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161 Hornchurch

Use to be a nice residential town with no worries, never saw any police. Because of this the area became gang ridden, robberies, fights, stabbings happen. A person was stabbed in the local nandos and a 6 year old and his grandmother was robbed, outside McDonald's tends to be the most hostile area, it is almost an arena with the amount of fighting that goes on.

Hornchurch is nothing compared to Romford and the borders of Rainham and Dagenham. There is road raging there non stop. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

162 Clapton

Clapton has many hidden connections to royalty. King Henry the Vlll visited his daughter Mary at Brooke House, now known as Brooke House sixth form college, along with his Queen Jane Seymore, Mother of the future King Edward. Many members of the House of Parliament have ancestors who either lived or went to school in Clapton. The Salvation Army originated in Clapton along with the Boy and Girl Scouts of Britain. Clapton has had a poor history of neglect by the Hackney Councils over the years but has now turned a corner. There are still gangs, unemployment, beggars and Winos hanging around at certain times of the day, but generally it is a residential area with a high population of children, who are deprived of civic facilities to keep them occupied. Clapton has more open spaces than any other borough in London and we can be proud of that, it's a pity that it remains just open spaces with woeful facilities to keep the users who are mostly children happy.

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163 Bethnal Green

Central Bethnal Green is an oasis and is rather nice with the park, the memorial and the museum of childhood. However, just beside this is what I believe to be the worst council estate in London, Globe Town. The main road I would consider to be quite dagerous too, though at least the town has a nice safe haven.

Another Craphole ruined by overpopulated Islamic Bangladeshis and the Progressive Socialist Labour Party Council.

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165 Putney

Nice place in the daytime when you have a run from Hammersmith or Barnes across the river. Sometimes at night, people run around in hoodies. there are some scary looking people at night so be careful who you talk to and where you go.

166 East Sheen

You mad east sheen is well dangerous

A beautiful place next to Richmond park it has lots of shops and cafes and there is ABSOLUTELY NO CRIME. Palwell park and Richmond park are 2 parks which are very close and have lots of nature. I live in a house with a garden that has a back door which connects directly to palwell park!

Ay g you mad init watch your back around East sheen bare yutes running der mouths. Heard it's run by some slumlord drug king gangmaster goes by the name of Joe F

167 Wolverhampton

I hereby begin the campaign to get Wolverhampton voted the most dangerous place in London.

Wait a minute! Wolverhampton is part of West Midlands, not London.

168 Southwark

Home to one of the worst unis (south bank)

Another Gangland Ghetto ruined by the Ruling Labour Party Council and its Local Labour MP, Harriet "Feminazi" Harman.

169 New Malden

I've lived in New Malden for 6 years and never have I had a break in.

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170 Mardyke Estate Rainham

I'm not calling Mardyke estate by its new name, orchard village. It may have had it's crappy flats knocked down (only 2 remain) but Mardyke WAS MORE DODGY THAN ROMFORD. At least it's changed now. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

171 South Acton

Another Labour controlled ghetto packed with thugs, gangster wannabes, drug dealers, crap schools, degenerate children born out of wedlock to mothers chained to the welfare system.

Very poor area many people are homeless

Packed with gangs and crime

172 Wealdstone

Wealdstone shouldn't be here laugh out loud
Just lil fake gangsters, nothing to be scared of! PUSSIES

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173 Muswell Hill

The only thing scarier than a black man is a white man who thinks he is black, and muswell hill is full of them. They make 'hood' videos at Alexandra palace, shot weed, and ride mopeds. These men have no mercy. They will beat you in the street just to hide the fact they live in a 8 bedroom house and their dad is called Hugo.

Terrible place all the white people think they black from. New York City and instead of selling cocaine the sell cigar weed to making themselves look gangster

Load of crap - muswell hill remains a pleasant area to live in and work in - are people simply jealous? My background is tunbridge wells - beautiful safe area where people speak to each other as they pass by.

Gangs everywhere Beware and don't stare

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175 Hainault

Hainault can be a bit dodgy at night. Basically one big council estate

Hainault is the safest place in Redbridge to be honest, you don't get any trouble at all.

176 Ladywell

Nice place depending where you actually live in Ladywell.

177 St. John's
178 West Drayton

Even though the London Borough of Hillingdon is run by the Conservatives, the area of West Drayton is run by Local Labour Party Councillors, just like Hayes. Its no surprise that West Drayton is a dump. Thank You Labour Party.

Up and running suburb with crossrail soon to come with 20 minute journeys direct to bond street and 35 minute journeys to canary wharf

How to make West Drayton a better place? Wipe out all the Pikey Scum. May I suggest airstrikes?

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179 Bruce Grove (Tottenham)

Dodgy out approach the tube station with caution! Doing this place an injustice should be way up the list and have I missed the farm!

Too scary, I saw a gang of around 10 year old girls trying to rob the elderly women

180 Hayes Town

Another hole with mediocre shops and shoddy buildings, ruined by Labour Party Councillors, just like they did in Edmonton.

Especially East Avenue in Hayes Town. Drug dealing and other crimes. Police is useless!

Lots of Somalians but it's a nice place just don't go into the wrong part

Full of gangs dangeroues at night

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