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The people who voted for Call of Duty either have never played a realistic FPS ever, or they think that Call of Duty is as close to a real war as they can get.

While I have never owned, Arma myself, I have played it multiple times before, and it is much more realistic than Call of Duty or Battlefield. Battlefield does have bullet drop, big maps, and in hardcore mode, one shot to the vitals is a kill. But the Arma games have much more realism and tactics in them, which I find to be more fun than bouncing around a small map quickscoping, running up to someone while they shoot at you to knife them, and throwing grenades all the way across the map. The Arma games are definitely the most realistic, and as soon as I get a computer with a decent graphics card I will be buying them.

Why the hell is CoD4 at #1? It might be a small bit more realistic in story than the most recent games, but it is still incredibly unrealistic in every category. It doesn't deserve to be anywhere near this list.

If Arma games are not realistic than you can go home and play Call of Duty. Arma games have outstanding realism, with all the things such as bullet physics, realistic body shot physics (shot to the vitals means you're dead quickly) and all the vehicles make Arma series the top of all the shooters I ever had. Than there is an Arma 3 with outstanding realism and graphics that beat both Call of Duty Ghosts and BF4 by far.

Anyone who claims that a game made by EA, Ubisoft or InfinityWard/Treyarch/etc is more realistic than ArmA does not know the meaning of the word "realism".

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2 Insurgency

Insurgency is probably the most realistic multiplayer FPS money can buy. The mechanics are on point and the game itself runs like a dream. Also, there are plenty of servers that will match perfectly with your type of style. The community is always chill and you don't run into too many idiots that ruin the game experience for you. More often than not, they get booted from the match because you can call a vote. However, the learning curve for this game is pretty intense. I started playing consistently only 3 months ago, but I could tell a lot of these guys were vets. With that being said, don't give up on the game so quickly if you find it too difficult. You will die, a lot. You will rage quit, which is fair. But... Once you turn the corner and start memorizing the map layouts, getting control of the game mechanics and racking up kills, you'll be good to go.

I honestly don't know how half of these games got on here but the thing I will say is that this is pretty darn realistic and deserves second behind arma because this game capture the "check your corners" perfectly in multi-player, but arma captures the engaging from a distance rather than from 15 feet like cod4. Call of Duty in general doesn't deserve to be anywhere close to this list along with crysis, I mean really a Nano suit, really?! But arma and insurgency are deserving of these spots.

Weapon function, ergonomics, accessories (sights, suppressor, foregrip, etc), and sounds are pretty much spot on for the real thing. Only major shortcoming is external ballistics. ARMA tries to model bullet drop, but does it poorly, so Insurgency takes the lead in my humble opinion.

I never play ARMA, so I don't know much about it. For me Insurgency is the most realistic multiplayer FPS. The rage quit syndrome is really high in this game. Believe me, you won't survive and win easily in this game.

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3 Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

One shot kills are very common in this game.

How is this not in the top 10
Realistic health, no ammo counter, blind fire, and realisitic cover from all objects

By far this is the most realistic game I've ever played
All realistic in this game

Okay, when your in a tank, you r actually in the tank, that alone...

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4 Project Reality 2

As you close as you can get to military simulator, at least until squad is released

Many real. Much accuracy. Very wow.

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5 Counter-Strike: Source

CS should be second

This game, besides arma 2 should be higher. The game has a physics engine that allow the game to not only feel and look realistic, but act realistic. The accuracy of guns are comparable to the real world.

ummm why

6 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The Call of Duty series is great but it's not even close to being realistic.

Should be on the furthest from real list, who put this here?

You kids Don't know what You're ranking about. This game is NOT realistic!

Extremely realistic, I'm amazed by how close to reality this game is.

Multiplayer is exactly like a real war, it's almost scary.

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7 America's Army: Proving Grounds

The most Tactical and realistic game there, I played Battlefield 4 then this. If we compare graphics Battlefield 4 wins, if we compare which is more tactical and Realistic. of course Americas Army is more tactical and even realistic. We stay in covers if we get out 3-4 Shots are enough To get us to ground and we start bleeding. Peace. Check the game out.

Great game, very authentic, this game shows just how much teamwork can help immensely in completing the mission. For free.. This game should be near the top of this list!

For now, truly the most realistic.

More realistic than mw

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8 Arma 3

Has to be #1 none of these games beat the realism if you join a realism unit.

Other than the character animations, Arma 3 seems more realistic than all the games above it. - IAmNotARobot

Cod4 is higher than this. Do people not understand the term realistic shooter?

Why is this #8

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9 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Because you use cover, weapon selection is very important, and you can't survive 20 shots like COD

This game is essentially Call of Duty but you die from less bullets. The older Rainbow Six games I would vote for, like Raven Shield, but the Vegas series are capitalizing on the modern FPS' popularity.


10 America's Army 3

US Army recruiting kids by trying to make it seem like Call of Duty

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11 Battlefield 3

Battlefield is NOT a simulator people, get over yourself.

I think this game is #1 in realistically because it has advanced physics, you can fly and drive vehicles, and the movements are realistic ( I. E gun moves all around in recoil, not just up), you can see YOUR shadow as well as others, and you can see your feet, and FINALLY it doesn't take 9 shots from a pistol to kill a person.

The only one more realistic would be ArmA III. Otherwise, this wins. - okcnaline

Why counter strike is more realistic than boyfriend?

This game is the most real feeling fps I have ever played. People always say counter strike but this definitely takes the cake over CS

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12 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Honestly any Call of Duty is fake. In ghost recon it takes a 1 to 3 shots. I say that's pretty real compared to Call of Duty black ops 2 or any Call of Duty for that matter

Campaign sucks, and is not realistic at all. However, coop and multiplayer are very realistic, provided you turn off the drone.

Ghost recon is my most favorite shooter, but the very first one is more realistic

13 Crysis

Realistic if you're imagining future warfare I suppose and a good game. I think it's the PLAYERS that make a game realistic. If Call of Duty players just slowed down and played more tactically and actually TALKED to each other without some little kid telling you to shut up or calling people "campers" then Call of Duty could be a very realistic shooter. The Taliban don't pop up and shout "camper" at REAL soldiers HOLDING A GOOD POSITION. THAT is a realistic tactic, not running around like idiots.

For me Graphic means the amount of reality, Crysis and Crysis 2 are definitely the best 2 video games with the best Graphics so I vote for that game. - gilde24ever

This game got an award for best graphics and I don't care about realism but I need amazing graphics or I don't like it.
EX:Grand Theft Auto V

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14 BioShock

Uh, you've got to be joking. Really fun but how the hell you gonna say battling big daddy in an underwater fortress realistic

Owning almost everything with a wrench is very realistic!

More real than real life

Vote for the hell of it

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15 Operation Flashpoint

Cod4?! Are you insane? That is not realistic. This is. No regenarating health ever, more realistic guns and equipment. And who knows how real Red River will be when it's released.

Most realistic game I have ever played why you ask health regeneration is for Call of Duty players that do not know how to heal themselves and also does battlefield have multiple choice objectives is medal of honor open world buff said.

COD4? realistic? one shot one kill... this is realistic... not like in COD where you die only if nuke falls on you...

Dragon rising was another realistic game.

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16 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield

Realistic tactics and 1 or 2 bullets will kill your, your teammates or your enemies.
The only unrealistic thing would be the graphics which are dated but alright for 2005.
Also, why are CODs and Battlefields up at the top? WHAT?!?!?

17 Battlefield Bad Company 2

Please, the battlefield series is made around team work and realism. Call of duty has no bullet drop or realistic environments. This list is MOST REALISTIC. Not TOP TEN WORST or MOST SALES. It's not about sales, it's about a mature community and teamwork. Get it right next time.

Seriously Modern Warfare No. 1, you guys really need to rethink what makes a game realistic, it's not just having realistic environments and weapons, you have to be able to do realistic things as well. - LarvicarioZ

After I got fed up with how unrealistic the Call of Duty games are, I started playing this and was very satisfied with it. Not 100% realistic but a huge improvement in realism compared to Call of Duty!

Pretty realistic I love destructive environments way better graphics than Call of Duty and halo.

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18 Battlefield 4

Quite realistic but not as realistic as arma but more fun

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19 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl

Multiple weapons, different ammo for different weapons, somewhat realistic ballistics and recoil. Weapons can deteriorate and worse condition means Realistic inventory system that takes both weight and bulk into account and forces the player to make really tough priorities. Aggressive AI that is really trying to kill you - not just standing there waiting to get shot. Some elements of the game are highly unrealistic such as artifacts that are "magical" items from high radiation which gives you bonuses. Geger meters, wild mutant animals etc. makes every trip really exciting.
As the game progresses it becomes more unrealistic story-wise but it could also be seen as the protagonist going crazy from radiation and solitude.

Wonderful game all in all that didn´┐Ż't get the attention it deserved.

20 Escape from Tarkov

The game has realistic graphics, damage system, weapon customization, and more. This game is very promising and should be even better upon release

A fantastic survival FPS game, from gun jams to getting illnesses and needing food/water to survive. Its something that you must try!

The most realistic Shooter I have seen, to the level of the best like Project Reality (and its Spin-off, Squad).

Survival FPS MMO with realism over gameplay, if its not in reallife u can't do it (stuff atm in alpha is awesome and one of the best Sounddesigns of a game I've EVER saw to date)

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