Why Do You All Hate America?

People of the world, this has to stop. People everywhere, bickering, arguing over who's country is better. And it seems that most of this unnecessary hate is aimed at the United States.


Why do you all hate America? What is the reason behind this racism?

Well, I suppose we should see why. Here, I am going to show the main reasons for all the hate. Let's take a look, shall we?

1) "They're all fat."


Yes, there is an obesity problem in the US. But, you need to understand that not all Americans are overweight. That is a very hurtful stereotype. Besides, what do you have against fat people? Just because they're fat doesn't mean they're bad. It just means they need to go on a diet.

2)"They're dumb/They know nothing about the world."

ExCUSE me?

So, we're all stupid, huh? Well then, I guess Ben Franklin was a complete moron. Sure, he discovered electricity, but who cares? He was American! Therefore, he MUST be an imbecile!

This stereotype is ridiculous. So, over 300 million people are idiots? What about all those scientists who helped create the Internet? Or then Wright Brothers, who invented air travel? Ben Franklin? Thomas Edison? What about them?

3)"They killed lots of people."

... Alright. Unfortunately, this is kinda true. America has been responsible for the deaths of many, both enemy and innocent alike. But, we have SAVED many lives, too. The Marshall Plan. All those who helped put out fires on 9/11. Helping the Allies fight the Nazis during WW2.

Also, what about all those people YOUR country has killed? What about all those who suffered and died due to terrible living conditions during the Industrial Revolution in England? Or the French soldiers who froze to death in the War of 1812 due to Napoleon's arrogance blinding him? Or all those Mayans and Aztecs killed by the Spanish? The USA is not the only nation guilty of murder. Every single country had to invade some land or fight for independance to become what they are today.

4)"They're lazy."


Wait. We're lazy? We're LAZY? Oh. I see. So I guess all the hard work we've ever done was for nothing. Fighting for independance. Journeying to the West (without knowledge of really knowing where they were going). Participating in WW2. Fighting terrorism. Was this all just LAZINESS to you?

I think I've listed enough reasons. But, I would also like to show this person and his/her "ingenious insight".

"People hate the U.S. cause we start wars, eat too much food, buy the newest stuff, care for only onr religion, etc. We don't care for anybody"

Wow. I mean WOW. This is the most insightful comment I've ever seen. Let's properly diagnose this comment:

"People hate the U.S. cause we start wars..."

Every single country starts wars. It isn't all that great a reason to hate America.

"... Eat too much food..."

Take another look at reason #1. I have already stated why that is stupid.

"... Buy the newest stuff..."

This doesn't make sense. We buy the newest stuff? Believe it or not, there are still people out there that won't let go of their superhero action figures that they got in the '80s. And why would anyone care what Americans buy? How does this concern/bother anybody? Last time I checked, people buy 'the newest stuff' BECAUSE IT'S GOOD.

"... care for only one religion..."

This is also wrong. There are tons of people that follow all kinds of religions in America. Plus, which religion do you mean? Christianity? Mormonism? Buddhism? Please elaborate.

"We don't care for anybody."


... What?

This... this has to be the stupidest assumption ever made. "We don't care for anybody? " BULL. We care for each other. We care for those who suffer (most of us, anyway). We wept when those kids died in that school shooting. We mourned the loss of everyone who died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. We feel terrible for all those people in Haiti.

HOW DARE YOU make such a ludicrous statement! And it got over a thousand thumbs up, no less! It just goes to show that our world is filled to the brim with uneducated fools.

Also, there's another thing to discuss here.

Do you all remember when we won World War 2 (yes, WE. America did not win the war, and neither did Russia. We won that war TOGETHER)? The world cheered when Hitler was finally gone and the Nazis were defeated. But then, Germany APOLOGIZED for the atrocities they commited. They wanted redemption, and, after a while, they got it. They were finally forgiven for there misdeeds.

Germany, after being responsible for the deaths of over 60 million people, was forgiven and loved again.

America has made many mistakes, but has NOT been forgiven. No matter what we try to do to make up for it, we are constantly reminded of our errors.

Do you see what's wrong here?

How come Germany can be pardoned for its' mistakes, but not America? Is it because we did not publicly apologize? Well, according to you, we're all stupid and do not know of what we've done (something I forgot to mention in reason #2). Do you want us to say we're sorry? How can we apologize for something we didn't know we did?

If you can forgive Germany, why can't you forgive America?

Hmm... I suppose an apology is in order, then.

I, on behalf of my nation, the United States of America, apologize for all of our wrongdoings. I believe I speak for all of us when I say that we really do regret the bad things we've done. If we could turn back time and fix everything, we would. I know it's probably too late, but, please, can't you find it in your hearts to forgive us? Please?

I think I've said enough. Just one more thing before I take my leave...

To my fellow Americans, don't let these hateful people get you down. I'm sure you're all good people. In reality, it doesn't matter what non-Americans say about America. No matter what happens, the USA will always be great to us! But, I suggest you all be nicer towards foreigners. I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

To all the non-Americans who DO like America, we really appreciate your kindness. I wish everyone could be like you guys! I wish the best of luck to all of you (and your countries)!

To all the non-Americans who DON'T like America, then I'm sorry my country isn't the way you want it to be. I hope that one day you'll change your minds and give Americans a chance. But try not to be TOO harsh, alright?

I hope I've managed to change some minds and get people thinking with this comment. I probably didn't, but it can't hurt to try, right?

Thank you for reading.

"Unless someone like you

Cares a whole awful lot,

Nothing's going to get better.

It's not." (Dr Seuss, American author)


About the "We only care for one religion" comment, part of our very FIRST Amendment in our constitution is Freedom of Religion. What about the Spanish Inquisition and the vicious hate and laws against multiple religions in other countries? - Songsta41

Invading everyone in the world - visitor

Yep. - visitor

Well, you make a very good point. And the one that says "We'r fate," actually, that is very offensive. Not all Americans are obese and a lot of countries suffer from obesity. It is not just us. - NerdyPweeps

Yes, it isn't just you guys, but you fail to realize that, while other nations have a high percentage of obese people, the USA is the FATTEST nation in the world, or at least one of the fattest. I guess you're blind to the fact that 33 percent of Americans, are lazy, racist, homophobic, fatasses who go to McDonalds everyday and eat there, just to die of a heart attack at an early age. So, I'm so sorry that you're offended 'cause a random guy on the internet is saying that you are fat, because that doesn't come out of nowhere you know. I'm also a random guy on the internet "offending" you Americans. So sorry that you're butthurt. Want to cry to your mommy? - visitor

"And the one that says 'we'r fate, ' actually, that is very offensive. Not all Americans are obese and a lot of countries suffer from obesity. It is not just us."

One, you're grammar sucks. "We'r fate' is supposed to be "we're fat". Damn, that just comes to show how bad the education system here is. But anyway, I'm so sorry if someone is offending you by saying that you're fat, because you ARE! Not all, but 2/3 of the population do! Yes, other countries suffer from obesity too, but it is more common in America. So don't get butthurt just because an intelligent person is telling the truth about your country. You have no freedom, no religious rights, you guys are racist and arrogant, and of course, you wage war across the world, making you the biggest threat to world peace! - visitor

Becasue you people are arrogance, think that your country is the saver of the world, but you only bring pain and war to the rest of the world and make yourself richer! - visitor

Exactly, but sadly, this fact is lost to those arrogant Americans. - visitor

It it wasn't for America, Russian terrorists would've killed us all. KILLED US ALL

Thanks, America! You're our savior! - visitor

Because the US is cancer not only to themselves even more so to the world, absolute biggest and worst threat to world peace, wherever its arms reach the place is always left off a lot worse than before. No need to compel a list, out of the things America do outside of its territory, some you may know, some you may not, what you know should be enough, you'd probably hate murica too if you were a foreigner. Germany is forgiven because they realized their history apologized and did things like putting their past in their textbooks so it's taught and passed on for generations, unlike america who's still screwing the world up in the name of peace as we speak, this is where germany differs from nations like america and japan, a personal apology while appreciated, does little and you cannot represent america's government or it's people regardless how hard you try, america mightn't be among the most hated if there were more people who are apologetic about your nations actions and the gov realized what it's doing, offered a sincere apology and more importantly stopped what it's doing to screw this planet up. Till then the hate shouldn't come as a surprise, America isn't being hated on and hated on so hard for nothing, for us to change there needs to be change from you first. To throw out the others did it too excuse is ridiculous, others doing it doesn't make it right, if you're wondering why the difference in level of hate, it's not just about killings but the negative influence on the globe as well, america is present across the globe doing most of the dirtiest stuff, not only itself is dirty but it has a habit of reaching its dirty hands and spreading the dirt, either making a dirty place dirtier or turning a clean place that was well off before into an utter hole. - visitor

Sadly, this fact is lost to all of those stupid Americans. - visitor

Sadly we have to deal with you hypocrites that are blinded by your government to - visitor

Oh hey look a American hater let's laugh at their nonsense... Waits for a stupid comeback - visitor

America is the country I hate most largely because of its government, it's undeniable there are quite a number of stupid, arrogant and ignorant people in the states but that doesn't apply to everyone or every citizen. The ratio might be higher in the us and I really do hate the arrogant ignorant and/or cocky greedy stupid bastards but its percentage of people who don't fit in the categories mentioned above are much more likable than its government. - visitor

0.01% of Americans are unlikable. laugh out loud! - visitor

Yawn blame America that's all you hypocrites do - visitor

Invading everyone - visitor

We will NOT forgive you for your wrong doings, BECAUSE YOU ARE STILL DOING THEM. Oh, I laugh at butthurt Americans. - visitor

And we laugh at butthurt American haters - visitor

Americans are ruining America. - visitor

Yep so that means all the other types of people and religion are ruining it too - visitor

I hate America. its trying to take over the world! Luigi can beat those idiots! - visitor

Yeah. One person can TOTALLY beat the worlds strongest army on his own. - Puga

Hmm it's funny because we let most of the immigrants from other countries most are maybe from Mexico jk no but there's every type of person here from all the other countries... Hypocrites - visitor

This country has a lot of racist.
Maybe it's why people hate America. - visitor

Okay, um most people won't see this if I don't put it in all caps so fine!



I really do not appreciate all the hate that our country gets. Why have you still not forgiven us for WWII? Quit living in the past. Affirmative, we may have obesity problems and a crappy education system. But we are not lazy, uncaring, or arrogant. I do not think the USA is the best country in the world, it is just my home and I'd never want to leave. Any intelligent minds come from the USA, despite our current government. If you non-Americans feel immense hostility towards what I'm saying, I truly apologize and seek forgiveness. I wish the best to you and your country, even to USA haters. I only ask that you try and put the stereotypes aside. Thank you.

-RockFashionista, age 12 - RockFashionista

Sorry about the typo on "any intelligent minds." The word was supposed to be "many." - RockFashionista