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61 Air Force Pararescue

This has to be a joke, this elite branch of special forces should be no lower than 5th.

62 Indian Para Commandos

you put them on 56...they are the 1 with whom navy seal practiced seal learn mountain warfare from them...they are more elite then SAS...its proved when SAS came India for an exercise but refuse due to 100 km run which is a joke for Indian para commando

In the Indo-Pak War of 1971, a six-man assault team was inserted 240 km deep into Indus and Charchao,where they carried swift lightning raids.The assault team killed 473 and wounded 140 on the Pakistani side, and in addition they also destroyed 35mm artillery guns of the Pakistan independent battery and took hostage 18 members of the elite SSG of the Pakistan Army,they also destroyed an airfield.
Need I say more?

63 Al Qaeda

Its still an elite group. Not everyone can join this group

"We have reasons to believe hurricane Katrina is directly related to Al Qaeda... They both begin with a K"
~ President George W. Bush (South Park or one of those shows)

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64 Polish B.O.A.
65 Lesotho Defence Force Commandos
66 People's Liberation Army Special Forces
67 Portuguese Special Forces

Trained to be the best in all the human possible skills, like the intellectual ones, physical ones, health ones etc. Besides, they do whatever it is needed to complete their missions.

Portuguese comandos are specialists on guerrilla warfare they exist since war of Ultramar and have experience in war.

68 UDT/SEALs, South Korea
69 JWK, Poland
70 Indonesian Den Bravo 90

Strictly speaking Den Bravo is BriMob counter-terrorism- so civilian count-terror. Excellent training, good experience, good results- but list implies military specfor. - IndoRaya

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