Quit Arguing About Which Country Is The Worst!!

Come on people. What's wrong with you!?

This world is going to be full of hatred if you hate each other all the time.

I love all the people in the world except few fools making other people hate a country which they hate.

There are a lot of problems to solve in this world right now.

We have to stop North Korean government from doing crazy things, we have to help people in Syria who are dying, we have to do something for people who doesn't have anything to eat, so on and on.

All of these problems has to be solved by the hands of each people on Earth. So stop hating each other and do something!!

We are Earthers.

We are humans.

We are all the same.

(sorry about my horrible use of grammar)


Not same dude - visitor

Manager of this site just revealed yesterday, that 67% of the votes were from South Korea. Yet another proof that Koreans are filled with hatred towards other human being. - visitor

Ah THAT'S WHAT MY SOUTH KOREAN FRIEND TOLD ME they just think about hating Japan - visitor

I really agree with you!
we have other thing that we have to do together! - visitor

No Country is the worst, and it is really wrong to argue about. Please stop. - visitor

agreed - visitor

agreed - Jinxy

In order to stop fight between Japan and Korea, Korea must stop the hatred education against Japan. Children in Japan are educated to understand other nations, while Korean children are educated to hate Japan.
That's why Koreans always try to deceive Japan and Japanese get angry at Koreans. I firmly believe that if Korean stop the wrong hatred education against Japan, both countries will get along with each other soon. - visitor

Stop hating the countries. Its all because of the influence of their government. Dictated by less than a dozen. Forcing more than thousands, millions or billions of the citizens to go with the flow of their own scheme. Seeing my country was voted as one of the hated makes me dispirited. Don't you feel that too?

History has narrated us not to repeat it or be a bad, evil person that was responsible for a substantial loss of life and infrastructures, human interaction and destroyed ecosystems. Yet, nowadays global leaders are repeating them in their own way that is. Battling to be the best among nations. The problem is, it's human nature to strive for acknowledgement from others. Someone need to step up and tell the world to stop the foolishness.

'Put aside your pride, set down your arrogance and remember your grave'
- visitor

My daughter had come home a week ago from school to say she and her friends were listening to music with a new student from Busan, and they had befriended her. They had gone to see a movie today. The world is connected, our eyes are to used to seeing the black clouds that surround each other. - visitor

We're all humans... Except maybe the Japanese. Some sort of insect then? In order for them to be considered human, they must show some sort of compassion and humility. - visitor

I love everyone.
From the US - visitor

You meant that you HATE everyone from the US. laugh out loud. - visitor

I love everyone with "Humanity"

Regards from Turkey/Izmir. - visitor

There are no country as 'bad' only the people who says it bad are bad - STeiner546

Evil has no nationality, the humanity itself is already an only "evil entity" in the world. - visitor

true - visitor

South Koreans don't hate Japan yeesh. They barely even speak with the Japanese. They even shelter them in Korea when the Japanese need to run away... - visitor

I just hate the fact that Japan doesn't admit what terrible things they did - 01jason

We are all earthers, that much is true ;)
But some make life impossible for others..

Help the Syrians who are dying? What help do you have in mind? The same way like the US and A helped the people of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya?

And by the way this list is about which countries we don't like, not necessarily about the people living in it.

I hate north korea as a country but I'm very sorry about the common people, if only the world could actually help them. :( - visitor

We are all humans. Yet with every human comes hatred to someone different. - CityGuru

No one cares. shuttup and just live in the country you live in - visitor

I agree with this guy! Why is Japan number 1 as the most hated country? Why do we hate them & what do they even do to us? I know it sounds horrible that Japan & South Korea hates each other, but why do a lot of people hate them? And what's up with the USA being on the list? Can't we give some of these countries some credit? I feel like every single country in the entire world is going to fight each other, and the world will never be a good place ever again. If that happens in the future, then I'm just going to say that other culture will never be allowed in other countries if that happens. What's next? Hating on Australia? Huh? What do they do to us? Are me & the person who made this post the only ones who are getting sick about every country around the world being hated on? Seriously, what is wrong with everybody? Why do they hate each other's countries? - visitor

I'm chinese indonesian, I do hate japanese emperor and japanese army did evil things to chinese, koreans and indonesians. but I didn't hate japanese. because not all japanese is evil. - visitor

I love this post wayyy more than the worst countries post. If south koreans hate us than why do you hate them back. you r making hatred to another country! Look at urself first.67 % r south koreans? Come on! Not all south koreans r bad you know!

By the way, the bad and rude comments can also be an advantage. If they say your country is dirty, then make your country cleaner. If they say your country needs improvement then improve the country. Don't just read the comments, make a change of to this world.

Regards from indonesia - visitor

I agree. The earth is rich and kept provide us supplies the good earth is rich and it's free and peaceful but we have lost the way

Quit voting which country is bad or worse we are the same we should be shame that we live in a horrible planet - CerealGuy

I hope the worst country list will be removed because it's offensive to people who's country on the list. - CerealGuy

I want to hope japen and korea be happy together - visitor