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81 Southall Havelock Estate

Someone just got shovelled to death a few days ago.. In broad daylight (As usual no one saw anything), the body was bagged and the scene cleaned up.
Next day went on as normal no inquiries, no police tape. This is a daily thing in Southall people get killed, its cleaned up and never heard of again.

Don't move if you can help it. Its going through regeneration to try combat a lot of the problems associated with the bad design. Robbery and drug dealing and using is extremelly high. Car crime and burglary are also very high. Beware it is a gang area. So if you don't live here don't visit because you need the password or get knifed 4 the fun of it.

Havelock known as Hblock is the most dangerous area in southall

Havelock is scary, hblock run southall

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82 Battersea

Everything in Battersea is kept under wraps! Hardly anything gets reported or hits mainstream media, Battersea is a very dangerous place One of the only areas to have large council estates on one side of the road & mansions on the other side - Gun & knife crime is rapid as well as drug dealing! If you know Battersea how I know it you'd know drive by shooting ain't uncommon either

Very poorest poverty family in flats gangs crimes

Home of the notorious S.U. K gang (Stick em up Kids) gang. Stay away from the council blocks and you should be ok but the suk is violent and hurt if they feel like it

Avoid Doddington, Winstanley, York Road and stick to area between the commons

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83 Hanwell

The only thing I like about hanwell it that Hot Milf Amanda Redman.

Its an area where all seems to happen

Full of drunk Irish

The only good thing about Hanwell is that Hot MILF Amanda Redman. Everything thing else is crap.

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84 Newbury Park
85 Manor Park

Yup Scary place, gangs and guns and knives and homeless and stealing WARRIOR SQUARE do not go there at night

Very dangerous place, especially at night.

Suck your mum

Worst area to live in. square gang had guns in warrior square. police raids and arson attacks all night

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86 Wimbledon

Safe area at all. Definitely, above the London average. South and East of the "South Wimbledon" might be a little dodgy. However, you can sometimes see drunk and screaming people problem in Friday and Saturday nights. Just keep your distance.

Lived there for 8 years and a very lively, safe place. South Wimbledon is a bit dodgy but places like the village and around Centre Court are very safe and nice. Great place and definitely safe.

Very safe place never any crime right by Wimbledon Park and town

Actually Wembley is worse - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

87 New Cross Gate

It is very dangerous, stabbings happen there every so often

Street gangs and crime litter the area. It's a complete dump.

They call it Ghetto for a reason

They rivals with peckham and there was a shoot out between them boys so yeah it is dangerous

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88 Holloway

Holloway road is not the nicest of places, most of it very rundown especially towards the Angel and around the Emirates stadium. Althought having said that I have come to no harm around there - so far.

Watch the top end of the road at night

I've lived just off Holloway Rd/ that borders into CAmden Rd. I would say the further u go towards CAmden/ Kentish Town the less dodgy it is. But Holloway at night is dangerous. Seems to be a lot of estates on side roads and not many people around/ plus very dark and a lot of cars. There's been a murder (was on news) some dr got stabbed by a random nut. I saw a lady get robbed at night, some guys from my block intervened when they heard her screaming. The robber pulled a knife on the guys and ran off. Personally I wouldn't like to live here and if I'm out at night- watch my back!

Come here again bedrine

89 Brentford

Brentfod is under massive redevelopment! When the high street will be completed, the new stadium moved to Kew Bridge (which is technically still Brentford) and hopefully the Bees goes in the Premier League the area will be very nice... It has a lot potential and it is already expensive...I have never experience any issue in Brentford for the last 9 years

Its a madness round there someone got stabbed outside my house and is well known for a gang known as G.D.

Stop lying brentford is a nice cheap town

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90 Ealing

Ealing is ruined thanks to Labour MPs Stephen Pound and Virendra Sharma. Also the Useless, Corrupt Labour Council turned most areas into third world places thanks to Open Door Mass Immigration, cheap overcrowded Council Housing, Crap Schools, Chavs, Gang Culture, Welfare Dependency, High Unemployment, Rise of Council Taxes and Parking Charges & Fines.

Full of theft and violence

Its ok Very good Hospitals

Poor place. Antisocial behaviour

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91 South Bermondsey

Worked here for few yrs as a Deliv driver. Personally for me it was alright because I used to be a physically big tough looking guy in my 20s, but my colleagues got robbed by local youth gangs. And the estates/ area is quite remote so not safe for woman in my opinion especially at night. Some estates were very very dark and narrow with long walkways and away from any shops/ persons which made it seem very dangerous

Violent place too be not safe its millwall territory stay well away specially if your west ham

The matchday experience of Millwall has changed considerably since the 1980s. Millwall are very much a family-orientated club these days. I went to a game there with my Watford shirt on in April 2015 and had absolutely no problems.

92 Downham

The real hood of London 50 shootings in one week and 80 stabbings. Drug dealers and prostitutes everywhere on the streets. And the downham tavern the beer is made out of the homeless mans urine who lives in the car park

93 Catford

A lot of crime. Notorious for mugging during the day. Groups of young thugs walking around. Avoid.

I love Catford it is a really nice place I find it really happy and safe

Absolute hole. Tesco car park had about 5 abandoned cars, homeless man and his poor dog living there, and shady characters hanging round. And the rest is miserable too.

IT has got the best boxing coaches who teach from heart, that make you fill like your one big happy family ( The science of box ) They teach any one

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94 Southampton

Southampton is a nasty place to go wouldn't recommend. Gangs everywhere, anyone not from there will be terrorised maybe even killed!


95 Tower Bridge

Saw a car and all that. Scary!

96 Roehampton

Honestly the crime in this area especially on the estate is very high, not lived here long but I have seen the aftermath of stabbings, crack heads hang out side the shops and the young kids should all be locked up carrying knives and selling drugs can't wait to leave!

Roehampton is full of dangerous people man

Awful place to live. Lived here for 13 years and saw so much crime. Glad I am out

So much knife crime robberies and gang activity wouldn't advise living there at all

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97 Dartford

The one place that I have felt nervous at the cash card in the town center in broad daylight, a very unpleasant atmosphere indeed.

Lived here for many years, never felt scared just feel it was full of drunks, chavs and loonies

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98 Weybridge

Weybridge has six of the ten most expensive streets in South East England and a median income well over the national average. I think you are confused.

Words can't Describe how rough this area is, Been Robbed 4 times walking through certain estates. It's Up there With the Roughest parts of South London and North Surrey. At least 50 Trap Houses it's Terrible

Walton is much much worse

Where's weybridge

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99 Plumstead

Plumstead a peak place of your involved keep your self to your self then it's calm

High street needs regenerating without exception!

Full of black gangs very scary

Dump hole...

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100 Colliers Wood

Toilet. Suddenly believes it's getting gentrified and aspirational, queuing up for the school but still full of squatters, muggers pimps and an influx of transgendered. Advertising under the mummies noses.

Infested with inbred white chavs living off the socialist council who love fighting, petty theft and comparing electronic tags at family gatherings. Similar to but not quite as bad as its neighbour Mitcham.

Where I was raised, on Devonshire road- it used to be nice, but a lot of undesirables flooded in from surrounding boroughs. Side note: Britains official ugliest building is in Colliers Wood.

Nice place

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