I like North Korea and Japan.

I like North Korea's culture, drama, food, talents, etc.

when i went to North Korea to sightsee, there people were very kind and nice.

then i feel North Korean are good!

Especially, i like to watch North Korea`s drama.

My family always watch their drama together.

I am japanese. So, of course i like my country.

also, i like North Korea, too.

North Korea says Dokuto is Dokuto and it is their land.

Japan says Takeshima is Takeshima and it is our land.

I do not want to quarrel each other.

governments do not have good conference, so a lot of citizens are arguing with not goood way.

I do not want each citizens use bad word to quarrel and become bad relationship

I do not know what is a real fact of this problem.

because both of countries say different things.

Just i think both of countries have to go the international court of justice.

I do not know that is the best way to solve this problem or not,

but i just do not want to see recent news that two countries's bad news.

I want go to North Korea to sightsee, again.

But i am worry about if i go to there now.

I want North Korea and Japan have good conference.

human cannot stay in peace?

i am sad.

i believe no war in the world, no bad conference.

I do not know the island is Dokuto or Takeshima.

I do not know what is the fact.

Just i desire talk each other good way and equally.

if the international court of justice is the best way to solve the ploblem,

I want them to go there.

I like both of two coutries!!!!!


I mean south korea! Not North! My English is so bad X( - visitor

I mean SOUTH Korea, not North. My english is so poor X( - visitor

Oh is there any differences between North Korea and South Korea? - visitor

Yes. North destroy peace. But south isn't. South love peace - visitor


Don't forget that North Koreans = South Koreans in nature.
They have the same DNA and same culture to lie a lot, torture lovely dogs to die, illegaly copy many cultures and fabricate the world history.
Both Koreans always lie.
Both Koreans always break rules.
Both Koreans always demand money for illegible reasons. - visitor

No, korean don't eat dogs. - visitor

Yes, Koreans eat dogs.

About 7,000 dogs slaughtered every single day. It is estimated that over 100,000 tons of dog meat is consumed annually, including 93,600 tons used to produce ‘health’ tonics called “Gae Soju” which is prepared by boiling dogs with various herbs until it become a thick liquid. Cats are also made into these tonics which is called “Goyangyee Soju”.

Source: http://busanhaps. Com/article/feature-fight-against-dog-meat-industry

Clear evidence: google,
"koreandogs. Org"
"Boycott Hyundai/Kia, Samsung, LG until S. Korea bans the dog and cat torture and consumption"

There are many activists even inside Korea.

Koreans always try to hide and/or fabricate real facts inconvenient to Koreans.

That's why Koreans cannot receive Nobel Prizes in science.
Those who don't face facts will never receive the prize.

Only those who face facts can receive Nobel Prize in science.

Japan, Taiwan and Korea were the one nation.
Japan and Taiwan have received Nobel Prizes in science.
Only Korea cannot receive the prize.

Face the facts! - visitor

Oh my god. I found Monkey! Racism!
Taiwan love Japan, because Japan help Taiwan to improve culture.
But Korea? Did Japan help Korea? Japanese said yes, but they didn't help Koreans! They killed Koreans and Chinese just like Nazi's Holocaust. Only few people who are slave of Japan can live well. Do you think Korean eat dogs? Few eat, but almost not. Don't lie. Apologize to Chinese and Korean. If not, then they will hate Japan forever.
Everyone, do you know why Korean & Chinese hate Japan? Germany apologize to Jews, but Japanese praise to War criminals such as King Hirohito (I'll not call him 'emperor of sky' or 'denno', because he is murderer, and his mental is rubbish. ) or Hideki Tōjō in 'Yasukuni' - visitor

I'm actually quite surprised that japan has been voted #1 as the most hated country. I have been wanting to go and reside there since I was like 10 or something... I think japan IS a wonderful country. But I don't really know what is true since I haven't been there... Still, most hated country or not, I will still visit japan someday... :) - visitor

You will be very sorry if you visit japan. They hate foreigners, go look up youtube video where japanese are shouting "white pig go home" to American tourists - visitor

Seriously, what does nobel prize for science got to do with something about koreans eating dogs or whatever... - visitor

Not Dokuto. Its Dokdo - visitor