A message to everybody reading this list

These lists are not right. They are racist and horrible. Here are the countries you 'hate' and why you shouldn't hate them:

North Korea:
It is not the citizens of North Koreas fault that they cannot communicate with the outside world. The political party has made a massive cult around the Kim family, some even going as far as saying they created the world. The citizens can't access the Internet or make phone calls outside there country. I suggest reading Wait But Why's* post on North Korea to find out more (WARNING: the site does contain bad language).

The USA:
This is one of the most populated countries in the world. It's very difficult to manage that many people in that big an area. Of course there is a lot of crime, but it is also a very advanced country, and it brought us iPhones, iPads, lots of computers and appliances.
I know the slave trade involved the USA but that was a long time ago, and NOBODY can change the past.

The UK:
The UK (United Kingdom) is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Ireland is an independent country that shares the same land as Northern Ireland. The other three countries are all on the same piece of land as well.
The UK is also a large country, and I think it is disgraceful the way people are going on about the slave trade and so on. As I said, there were bad people in the past, and there will be always. You can't change the past. There are some weapons in the UK, but it is illegal in most areas.

Ireland is an independent country is on shares the same piece of land as Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is a country on its own, and is not part of Ireland.
Ireland has a terrorist group called the IRA that bomb people. Nobody can help that, not even the Irush government.
The Irish potato famine was a natural disaster that occurred by itself. The English government tried to help by importing American corn, but the poor could not afford any food, so they died of starvation.

Although Germant started Workd War II, that was over 70 years ago, and the people of Germany are not at war with the UK or USA. World War II was provoked mainly by a political party called the Nazis, led by Adolf Hitler. Hitler and his wife, Eva, committed suicide when faced with surrender.

* I do not own and am not involved with Waitbutwhy.com. I just found their articles interesting and I thought others would too. The name and any other related items are the property of the site owner.