Top 10 Most Well Trained Special Forces On Earth

The world's heros who are ready to do the hardest missions.

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21 Australian SAS

Regimented and trained originally on the British model and too the casual observer is just a smaller version
In actual fact is not much smaller in actual personnel and takes up a considerable slice of the Australian military budget
H become much more entwined with US special forces command since the Vietnam War as the US has a lot more shared interests in operational theater with Australia than Britian ever will
With three regiments scattered in different parts of this vast continent, a well funded war chest and access too the latest US weapons platforms its not a force too be taken lightly
An exchange tour as guests of their antipododial offshoot is a must do for any Brit SAS member who has been "in" for a few year what with three regiments scattered in different parts of this most diverse continent that encompasses all climatic and geographical conditions, a huge war chest, some of the most experienced and continually active personnel in the world and ...more

Aus SAS operations from Vietnam to Afghanistan speak for themselves. This force is highly regarded by British and US special forces commanders and regularly trains side by side. The Aus SAS selection is considered by many to be the toughest on the planet as it is basically the same as the British selection but in more rugged, hostile and very hot conditions. In the absence of a Marine Corps, the Aus SAS also train like the British SBS or US navy Seals. It staggers belief that they are not listed here in the top 3 to 5, as they have been by Military experts in other more investigated or official almanacs. Perhaps because most of the opinions come from countries with much larger populations and patriotic bias.

These guys have the best reputation in the global scene, first they save a group of navy seals in Afghanistan, second in the same operation they infiltrate an area that British SAS, Delta Force, SEALs and any other unit couldn't get any where near, and finally during the Vietnam war they were called the phantoms of the jungle because they were so deadly

#1 for long range recon and asset strikes

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22 Austrian Jagdkommando

First of all they are the best and most effective Special Force in mountainious regions, and that's a fact! As a former German soldier I have worked with them on some missions, and they are far to underestimated. For example in Afghanistan, they worked together with the French Foreign Legion, the German KSK and Green Berrets if I am not mistaken. Normaly the Foreign Legion is responsible for scouting, but they couldn't do it so the Jagdkommando jumped in instead. The retrieved some very important informations, while never being spotted, even the Foreign Legion was really impressed.

So they should be at least under the top 15.

Numquam Retro - Never Back

23 Israeli Sayeret Matkal

I am in the Israeli army and I have tried out for both Sayeret Matkal and Shayetet 13, from what I have done in their training and what I know about the units, I would say Sayeret Matkal is better trained than Shayetet 13, and are extremely secretive with their identities, they train side-by-side with the British SAS, and are known to complete missions of extreme danger, and complexity. They are by far one of the best units this world has to offer, anyone terrorist having Sayeret Matkal looking for them, has an almost inevitable death. Israeli's train years for the chance to just get the tryout for this elite special force. I am currently in the Sayeret Egoz unit of the Golani brigade in the IDF, I dropped to that special force, after completing, but not making the cut of the Sayaret Matkal brigade.

I totally agree as an Indian I feel the Israeli spec ops unit should have been there in the list. Traditionally Israel is a commando nation and their doctrine is accepted by both seals and our spec ops units. They live in an environment where they get to hone their skills on battle. Without an iota of doubt both Sayeret Matkal and SHAYETET 13 are amongst the most elite units. The naval commandos are dominated by SBS, SHAYETET 13, SEALS and Marcos. Rest all units have derived their curriculum from these units. Sayeret Matkal needs no comparison Mossad selects these operatives period

This list is simply not accurate since Sayeret Matkal is missing from the top 10 list

Hart of this regiment hon jonathan nethaniho world most sucsess rescue mission operation thunder ball..entabe uganda this has world best experience about rescue and antiterrrarist mission - MadhawaW

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24 Pakistani Special Service Group Navy

They are one of the best special naval forces in the world much much then crap MARCOS

One of the best force in the world for been very brave

If you want to know the meaning of BRAVERY and Courage, meet Pak SSGs. One of the elite and best of the bests warriors in the whole world. ASk THEIR ENEMIES WHO THEY ARE?

No body can beet to SSG Pakistan zindabad

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25 German KSK

Our KSK is one of the most elite special forces in my opinion, they might have not the experience like the Navy SEALS or the SAS for example, but they are silent and tactical professionals, who get their jobs done

The operators of our KSK are pure professionals and they are on they're way to be the most elite special forces in the world

They on the way getting the best

Way underrated

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26 Ghatak Force

It is the special force basically have its roots of origin from Indian air force. Special trained for airborne operations.

The best in the world.

It's a special Indian force

It's garud commando force.! N it deserves a high rank off u know there is only one cammando in every station. They pass one of the most toughest training...n are the best.

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27 French GIGN

The GIGN is very successful and has freed over 600 hostages around the world since they were formed. They should actually be in the top 7 at least.

Very tactically sound. Have high success rate. Should be higher.

Gign have had more than 300 missions and have only shot a gun on 70 of those occasions, I mean how elite is that?

It is the most awesome group ever

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I like that team. They are the real heroes in the world

Greatest military force in world

They are the best

It's not SWAT it is SWADS,it is the special force of Bangladesh

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29 Russian Alpha Group

This Group Is The Step Up Of Spetsnaz

It is more traind than any other special force.

It is a part of Spetsnaz, Vymbel "Group B" is also good

I have no idea how alpha group, the group that is an elite part of the already elite spetsnaz, is so far under the spetsnaz. the french gign also deserve a better rank as well

30 Pakistan Marines

The bravest fighters in the world recognised during 2nd world war by the British Army. Now with more advanced weaponry, they are to be reckoned. A big Army of India in number and weaponry are afraid of it

They are similar to the united states marine corps and royal marines and are very elite - phone

They are similar to the United States marine corps

They are amazing - pen

No they are no way near as good as Royal Marines! Royal Marines can challenge navy seals EASY and even knock kn the door or DELTA! Lol this guy is a nut

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31 160th Special Aviation Regiment (Air Force Night Stalkers)

It's Special Operations Air Regiment (SOAR)... The pilots are actually drawn from all four services, but transition to the army upon approval by their parent service. These guys are truly bad ass and are the only air unit I've ever heard of who plan missions where they anticipate multiple shoot downs. Once met one guy who got shot down in a little bird, hopped on the skid of his buddy's to hitch a ride back and get in another and got back in the fight.

1. It's the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.
2. It's and Army unit made up of pilots drawn from all services (who transition to the army to join)
3. They plan and execute mission where they expect multiple shoot downs.
4. I once met one who got shot down, hopped a ride on a skid back to the FOB, and the. Got another little bird and got back in the fight... Which is completely insane, and definitely wouldn't be allowed in the normal aviation world.

When the need a lift to hottest most Hostile infested parts of the world and gotta get there safely they call the night stalkers. Who flew the SEALs to the Osamas compound and actually participated in the raid? Oh ya the called the night stalkers.

Lol, you should meet the filipino pilots

32 Philippine Scout Rangers

I don't know why the Scout Rangers isn't in the top 10

They are the worlds finest jungle experts that can track enemies even in the worlds deepest jungles

You'll never know who are they, as they are play beyond. Top Secret Missions in Jungle Warfare and intel..

One if not the best jungle warfare special forces in the world, special forces from other countries train with these guys when it comes to jungle warfare.

Toughtest and fastest

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33 Portuguese Commandos

Sad and though past in Angola. They were very effective in a cruel war.

Strong and well trained. A small but capable force.

Greatest of all. Have done some exercices with the american navy seals and the americans broke down. Great spirit, brave hearts!

the best

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34 Nazi Waffen SS

Elite forces, driven with good technological advancements and reinforced with a will to fight and die for their country and cause, brews a deadly cocktail of a force. While not suicidal like the Japanese, they were most effective for trapping and eradicating an area within hours to minutes of receiving calls and orders.

The Waffen SS were the elite of the elite in Hitler's third reich.

Voting for them wont turn you to a nazi, they were Trained well and went through horrible orders

Not a nazi, just agree with the fact that they were an elite unit

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35 Task Force

I like their physical training

Considered to be very effective part of task force K-Bar operating in Afghanistan. Deemed a valuable resource by USSOCOM commanders.

Which task force, Canadian JTF2, Sweden sog or oyher

36 Portuguese Rangers
37 Portuguese Marines

One of the best special forces in the world, with a very hard physical and mental training. They had in the war in Africa and participated in various missions in countries that are in conflict.

Best of the best - lletra

38 French Army Special Forces Brigade
39 Joint Task Force-2 (JTF2)

These guys train with the best around the world, Seals, Israeli commandos and more. My father was career military, he said there was only four infantry units he would never want to face: SAS, Gurkha, Israeli commandos, and JTF2. I'm not saying that the seals and delta force are not good, they are, but they are trained by the Israeli and SAS. JTF2 works with all of these groups and Are comparable to the SAS in my opinion.

Understandably not placing as little is known about them, there are no reports of failed combat missions, only one reported death in a combat zone (which although not all details have been released, seems to not have been in any way related to the combat zone). Of course these statements are not necessarily the truth, that leads to perhaps the most terrifying detail of this unit, they are perhaps one of the most secretive organizations in the world (that we know of), and certainly the most secretive in Canada. Judging by statements from members of militarist across the planet that have trained or fought with them, they are a force to be reckoned with. Unlike many forces used domestically or in close-by countries frequently for CT or rescue missions, due to Canada's rarity of events requiring such an elite force, and due to Canada not being a part of the EU, and our only land-neighbor having more than enough organizations to deal with its own situations, JTF2 seems to almost ...more

If they weren't the beat...the US would not have chosen them to carry out sensitive crucial operations over their own SEALs and operation Anaconda where Canadians made a hole for advancing US ground forces in Afghanistan...There is no argument that they are top 5 in the world, period...simply do your homework..they're the only foreign unit on the US Tier 1 Spec Ops...


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40 Irish Army Ranger Wing

One of their most successful missions during this deployment was the rescue of a group of civilians captured by gunmen from renegade Liberian forces. Acting on intelligence, twenty heavily armed Rangers were dropped by helicopter at the town of Gbapa. To avoid casualties among the hostages, the Rangers implemented a policy of non-lethal intervention and, after surrounding a 40-foot container holding the 35 hostages, rescued them and captured the rebel commander. The incident, which resulted in no Irish casualties, boosted the reputation of the Irish defense Forces.

Don't know much about them but in 2003 they got 3rd place out of 22 other countries special forces in some competition thing

Currently deployed in Somalia, Syria, Lebanon, the Balkans, and training spec. forces in Africa, these guys are beasts. Trained to kill with their bear hands, and armed to the teeth, there is only about 200 of them. They don't train "with" US Army Rangers, Delta force and the SAS, they train them!

The best!

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