Most Disturbing Invader ZIM Episodes

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Dark Harvest

I see why little kids think there is a monster in the closet; Parents probably used it to keep their kids in bed. "Don't you get out of that bed. A blob is behind the door and if you open it, it will eat you up! " I actually used it to scare some sense into my little cousin when he went off by himself. Dark Harvest is an episode that makes great roots for a Slender-type horror game, urban legend (there is an urban legend involving stolen organs), and CREEPYPASTA. A new definition of yuck. - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

This is the worst television episode I have ever seen in my entire life. Dark Harvest has haunted my dreams ever since I was 10 years old. Now I'm actually starting to see why kids think there's a monster in the closet. Seriously. What if a blob of stolen organs popped up at your door? Be prepared for a horrible surprise when working at that elementary school.

The guy who wrote this was worried he was going to get fired after this one. ZIM attempts to look more normal by stealing human organs from his classmates - Zaner22

I thought this one was funny. Fat Zim was hilarious to watch. It's disturbing, yes, just not to me. But I still cringe every time those intestines pop out of Zim's mouth, and he slurps them back in like spaghetti. - Discord

Bad Bad Rubber Piggy

Dear lord! In other episodes, Zim will do screwed up things to background characters we don't care about. Here, he repeatedly cripples Dib. This is 11 minutes of a child being repeatedly crippled. And he is helpless- in other episodes, he's capable of fighting back. This is worse than Dark Harvest for me... I love it.

"This is literally the story of a kid who gets near death traumatic accidents throughout his life. This episode was horribly disturbing in the sense that Dib had no way of doing anything about it. I mean imagine if Zim just left him with the tube on his back, what would Dib ever do at that point? He'd just be horribly crippled.

Dark Harvest is a pretty grim episode. Compared to this though, Bad Bad Rubber Piggies is a very DARK episode. Dib dies...

Dark Harvest never scared me but MY GOD! This episode was almost heartbreaking! - TailchaserFan10

Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom

Yeah, I agree. This one should be way higher. I mean, what the heck is going on in this episode?

This one should be second after dark harvest. Its disturbing in a great way, and the story is really engagibg too., reminds me of a tim burton film

This one just freaks me out. Especially the part when (spoiler stop reading if haven't seen it) dib goes in his house and gaz and his dad catch him and say we're gonna get your head or something like that. I bet it gave kids nightmares

This episode showed us the things Jhonen thinks of...

Bestest Friends

He rips a kids eyes out... that's all I should have to say

What was up with that image of gir in the clouds at the very end of the episode?

Let's be honest, the weirdest part was GIR making cake at the end. - Discord

He ripped his eyes out.

Gir Goes Crazy and Stuff

How is this episode creepy? I saw it as a little kid and it didn't really bug me...

The Sad Sad Tale of Chicken Foot

Why is this disturbing?
It should not be on this list.

Dibs Wonderful Life of Doom

How is this creepy? I love this episode. Is it disturbing because, oh I don't know, Dib throws a muffin at Zim? Or maybe Dib tells everyone he threw the muffin? - Discord

Well the end was disturbing when zim's head appeared on everyone, I can't belive that zim did all that over a stupid muffin. But there's one thing I diden't get, how did he get dib into that room? It did not make sense. That episode was pretty weird if you ask me.

Game Slave 2

Now this was a freaky episode. Gaz followed that kid everywhere he went like a ghost just because she wanted the game.

That's because that kid stole the game from gaz. That just proves that you should never steal or something really bad will happen.

Oh please I loved this episode especily the part where gaz say's this "Give me the game slave or I will plunge you into a nightmare world from witch there is no awaking! " It was pretty funny when she said the word plunge because you know she was standing over a toilet and what do you do to toilets, you plunge them.

I think the kid was meant to die at the end, but Nick wouldn't allow it. I find it too funny to be scary, though. - PastelFlowers

The Most Horrible X-mas Ever

Two words blood tvy7


This episode isn't disturbing, it is DISGUSTING!

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Mortos De Soul Stealer

I honestly thought this episode was funny.

Okay, really how is that freaky?! I thought that episode was pretty funny.

Door to Door
Rise of the Zitboy

I found all the hypnotism to be really disturbing.

Bloaty's Pizza Hog

Never work at Chuck E Cheese

Bolognius Maximus

What Zim Does to Dib,Just...*Shivers* But,When Gaz Bites Dib,He Looks Delicous,and I Find That Horribly Disturbing...But at The Same Time it Makes Me Wanna Eat Some be honest,Thinking About That Moment,I Can Taste Meat...Eew.

Invasion of The Idiot Dog Brain

Ok,Ok,Yeah,I Get That it's Hilarious Because He Goes on a Rampage for Taco's,But Let's All Be Honest,it Was The Rampage What Made it Creepy.i Mean,GIR Destroyed Many Innocent Lives! But,This One Deserves to Be Lower,'s Too Comical!

Tak: The Hideous New Girl

This episode. Oh my goodness, it was kinda scary. An alien she-demon draining Earth of its entrails? TAK scares the rainbow out of my Nyan Cat, the steam out of my locomotive, the fluffiness out of my puppies! GET THIS EPISODE AWAY FROM ME! (Screams like Invader ZIM) - InvaderRailfanPokeNerd578

I kinda like tak for some reason

Hobo 13

I think aim killed a few aliens to beat the trial. Examples are:
He throws a small guy into a flying dragon-thing
Causes leeches to attack two guys
And Uses the guy with big head to break open a door, which he cracks the guy's head open doing that and juice goes all over the place

Gaz, Taster of Pork
The Wettening
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