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Songsta41 There was one comment about America on the "Most Hated Countries" list that I would like to address what was right and wrong. Let me break down the comment "People hate the U.S. cause we start wars, eat too much food, buy the newest stuff, care for only one religion, etc. We don't care for anybody".

"We start wars"

While it's true that if America didn't meddle with other countries' affairs as often, fewer wars would have happened, every country starts wars. Some are instigators who deserve to be battled against, some are less harmful, and some only want other countries to be just like their own. The instigating countries should be the ones who this comment was written about. Countries like the US should be blamed the next most, then less harmful countries. I'm not denying that the US starts a lot of wars, just saying that we're not the sole cause of them.

"Eat too much food"

I do understand that we have a weight problem and it makes poorer, hungrier countries mad. I'm not particularly proud of this.

"Buy the newest stuff"

Now THIS really pisses me off. First of all, how is buying the newest stuff a bad thing? If we want a new product, we buy it, just like the rest of the world would. Second, that is such a broad statement. Speaking technically, all of these are broad statements, but some like "we eat too much food" are justified. This, however, is not. Some people like old stuff and keep it. Big deal. Thirdly, how is that a reason for anyone to hate us? If the iPhone 6S just came out and I want it, I will buy it. How can you critize a whole country for doing that? This is so irrelevant about why we are a hated country.

"Care for only one religion"

You'd have to specify which religion you're talking about. Choose out of Judaism, Christianity (multiple types for both), Johava's Witnesses, and so, so many more. I'm assuming you forgot everything you learned in school, because then you'd remember a part of the First Amendment to the US constituion, Freedom of religion. With immigrants from all over the world, we have and care about religions from all over the world. We used to teach religion in schools, but since the Scopes trial, we teach evolution. There are special schools just for religion (sunday school, hebrew school, etc) and many different places of worship all over the country. If you want to criticize a country for only caring for one religion, choose a country that doesn't have freedom of religion.

"We don't care for anybody"

So you think all Americans have no soul or reagards for others? For that, I can only say one thing: Put ten Americans in a room and get to know each of them. You'd be surprised how many aren't soulless demons.

This comment really bothers me, and I hope everyone notices what it got right and what it got wrong.


I agree the US is hated on way too much and for not-so-viable reasons. Obesity is rising within the whole developed world, it's not just us. Just another point. - keycha1n

Great post. - visitor

I hate the USA. This whole blogpost just screams Nationalist American. The comment that got you so offended was nothing more but an intelligent and well-rounded individual outside of the U.S. simply stating a few of many sad truths about our pathetic. Yes, I live here, and I hate it. I do agree that the "buy the newest things" is a bit ridiculous, but everything else was really you not accepting the fact that maybe your country isn't so great after all. Denial isn't just a river in Africa you know. - visitor

American are all that bad. They are people too! Yes the United States wastes a lot of energy and have to have the most modern technology even if the rest of the world is in poverty! However they are rich so the can have that. - visitor

I officially hate people on the internet for their dumb racist remarks on my country. Have they forgotten that every country has done something wrong in their past. For example Britain conjuried half of the world by force, causing native Americans to suffer and die. Russia had invaded the country Georgia ( not the state ) and also many countries durring the soviet era. Yes, I admit america has done something's we are not proud of but at least we are trying to move on.

To america haters,

Instead of moping around and complaining like babies, actually do something about it. If your so unhappy living in America, I suggest you move to china or other communist countries where you won't be missed. - visitor

I think this list about most hated country, should be banned. - visitor

I think that America is a hated country because it is too rich. They use the most energy and they don't even have the most people living there! - visitor

This is so true. Well said, Songsta41, well said. - AnonymousChick

Ironically, not one of you picked up on the statement "I'm always in a hurry to play [fill in name of pointless game here]". One of the biggest problems worldwide is the sheer amount of time and energy wasted by obsessive gaming. If all of the money spent on gaming were spent on food for the poor, and gamers instead spent their time helping the less fortunate, the world would be a far better place. - visitor

America is a terrorist nation. - visitor

Are you a Korean or Muslim? - bobbythebrony

They're probably just Koreans who are jealous of America. - bobbythebrony

Not sole reason? You still one of the reason result in wars! Do not push away your error. - golin

"You still one the reason result in wars! " Ok... got to appericiate the awful grammar not saying mine's any better but damn. - visitor