Whoever who hates japan must be immature and hold grudges. Yes you can say those people in the past have killed countless of people but are you that sore and not forgive them for what they did you guys are blinded by what their ancestors did that you guys have forgotten what the Japanese have done to make up for what their ancestors did in the past they made cars which are cheap good affordable and suitable for everyone they make quality items that last for long periods of time. Electronics example the so commonly known brands are all by the Japanese you guys may just be self centered and just think about what they have done to you but they got their retribution, the bomb by the Americans, they suffered their fair share and move on and forget. Would you like if you killed my closest kins and I haunt you with that every second of your life? That's what you are doing to them right now. Most of you people must be the crazy kpop fans jealous of the Japanese culture or the history geeks who only see the one sided story from your texts or the old people who hold grudges on the Japanese. Come On, I'm not a Japanese and I'm fighting for them even though they attacked my country in the second world war, I'm not a child but a mature teenager and if you need a 13 year old teenager to tell you whats right and whats wrong you guys must be pathetic grownups living off your parents money at such an age you pathetic adults or immature teenagers whoever who voted japan as the most hated country I am so DISGUSTED by your actions. You all should be happy that Japan got the earthquakes and tsunamis and save your timid and shallow asses from it. They killed, the got their revenge, they suffer and lost lots of lives from natural disasters. You guys still refuse to move on eh? Hm I wonder what god will do if you don't treat everyone like your brothers and sisters... I JUST WONDER

Signing Off,

A Japan Lover :-)

It's not too late to change your thought or regret later ;-)


Partially agree with you.
I do think that the Koreans who keep hating on Japan because of a miniscule Island that no one really cares about are overreacting(to put it lightly). China and Korea have brainwashed their citizens with anti-Japan doctrines from a very young age. It is true that Japan has failed to properly educate their civilians on things like the Nanking Massacre. I can understand why the Chinese and Koreans would be pissed about those things. However, these people are too stupid to understand that not every Japanese person is racist. The Japanese have the same problem with the Chinese and koreans. They think that the chinese & koreans are ignorant and inferior, mainly due to how they've been brought up.

Asia needs to learn how to forget the past and get along.

-Japanese Citizen - visitor

I am korean and I haven't brainwashed since young age. We just study history. Before saying, I don't hate Japan. If studying what Japan did wrong in ww2 is brainwashing, is studying what Nazi did wrong also brainwashing?
And so many people don't know Japanese firstly made South Korea Number1 in this poll. - visitor

Koreans aren't disguested with what Japan has done in the past
They are disgusted by the fact that so many Japanese citizens think what they done was right. What makes Koreans so mad is that they try to cover up histroy. How is teaching our citizens history brainwashing? You really need to wake up Japan - visitor

Japanese are disgusted at Koreans who think that Japanese think what imperial Japan did during ww2 was right. Japan doesn't teach racism in their textbooks and cartoons to children. Korea teaches its citizens that Japan tries to white wash history. It's like this- current day whites don't feel guilty of black slavery. They know it was wrong and what their forefathers did was wrong. Otherwise you'd still have slaves. What makes current day Japanese bitter about Koreans and Chinese is they want current day Japanese children and young adults to PERSONALLY feel GUILTY for what their grandparents generation of imperial rule did. Korea needs to stop dwelling on the occupation and trying to defame Japan. The more anti-Japanese propaganda you feed to the world stage the less friendly Japan will be. Trying to rub it in and play the victim card is getting old. Korea made a fool of itself at the last G20 summit by constantly speaking negatively about Japan. The other G7 got fet up with the finger pointing and wanted to hear something constructive. Korea can do better than that. - visitor

I personally love Japan. I can see how elderly people in East Asia hate them, but the young people have no justified reasoning to. I love Japanese history and everything they stand for. - visitor

Japan is so awesome! - visitor

I love idiot Asada Mao she is very beatiful. but Kim Yuna Is the best! - visitor

Japan did NOTHING for us for the war. They did not even say a 5 letter word s-o-r-r-y to the government. They treated us like ANIMALS for god sake. - 01jason

Japan did pay for Korea pretty much and we do not talk smack about Koreans. We do not ask money off the states for Hiroshima Nagasaki, and we do not hate Americans too (may be old folks might). Leaning history is very important but it is not our responsibility to feel guilty about what we did in the past because our generation didn't do anything... its like asking the grand kids or great grand kids of murder to feel guilty about what their great grandpa did... - visitor

Japan is the best! - visitor