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41 K.S. Chithra K.S. Chithra Krishnan Nair Shantakumari Chithra, often credited as K. S. Chithra or simply Chithra, is an Indian playback singer from Kerala. Chithra also sings Indian classical, devotional, and popular music.

Anyone who has not heard of her is obviously a racist, she is one of the most popular singers in India, a nation with over one billion people.

How can you put someone on the list we've have never even heard of.

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42 Cheryl Cole Cheryl Cole Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini is an English singer, dancer, and television personality. She rose to fame in late 2002 as a member of girl group Girls Aloud on ITV's Popstars: The Rivals, and stayed with the group until they split up in 2013. V 2 Comments
43 Bono Bono Paul David Hewson, known by his stage name Bono, is an Irish singer-songwriter, musician, venture capitalist, businessman, and philanthropist. His original nickname was Bono Vox which means "big voice".

Wrong, U2 is overrated, Bono isn't. He's got one of the best voices in rock and his stage persona is incredible. He stands up to guys like Freddie Mercury, Chris Martin, Bruce Springsteen, and Ronnie James Dio when it comes to live singers. And his voice is absolutely incredible. - DavidBondra

How can someone call him overrated when people don't like his voice? - zxm

44 Adam Lambert Adam Lambert Adam Mitchel Lambert is an American singer, songwriter and stage actor. Since 2009, he has sold over 2.5 million albums and 5 million singles worldwide.

Adam has talent but I have to say the Top Tens lists do have him overrated. On the best male singer list, he is listed ahead of everyone but Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, and Elvis. Sorry, those three had a long string of hits and had careers spanning multiple decades. While Adam is talented, he is certainly not to that level yet. To have him rated ahead of Lennon and McCartney is unconscionable. Unfortunately, yes, he is overrated.

Adam is the best singer of today but he is so underestimated by the media and he deserves to be in the same level of Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. DOn't believe me? Ask Queen! Brian May and Rodger Taylor will agree

45 Drake Drake Aubrey Drake Graham, known professionally as Drake, is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.

A Canadian Jew that only sings love songs. Is hated by most rappers because he grew up with a rich white mother in a rich home. His attempt to be hood is very funny and stupid, but his songs are very nice. Surprisingly how can such a good singer like him be signed to a terrible music records

Drake in my opinion is just annoying he says he comes from the hood when actually he was just brought up in Canada he deserves to be in the top 10 he's just fake but tbf when he sings he doesn't sound to bad

Someone who's that ugly should hide from daylight.

Crap, another auto tune wanna be gangster

46 Kayne West

He's 26th and 35th? Wow, I guess he really is overrated!

Only 29th? He calls himself a genies for crying out loud! There are many things that makes this d-bag's ego to big. This world could do with less big heads.

He actually made the top 40 twice, also at 26.

He don't even write his own songs...

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47 Celine Dion Celine Dion

2 decades of singing but still-
She can't write a single song for any of her albums
She can't try to co-produce anything
Lipsynching everything since 1996
Please!... And I stated the FACTS.. Didn't make up any fake story...

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48 Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius is a singer known for his top 90 hit Sweatshirt, which amassed over a million YouTube dislikes in less than a year, and other singles ABC remix and musical .ly clips. Jacob Sarorius has a YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media .

It's not even funny how overrated Jacob Sartorious is. Check out how weak Jacob Sartorious's singing voice is on Bart Baker's parody of Sweatshirt! I'm dead serious. The music industry sees less than 0% talent in Jacob Sartorious. He seems like an argumentative ballerina. Jacob Sartorious: the cancer of music. - The Ultimate Daredevil, fully aware that Justin Bieber worked hard compared to Jacob Sartorious.

49 Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes Shawn Peter Raul Mendes is a Canadian singer-songwriter and model. He attracted a following in 2013, when he began posting song covers on the popular video sharing application Vine.

Overrated, his voice sounds like a 10 year old boy- his fangirls hype him up way too much. Overall he's not a really great artist.

50 Jared Leto Jared Leto

I'm not a fan of TStM, but his vocal range is outrageous, he is amazing just like his studio albums when he is live and he shows a lot of emotion in his voice. Don't see the point of why he's on here, as a front man he is incredible. - Plonderss

Why do people like him? He's an actor not a singer. Very overrated. - lukestheman4

51 Silento Silento
52 Meghan Trainor Meghan Trainor

Shes Repetitive As Heck And She's Overrated Because Everyone Keeps Singing Her Songs Like All About That Bass, No, Me Too, And Lips Are Movin

She's Overrated Because her fangirls keep singing her annoying songs! - VideoGamefan5

Her Songs are all terrible and overrated! - VideoGamefan5

Hopefully She gets to at least #36 On the list - VideoGamefan5

53 Elvis Elvis Elvis Presley was a American musician and actor. Known as "The King" He was mostly known for his number 1 singles including "Heartbreak Hotel" "Hound Dog" "Jailhouse Rock" "Love me Tender" Elvis debuted in the movie "Love me Tender" and focused less on his music and continued that way. more.

This is ridiculous. In what is Elvis overrated since we're talking about singing capacities here? Don't tell me that he couldn't sing. Even if you don't like him you can't ignore the fact that he was a very gifted and talented singer. Shouldn't be here if you want this list to be serious.

He's one of the best singers ever! Why is he on here? - Alpha101

How is he overrated? Being one of the most popular doesn't make you overrated. - JakePlaid

Such an awesome dude! His daughter got married to Michael Jackson. -HeArT G$1000

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54 The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones are an English rock band formed in London in 1962. The first settled line-up consisted of Brian Jones (guitar, harmonica), Ian Stewart (piano), Mick Jagger (lead vocals, harmonica), Keith Richards (guitar), Bill Wyman (bass) and Charlie Watts (drums). more.

Woah! I agree with many things on this list but The Rolling Stones? I see people like Nicki Minaj and Kayne West, then I scroll down to see The Rolling Stones. Not only are they the longest touring band ever, but they also make great music.

Whoever put the Stones on this list should be flogged to the tune of "When the Whip Comes Down"...

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55 Ellie Goulding Ellie Goulding Elena Jane "Ellie" Goulding is an British singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, born on December 30th, 1986 in Hereford, England . She is most well-known in the U .S. for her singles "Lights," "Love Me Like You Do," "Burn," and has been featured in other songs with Calvin Harris and others . more.

The people who would vote for Ellie would have only heard of her most famous songs. If you actually listen to songs like My Blood, Explosion, Ritual etc. you would see her amazing talent. She even sang opera in her introduction for her album Delirium. Watching live gigs and concerts displays her great live voice ability, something most live singers lack. She writes most of her songs and can play many instruments. Most definitely not overrated - rebeccaj

Ellie is only considered 'overrated' because of songs like Burn and Love Me Like You Do. But her songs like My Blood, Ritual, Lights, Explosions, I Know You Care... oh my God, these songs are so UNDErrated, just like she is.

She's ugly, and has a breathy voice.
No talent at all.
I'd call her a butterface, but that requires having a hot body, so...

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56 Demi Lovato Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato seems like a very nice person, and she has a compelling story of overcoming adversity.
However, she can not sing at all, and without Auto-Tune would not have a singing career of any kind.

I wanna punch people in the face. She doesn't use auto-tune... Have a better argument.

I think Demi lovato has a cute voice... Apart from the fact that it is FULLY auto tuned...


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57 Prince Prince Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 - April 21st, 2016) was an American musician, best known for being one of the most popular and influential artists from the 80s, with songs such as "Purple Rain", "Little Red Corvette", "1999", and "When Doves Cry" .

Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, a thousand times no. You can't rate this musical genius high enough.

Whoever put Prince on here is absolutely crazy. Pure genius.

Frankly, he was like a bizarre cross between Jimi Hendrix and Shirley Bassey. His song 'Purple Rain' was so corny, naff, and mellowdramatic, as was 'The most beautifull girl in the world' and a lot of his try-hard output. His music hasn't aged well apart from 'When Doves Cry' and '1999' (the song, not the title obviously). Totally overrated and certainly not a genius. I used to call him Peasant, not Prince. Should be far higher on the list for being overrated, in my opinion. Believed his own hype, and was mostly all show with little true talent to back any of it up.

58 Paris Hilton Paris Hilton Paris Whitney Hilton is an American businesswoman, socialite, television personality, model, actress, singer, DJ, and author.

remind me again... why is she a singer. - egillaxelsson

She is a singer!? How the hell did this ugly woman even become a model she is hideous!

Just an overrated person period. But this is not 2003 so who even put her on this list. Do people still care?

Why would you name somebody Paris?! -HeArT G$1000

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59 Susan Boyle Susan Boyle Susan Magdalane Boyle is a Scottish singer who came to international attention when she appeared as a contestant on the TV programme Britain's Got Talent on 11 April 2009, singing "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables.

Tiny range, fake vibrato, just a bad amateur through and through. Can barely make it through the 32 or so bars they allot her on daytime T.V. shows.

Yes! Listen to her live the amount of sharp and bum notes she hits is horrendous!

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60 Psy Psy Park Jae-sang, better known by his stage name Psy, stylized PSY, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer and rapper.

Just one hit (which was obviously a fluke) does not make him the best singer!

Idiot who thinks he's amazing after ONE HORRIBLE song.

Just because he's not famous in the U.S. or only had one hit it the US does not mean he was a fluke. The egocentric of you. However, being a fan of Kpop there are many songs and artists that I think are better.

He only become famous of his song gangnam style, until other song like gentlman was overrated

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