Top 10 "1,000 Ways to Die" Deaths

There are a lot of 1,000 Ways to Die deaths, so I'm gonna put up my favorites and fan favorites, and let's see which one rests in peace at #1.
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1 Bitch Zapped

A woman was treating her husband bad and one day her husband was mowing the lawn and he was mowing wrong. So the wife didn't realize that there was a cord plugged up and hidden in the grass. So she mowed the cord and she was shocked to death for being a bitch to her husband. I bet the husband was really happy.

Cause of death... Electrocution

It's funny, and the woman deserved it.

2 Premature Endings

This should be number one. Because a mime is rarely never going to happen.!

A man dies peacefully in a hospital from old age.

Cause of death: Old age

3 Dead Mime

I watched that episode. It was funny. But at the same time not funny since everyone thought it was a joke, but at the same time, he could have written a note that says, hey, I am really choking, please help.

An annoying mime starts to choke on a pickle. He has enough sense to try to get help, but everyone thinks it's an act, and since he can't talk and has nobody to help, he dies.

Cause of death: Choking

I thought this episode is funny but scary :) I like the show 1000 Ways to Die, and I hope they will show different episodes every night. Never be a mime. You can get killed by doing something like this mime did... He choked on a pickle... WHY!?!?!... I hope this episode wins because this is the best one yet :)!

4 Frequent Dier

8/10, not that good like I remember it.

5 You've Got Dead Male

A teenage punk is smashing people's mailboxes with a baseball bat as his friend drives by them. But his bat shatters, and a large piece gets embedded into his chest, and he dies from the huge splinter lodged in his lung.

Cause of death: Stab wound

It is unlikely to happen, so that is why I voted for this.

6 Fat Man in a Little Swing

A man named Fred bets $100 that he could fit in the swing. Hours later, he feels the symptoms of an appendix burst. He dies alone.

A fat man named Fred got stuck on a little swing and died.

That is very sad that Fred died.

7 Vike-O-Done

A Viking cuts somebody's head off and swings the head around. He swings it into his leg, and the teeth bite him, and he dies weeks later from an infection.

Cause of death: Infection

10/10, feel kinda bad for this Viking, but the job had to be done for this death.

8 Bird Brained

A woman partying in a limousine puts her head through the moon roof, and a pigeon flies into her mouth, and she dies of a broken neck.

Cause of death: Broken neck

9 Rocky Roadkill

A story about a drug dealer, who is disguised as an ice cream man. He almost gets robbed, and his refrigerator gets all screwed up and releases gas that knocks him unconscious. He then drives his ice cream truck into a tree.

Cause of death: Car accident

10 Myth Busted

A man dresses as Bigfoot to scare people away from his property and ends up getting shot with a tranquilizer from a person who happens to be a Bigfoot enthusiast. He dies of the chemicals in the dart.

Cause of death: Hypotension

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11 Wedding Crasher

The Ex crashes the wedding, and when the priest says "if anyone objects to this marriage, say now or forever hold your peace." He gets up, flips out, and strips naked, asking how she could reject the sex. He offends the groom and priest, and when the priest says to get him, he runs into a glass window, and glass goes through his butt and kills him. And at the end, we see the priest saying, "May Almighty God have mercy on your soul..."

12 Suck & Blown
13 Ex'ed Ex

An ex-boyfriend is stalking his ex and her new boyfriend on their date on a hayride. He proposes to her, and she says yes. So the ex (who was trying to scare them with a ski mask and an ax) jumps out and onto the hayride with the ax in hand. He gets punched out by the boyfriend and falls from the trailer, and gets run over by the trailer, crushing his abdomen and splitting him in half.

Cause of death: Bisection

14 Mudder Sucked

This is what happens: A military woman beats up one of her mates in a mud pit, but soon, she's sucked into a sinkhole below the pit, causing her to suffocate from the tons of mud on her chest.

Also, suffocating is running out of air on land or air. Drowning is the same, except it's in the water.

A sorority girl is hazing the new pledges. They have to build a mud pit (which is unknowingly on top of a sinkhole), the sorority girl wrestles a pledge in the pit when they get in a fight. But she falls into the sinkhole and dies of drowning.

Cause of death: Drowning

15 A Chainus Runs Through It
16 Back-Broke Mountain

An angry married couple are on a hike. The husband actually plans on murdering her, making it look like an accident, and spending the life insurance money with his mistress. But he ends up falling all the way down the mountain and breaking everything in his body and dies at the foot of the mountain.

Cause of death: Injury

I saw that this summer. I was like, "what the hell? That's dumb," and it is.

17 Titty Titty Bang Bang

10/10 as well. I liked when the doctor said, I'm going to give you the biggest ta-tas ever to mankind. It got me laughing. Hehe.

A woman's implants explode on a plane.

18 Hi-Jacked Off
19 Jaw Boned
20 Greased Is The Word
21 Dead Meat-Eorite

A random dude at a party gets struck by a meteorite. Needless to say, he did not deserve it.

22 Butt Plugged

I laughed so hard during this death. Pepper spray can in the anus!

23 Pissed Off
24 Master E-Raced
25 Vat's All Folks
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