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India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.


Tell the Indians in the USA to resign, and see the fun. In a matter of 2 months, America will crash down because their industries all have Indian brains.

A country of hard working people and vedic knowledge. Sure it will become super power very soon.

India is still a growing country, but its growth is way faster than any other country, and at its speed it will reach and become a superpower by 2030. recent statics have shown that India has found enough plutonium for approximately 10,000 more nuclear ICBMs or any other type of nuclear weaponry. Indian soldiers also have the highest moral known in the world. This means that the are willing to give their lives for their country, this almost gives them extra strength and confidence and the ability to achieve anything, even at the cost of their life. And economically their economy and society will slowly get better, considering it has only been 60 years since India got their independence from Great Britain. So it is still a new country, but its growth is truly immense considering the fact of when the got their independence.

Of course India would be the next super power of this world...

India don't forget it's history. It is nurturing herself and respects others freedom. India have been researching in all sorts of military equips. Campaigns like Make In India will help India grow economically.

In history India, In Future India

India...will be...because of its wisdom...attitude...just needs a good leader...

Poverty and overpopulation are hurdles that can prevent India's emergence into a superpower. Also separatists and political rebels such as the communists could be a viable threat to the state if they go into war with Pakistan or China, especially since they can capitalize on the reality of poverty which leads many youth to join the ranks of the armed opposition groups.

India is a country where Impossible are not exits

As an Indian child, I take pledge that I will make my nation the most strongest, richest and beautiful. I had a dream that that India's technology is the best and it will be sooner! Jai Hind!

Surely India is the next super power

India is fastest growing economy in the world moreover it has the world's largest youngsters population which is a big boost for its economy as well as it has the 4th most powerful military force and worlds's 2nd largest standing army with 4700000 troops for service and it's going to become most populated country by 2024 by thrashing China

Colonizing and the act of usurping resources and wealth through deception as a means to be a super-power are now over. It only lasts this long until merit takes over. The ancient giant now raises her head, to take its original position to lead humanity not through deception but righteousness.

It's a peaceful nation that has developed it has had 68 years of freedom and has developed to have the 4th largest army a space program a large exporter/importer trade economy it is soon to be a super power even though it has had some skimmers and wars with its neighbor's it has won all wars with Pakistan and may be 50% of its wars with china

India deserve the top spot, but we should keep that in mind that our country is very populated and very polluted and full of poverty. But India has hardworking and smart people too. But to be honest, India will never become superpower until and unless we transform our education systems, create a corruption free political system, control the population and pollution and if we get successful than poverty will automatically get reduced. But I, think it will be happened just in our dreams. - Ronit5

I am sure India will be the next super power nation because research works going in India are much much better than America and other countries and today Indian economy is stronger and nothing effect on India by countries which are in economic crisis.

Whenever it comes to India, I eventually start thinking of its self capability of doing things on their own. Indians are smart, god bless them

Indian education and economy is growing at a heavy rate. After a few years, the world will surely come to know what 'Indian POWER' is!

India's Power lays in its population, it is going to have a young population than any country which is going to create a huge work force for the nation which is very necessary for the development of a nation, India is a unstoppable super power naturaly

I wish India will become superpower, but it is very hard as huge population is still living under poverty line. Minorities are not safe, there are different territorial disputes with neighboring counties, specially with china and Pakistan which could drag us into into well again. we have to Work together to solve these problems as all ways towards our success goes through these area. ties of Pakistan and China are getting stronger and stronger which have direct impact on our political and defense strategies. What we have did in Punjab in 1984 is black spot on our democracy, genocide of sikh community. We have to realize use of Power against own people is not in our favor. Solution of Kashmir should be according to Kashmir People we can not impose our rule on them. Voice of True Indian

The only country that can possibly enter the superpower club, currently populated by China, Russia and the US. Has the necessary economic potential, cultural presence, military and scientific prowess as demonstrated by its amazing space program. Needs better governance and a more mature & motivated diplomatic corps; needs to up its game in international trade and politics.

India is a big Elephant and a giant country with 1.25 bn people. Right now the fastest growing country of the world and at this pace will become the superpower within next decade or till 2030 for sure.

At the current juncture, it is the soft power and cross road for taking off. In coming year, world will see multifold growth in every facets of development parameters.

India has great potential to be a Superpower. Its fast growing economy, developments in the field of scientific and defense systems and its elite position in the world politics makes it a very strong contender. Though a developing country India has managed to be a powerful nation, plus its policy with foreign country makes a good impact on development and peace programs.

India has a big population. Though there is poverty and income disparity, India's growth remains unshaken. Also the recent Government is a stable one

India has a very young workforce compared to most other nations. thus cost are low and industries are bound to increase in India. Over time it is to become the most industrialised and thus most strongest nation on planet