Top 10 Most Well Trained Special Forces On Earth

The world's heros who are ready to do the hardest missions.

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61 Australian Commando Regiment

Their operations are so secret that the government sometimes doesn't know what they are up to.

This unit should be number one as they do everything the other units do and more.

I'm 20 and I have passed the commandos training and getting deployed soon honestly best job in the world

2nd comando regiment are the best in the world and I hope to be a sniper for them 1 day

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62 Hellenic Marine Corps

By far the best

Underwater Destruction Unit (MYK) is the best military unit of special forces and it is not on this list.

The best honorable soldjers


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63 Lebanese Armed Forces

They have the biggest hearts, really strong determination and courage. They may not have the best equipment but they have been in really hard situations against many terrorist groups and they succeeded.

Lebanese airborne regiment is the first special forces in the world to truely defeat isis in the battle of arsal, we lost 19 good men but mostly were normal infantry from the 8th brigade ( RIP ) but we took out 1400+ isis terrorists in 5 days those numbers alone should tell you a thing or two, the are an exact copy of the American 5th special forces group and train with them on a regular basis

Lebanese Commandos should be higher in this list.

I am lebanese and it is true... it should have gone better but because of politics things have been sometimes catastrophic

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MARSOF are like the dutch Navy SEALs. For such a small country a good special force.

Seals are nothing... Marsof is the better!

1 of the best marine!

MARSOF, MARitiem Special Operation Force.
Modern Spartans, the most skilled fighters from the korps mariniers (special force from the netherlands)

B.B.E (Bijzondere Bijstands Eenheid - Special Fight Force) now known as UIM ( Unit Interventie Mariniers - Unit Intervention Marines)
These guys are the best of the best in dealing with terrorist/enemy's in CCQ. They are recruited from MARSOF.

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65 Spanish Grupo Especial de Operaciones

One of the top 4th elite assault forces in the world

They are considered the best along Navy SEALS and SAS. So they should be in the top three. Extremely well trained and notch special forces.

This list is wrong. They are the best only behind the SAS and Navy SEAL. Get your facts checked.

Ole hay esos mozos

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66 Kopassus Indonesian Special Force

88% Special Forces in Africa Countries trained by Kopassus Trainer

Individually much better than other forces, leave all the technologies, they will beat them all..

Hand to hand combat, who's dare?

It's too strong that makes you so terrified to vote this special force, no joke.

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67 USGN Tunisia

The special unit of the National Guard (USGN) is the elite unit of the Tunisian National Guard specializing in paramilitary operations, especially against terrorism. Its role is the intervention and action in various armed hostage situations and on different platforms (ships, aircraft, urban areas, etc..).

The best team ever

Actual results in protecting us the citizen of Tunisia Against well armed, well funded terrorists.
They have proven in action and in blood that they are both very well trained and willing to die for the country and the people. They don't play!

Very well trained but not enough members

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68 Bangladesh Navy Seal SWADS

We can fight in any given situation better then other the UN Mission proves it in case of special forces we can only say that we are deployed through out the world beside of the Us Seal trained in toughest way BY the Turks US and Brits may be we are not now but we will be the number 1 Day

We can fight in any given situation better then other the UN Mission proves it in case of special forces we can only say that we r deployed through out the world beside of the Us Seal trained in toughest way BY the Turks US n Brits may be we r not now but we will be the number 1 Day

Just proud of them and waiting to see that they will reach the top position of the special forces in the world. And whole world will praise them.

We are new tycoon of Asia

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69 Egyptian Sa'ka Forces

Al-Sa'ka forces undergo the hardest training and the most rigorous in the Egyptian Army as Al-Sa'ka must be trained to deal with the most difficult situations and the hardest missions under any circumstance. The officers are picked by the Trainers and checked before the Training plan. Al-Sa'ka Training plan consists of 4 parts and lasts for 34 weeks.

The Hell Week Edit
The "hell week" is the hardest and most dangerous week in Al-Sa'ka training program. Not a lot of information is available on the hell week but it is known for being the most brutal training sequence that Sa'ka trainees have to go through. Trainees have to stay awake 4-7 days in a row. This week is known to be the phase at which a great deal of Sa'ka trainees get expelled from the force for inadequate endurance or fitness.

They also train how to benefit from and survive the environment as they learn to kill snakes, lizards and scorpions and to eat them alive.

They are the most underrated lethal stealth weapon. Warrior Ghosts.

Best special forces in the middle East and aftics

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70 Nohed Iran Special Force

Completely Underrated. They Must be in The Top 10.

As only 2 units of Noheds, Stopped More Than 10 units of Iraq's Special Forces in Iran-Iraq war.

They Endure Very Hard Trainings And Are Ready To Give Their Lives For Their Country Without Hesitation.

Nohed is on of the good group in the word nohed must be 15

They most be in 5 top of world


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71 Gurkhas

I've heard they are even more elite than the SAS

Hitler says that,"If I had gurkhas in my side then I would conquer the whole world"...

No matter whatsoever happens they move ahead to chop enemy.

Motto of Gurkha soldiers : "It is better to die than to bea coward"

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72 United States Marine Corps. ANGLICO

They are the most highly trained force in the world. They have a longer boot camp then any of the other 3 branches in the United States military. They are groomed in many different kinds of Martal-Arts. I would put a United States Marine Sargent against a navy seal any day of the week. They were the first to respond to the call in the pacific after Pearl Harbor. Marines are who you send in when the army just won't cut it. Born in 1775 they are the smallest but the most well trained warriors on the earth.

Better than many of the ones that are rated above them

Way better than any of the ones listed before them. Top 5 at the very least.

They are trained to work with any special op group. Some of the training they go through, Ranget,SEAR, and more. They are the elite Force Multiplier unit in the world. Should be rates in the top 5.

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73 Unit 999 (Egypt)

The Unit 999, also known as Task Force 999, is an Egyptian military special operations and reconnaissance unit. It's considered the best and the most dangerous special forces in the Egyptian thunderbolt because they are put under very hard training including surviving in the harsh environment like the desert also using natural creatures in surrounding environment as a source of food like they train to eat many creatures including eating snakes alive! Making them the most well-trained special forces in Africa and the Middle East. It is nearly like the Unit 777 which is capable of counter-terrorism while the Unit 999 is specialized in operations outside the country's borders. Most of the Unit 999 operations are under the cover of secret, but in early 2015 when ISIS slaughtered 21 Egyptian men in Libya.. Egypt replied with striking ISIS Bases in Libya after hours of the accident by co-operation with the Libyan government and in the 2nd day the Egyptian army sent helicopters carrying ...more

They really good trained

How come they are put in the 93 they should be put 7 at least

They should be in top 10

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74 Komando Pasukan Khusus (Indonesian Special Force)

One of the special force from Indonesian Army

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75 Guatemalan Kaibiles

One of the toughest and ruthless in central America

One of the most Ruthless "War Machines" as they are known, special forces in the world, highly trained and ready to fight with anything and accomplish their operation. Has trained various countries, where many have failed their courses in their first week! #1 most underrated special force in the world.

Best in central America, ruthless machines

No BS! Real training

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76 Canadian Joint Task Force2

They are know as one of the most well hidden but over shadowed by sas and navy seals

77 Grupo Aeromóvil de Fuerzas Especiales

The Mexican special forces the best of the best in Mexico just to get a chance to join the grope you have go trogh a lot

Best in world much better then pieces in junk on top

Even beter fuerzas especiales de alto mando

78 Serbian 63rd Parachute Battalion

A part of the Special brigade. Very well equipped and trained soldiers.

Not even Nato 1999 wanted to meet them

You don't want to mess with them...

79 Destacamento Acçoes Especiais (DAE) (Portuguese Marines)

Seriously, this guys are trained to be the BEST OF ALL TIMES IN EVERYTHING and they do WHATEVER IS NEEDED to complete their missions. I am a marine and I know what I'm talking about!

One of the best and one of the most unknown special forces of the world

One of the best special forces in the world, at the level of Devgru and Sbs

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80 Algerian Special Intervention Group

They demonstrated how fast and swift to handle delicate situation: over 700 hostage in wide area 2 sites. They planned, executed the plan, free more than 600 and saved the area from exploration that might spread to over many miles. The fine plan and firepower was impressive.

Those guys are scary. Their job is not to free hostages.. Its to kill terrorists. So like spesnaz, they will kill terrorists and leave hostages dead behind.

They saved over 600 hostages, save a catastrophic explosion that could have been spread over miles, planned and executed and completed the mission in less than 48 hours before the 38 terrorists settled. Vet and expert from around the world saluted those who were behind the job. Despite secrecy SIG demonstrated in 2/2013 what they can do.

You don't know nothing about those guys, They fearless.

Bee in chaa alah
The beste in the huniver for all the time befor now in the futur in chaa a lah

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