Top 10 Best Racing Video Games of All Time

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1 Need for Speed Most Wanted

YES! Best game ever! I still don't understand why people like the Burnout series. It seems like it is way below Need for Speed both gameplay-wise and graphically. And another note for the iPod or iPhone. How is Asphalt 7 ranked higher on the charts than Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012? Asphalt 7 is just a cheap ripoff of Need for Speed, but no one sees my point. SPREAD THE WORD! Gameloft is the worst racing game producer ever!

This must be at least no. 3 because I don't know about the other games. But this game is awesome and you cannot get bored of this game... Simply this game is the ultimate racing game ever made

2 Burnout 3: Takedown

This was the amazing PS2/Xbox title. Takedowns! Nitrous! Had a lot and was fun especially as a kid which I was when it released. I wish I had my PS2 to play this. Should be a lot higher, not bloody 35.

This is the best in my opinion. The best racing game along with most wanted

3 Forza Horizon 3

Why 29? it has to be the best racing game out here

Best racing game out there by far.

4 Burnout Paradise

For people saying burnout paradise is way below than nfs most wanted, its graphics sure are better but burnout paradise has better narration, better crash animations, more freedom, you can literally feel the tires burning out!

That driving in paradise burning out the tires...
Its amazing man graphics, controls, gameplay everything
Is exceptionally designed and you love to play

Open world fun, crashing and not like any realistic driving but that's what other racing games are missing!

5 Mario Kart Wii

Mario kart is more creative, and just all out more fun. Should be at the top, people now just want better graphics and stuff like that, but Mario kart just overcomes the need for stuff like that. The gameplay, tracks, items, characters... Just so much better.

When I was little this what the greatest game of all time for me and even today I make memories with this good of a racing game. Even though this game has its ups and downs its one of my favorite games out of Nintendo.

Why did you make all the Mario Kart games separate when you could just put the entire series on the same spot.

6 Gran Turismo 4

How the hell is Need For Speed the best racing game and how is Burnout Paradise above Burnout 3? Gran Turismo is so much fun and they put so much detail into the game to make it good.

Gran Turismo is a pretty good game to play. It has a lot of cars to drive that's why I love all the Gran Turismo games. I guessed the same thing with all other racing games.

My favourite game of all time, the best Gran Turismo game in my opinion. Well OVER 500 cars with tons of tracks, along with simcade physics, amazing / stylish graphics and an AWESOME OST

7 Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

I'd say this is better than GT4 except in graphics. Didn't corrupt my PS2 in every year or so of progress.

This should have been above gt4.

8 Forza Motorsport 4

Forza 4 does not have brand new cars, but it was the little things that made it great like, bumpers falling off, cars you will never see in any other racing, Great lobby music. you may not get your 1080p 60fps but you have a game that is pretty and aged very well with out a doubt best racing game I've played (Including Forza 6 and others) Maybe even best racing game ever!

The Forza series as a whole is amazing, but Forza 4 was something else. It had great graphics for its time and I wished more Forza games tried to replicate this one, and it's just fun to play, and did not have terrible issues like Forza 7.

9 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Really, really, good. All of the 48 courses are fun and creative, with good music, a fun, frantic nature, lots of items, and great mechanics. It looks as good as Forza in its own way, and racing is always fun. Time trials, where you're alone trying to break your record, is fun, 1v1 your friend is fun, you, 11 AI and items enabled is fun, and battle mode is fun! It all works out!

10 Mario Kart 8

Extremely fun best Nintendo game in history (except from the deluxe version)

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11 Mario Kart: Double Dash

Don't be crazy. This game sucks! It has the worst Rainbow Road ever & Peach & Daisy are awful in this game!

I love this game, but all of the Mario kart games are great as well!

12 Daytona USA

This is the game that changed racing games, and 3D graphics. Back in 1993, this was years ahead of its time. An all-time classic that will never die.

13 Driver: San Francisco
14 Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Insane action, awesome graphics, loads of high-powered cars, dozens of races and chases, enormous and beautiful open world. What more could you want?

The free play rocks!
Me and my friend sometimes having crashing competitions!

A classic for me, back in the day.

15 Forza Horizon 2

Sadly I made the mistake of buying the 360 version in 2014, that was before I got my Xbox One, this is the worst forza game I've ever played. My 5th worst game. I wish I got the Xbox One version. But oh well, I guess I'll have to sell that game if I want to play the Xbox one edition.

Best racing game I have ever played. There are hundreds of cars to race with, and the graphics are some of the best I have ever seen (after The Crew.) The map is huge and takes place in actual places in the world. And there is nothing to ruin the fun for you while playing it. Rating=10/10

16 Need for Speed: Carbon

Extremely underrated this one is. And it's pure street racing. In most wanted, you get stuck with the cops, it takes a hell lot of time to beat even one rival, let alone 15. Carbon is simple. Race, use your crew help, win. Cops are a bonus.

Racing down that huge mountain is fantastic. The drifting is the best, except for undergroud 2. These are still the two best drifter games.

17 F-Zero GX

Oh my gosh, this game is amazing, offers a good challenge, is insane when it comes to speed, has tons of unlockable content and a customizing function. What more could you want?

This game easily my favorite it's so challenging yet fair and is stupidly fast that and the graphics are amazing.

Such an awesome racing game. Very very fun and very VERY hard as well.

18 Forza Motorsport 6

I have played almost every racing game out there and many of the new ones did not deliver. Forza 5 was a huge disapointment but this game is my top 3 racing games ever and its slowly becoming my all time favorite. Musy have!

I love this game! It is addicting, challenging, and fun. One of the few games that does not make me angry. I just like how I surpass the others. I need to play more racing games.

It's a very nice fun game to play for the Xbox One. I just love a collection of cars to look at and also driving them.

19 Burnout Revenge

First game I ever played and the yardstick by which I judge all other racers. Sure the car variety may be crap and the ability to crash into the back of cars and not slow down but speed up is unrealistic, but you know what...its fun. Isn't that the reason why we humans play games?

20 Street Rod
21 Forza Horizon

I have really great memories playing this with and without my friends. Doing the road trips, playing infected, painting cars, doing rally races, collecting cars and just simply racing my mates. You simply can't ask for more. I think this is arguably the most complete game on the list. Barely any glitches, great graphics and awesome gameplay, seriously, how is this not number 1.

Forza horizon is an amazing game. It's not as realistic as other games like gran turismo, but you have an open world to drive in, a very wide selection of cars and customization parts, and online play is fairly decent and without a whole lot of glitches

22 Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

This game is terrible it's a Burnout game if you people like it then its your loss really... It has no storyline for crying out loud

Best drifting and coolest cars I wish it had customization.

I don't believe this, this game has best feel.

23 Road Rash

No motor bike racing game even comes close to this original master piece of a game

24 Crash Team Racing

Should be a bit higher because it was considered to be one of the greatest kart racing games at the time. Critics even said this game was better than Mario Kart

I loved Crash Team Racing. Plays like Mario Kart except a little better. Graphics are some of the best on the PS1, and the track designs are awesome.

Beat racing game I've ever played in my entire life, no joke. I love this one so much.

25 Gran Turismo 5

GT5 is more towards professional racing. It doesn't allow all the cool drifts and boosts. However the graphics are really good in this game and a wide variety of cars are provided.

So fun to play. Having the freedom to buy whatever car you wanted to compete is all different kinds of races. Taking on a Lambo in my sup-upped lancer was one of my favorite races

Great graphics love the gameplay.. And the online option is great... I think all in all playstion is the best console to have!

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