The Delta Force


I believe it's kind of hard to determine what special forces unit is "better" as they all tend to have their own specialties and therefore are better or worse depending on the situation. However, given Delta's secrecy, 100% accuracy marksman training, and incredibly high risk training methods (for example: using live ammunition in hostage simulations, while their comrades play the roles of the hostages). ALSO seeing how Delta recruits from other special forces groups, and many others have "open try outs" I'd say that Delta Force is at least the most "bad ass"

People say that SEAL training is harder than delta training, but the fact of the matter is that no one knows anything about Delta Force training unless 1. they're a Delta or 2. They're government officials with high level clearance. What little leaks through their media shield shows that anyone messing with these soldiers WILL die.

Delta is top of the top. They were formed after the SAS and then were trained to one up them. Even seal team 6 try to join and most don't make it. You also have to be highly intelligent to where you can speak multiple languages much like the SAS. And most importantly they are the best at keeping their mouths shut. That's one thing every special forces unit in the world are supposed to do. Sadly they don't. Especially navy seals.

Small, selective, relatively independent individually with a distinctive command structure. High natural aptitude and intelligence required for decision making on the spot. Backed by the most advanced military technology and military intelligence on the planet. Not a standard "special" military force, as some of these others are, but even more specialized and secretive.

Delta Force should be top 3 minimum. The objective of Delta was to invite the very best soldiers in the very best branches of the US military. Essentially, the best of the best were invited to try out. IF, even then, they were good enough, then they made it. The brainchild of a gentleman who had been on attachment with the British SAS, the best SF in the world for the last 75 years, it modelled itself on them but with an essentially unlimited budget. So the best of the best of the best, in a Force modelled on the best with the best budget.

Delta force technically doesn't exist, which goes to show how secretive and prestigious they are. Options expressed here are definitely based on Hollywood and media. Britain has been showboating their precious little SAS ever since they started the thing as well as Obama with the SEALs. Delta force operators are by far the most well trained and most deadly force of them all.

Taking into account that Delta Force recruits from all other branches of the military, including Seal Team 6 (not just Seal), that joining their selection process is by invitation only and that is one of the most secretive groups in the military... They probably deserve to be a bit higher in this ranking.

Think about it they select their men by invite only from other US special operations units in including seal team six. And have you ever heard of a successful mission? No. Because all you hear of are the extremly few and far between failures. If I knew about all the successes and so did every one Delta Force would be at the top. SAS a close second though.

People seem to think Delta is not the most elite special force unit in the world. Mostly because we know so little about them, but in my opinion that makes them even more elite. They are the most highly trained and and dangerous men in the world. They are the absolute number one.

Everyone within US Special Operations knows Delta is the top. The fact that Green Berets is ranked higher is absurd seeing as how Green Berets want to move into Delta...

The Delta Force is the best special operations group in the world. They are better than the seals in every way (except amphibious operations). They follow a philosophy that gets the right people, not just the the best. You can be the best at what you do and still not get into the unit. Delta has more brains and brawn than everyone else and can do the largest variety of operations with maximum efficiency. They invent their own equipment if they need to. That's the nvg's with the four tubes were invented.There is so much more that they can do better than everyone else.

My neighbor was in Delta Force, and although he never told me, I just knew. These guys disappear for weeks or months, just to come back like nothing happened. He was extremely perceptive and a lot of times knew something about me that I didn't know, just by using his senses.

Delta Force is the most elite military force. All these other groups are known and you can find members easily. Finding a Delta Force operator is difficult. They are super secretive.

If people knew more about Delta, they definitely choose them. They're so elite you can't enlist yourself -- they decide if you can try out for the unit

Best of the best. Went to a Special forces compound and saw them in civilian clothes. Hard to know who is who. Very secretive and highly trained. They are the best hands down. They work in espionage too like cia operatives.

They are the elite doing the world's dirty work and no one will ever know why or how, because they are too classified and top secret.

Delta Force I would have to say is number 2 these guys technically don't exist and they are the people you would never know if these guys were standing right next to you or not

Navy seals aren't the best even if Hollywood says they are Delta force has much more vigorous training and is harder to get into with marines, rangers, and Navy seals looking to join their ranks

Deltas are the American version of the SAS and they are among the best soldiers on the planet, but unlike the SEALS they are actually quiet professionals

These guys are selected from the special forces themselves. Elites within the elite.

The elite of the elite with the least publicity. And that's the way they want to keep it.

Very secret, very versatile and very lethal! Very few in their own country know much about them, or the real name of this unit.

Only the best in america are selected to fight in Delta force. Think the sas and seals are secretive? Find a picture or name of a confirmed delta force member. Go on, ill wait. They draw their members from DEVGRU, the team that took out Bin Laden, as well as Green berets,Rangers and Night stalkers. Their training, not including their previous spec ops training, is some of, if not THE best in the world

They are the only special Force where you only join if you where at a special Force before and you can't join by yourself

These guys just might be THE BEST OF THE BEST. Being that they draw THE BEST from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and The Corps. I don't think POTUS has a problem calling these guys either--RAINBOW 6 or DELTA...pick your poison, the results will be the same. The bad guys won't be happy.