of violence and gangs, however it has the highest burglary rates in the whole of the UK, also a lot of prostitution, but that is behind closed doors. Other than that it is a very nice place to live.

Lived ere 89 years every day I got stabbed and shot you don't wanna live here ere mate makes ackney look like bloody Beverly ills mate bloody dangerous even the 2 year olds are lethal and if you see Them in a pack just walk and accept your fate your mum can't elp you now mate your in finchley ya know me working as a bin man trying to get my mum outta the ghetto hood known as finchley its compared to Iraq and Syria us finchlyeseians call it finchraq due to the amount of shootings occur every day don't come here. Even the Krays didn't wanna come ere 10/10 would live again

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190 Stratford Mall

I've lived in stratford for 7 years now, and I absolutely love it. Stratford is not all that bad but you do get a few drunks on the street here and there who mean no harm but apart from that stratford is a great place and stratford mall is great to but there was an altercation where a gang robbed jd and there a few gramps in stratford mall too but apart from that there was no other problems that I know of

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191 Clapham

Full of rundown council estates the brixton hill gang own the area I've lived there as a child at first the neighborhood was OK a bit of crime but very petty then when I reached my teenage years the whole block was hell all the older kids joined gangs and mugged me for not joining them all my friends from the area where suffering too one of my mates houses got robbed by them and he moved to his dad because he was so afraid most of my mates moved from the area as I did all I'm saying is be careful of the new park estates and clapham park estate a man got shot right across the road in the head all the friends I knew were possesd and became gangsters or they moved for safety

Suk gang, drugs and guns

Unknown but hella dangerous

I love clapham!

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192 Priory Park

They rob young girls for phones what a shame

Home to p block youngsters very threatening mixture of races and niw includes somalis as well don't walk through hete at night you might get mugged

193 Miranda

2 many man on a road hype couple of bless guys here!

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194 Brondesbury
195 Warminster

I would not like to endeavour into this small town. Filled with Chavs, Matthew Cooper-Collyer's kids & Stray Cats.

196 Graham Park

So bad mentioned twice

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