Top 10 Most Well Trained Special Forces On Earth

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121 Maoist Guerrillas

They are good in terrain warfare.

122 Indian Central Industrial Security Force
123 Pasukan Hamuk Hantarukung
124 Serbian 72nd Reconnaissance-Commando Battalion

Part of the Special brigade. Incredibly well trained and equipped soldiers.

125 Polish JW Formoza

They should be at least at top 15.

126 British Government Issue Joint Task Force V 1 Comment
127 Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service

One of the most active and successful intelligence agency in the world

The only African country who kicked out Italy, England and Egypt.

Currently the only brave soldiers who defeated Al Shabab and The only African country contribute many soldiers to UN and AU.

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128 Royal Brunei Police Force Special Operations Section

It is said they can shoot 50ยข coin from far away using handgun.

129 Mongolian Special Forces
130 Kenyan Recce Squad

They are the best shooters have ever seen. they train with the SAS and the Israel Shayets. They have carried out very many counter terrorism missions with the country. they are also trained in espionage and hostage rescue as well as direct combat. they are probably the best counter terrorist unit in Africa.

They are minute tight

The counter terrorism squad the,high evacuation tactics,best marks men,best sporting training,the capture of kismayu,the 18 members who ended the garrisa univercity maddness by the al shabab terrorist,the boni forest ambush proves it all,many forces were unable in Somalia and kismayu in specific they led the way and cleared for amisom to settle I deserves much higher ranking.

131 Swaziland King's Forces V 1 Comment
132 CIA Special Operations Group (SOG)
133 Serbian SAU

The Serbian Special Anti-Terrorist Unit is a group of very well trained soldiers with modern equipment.

134 Serbian Special Brigade
135 Jordanian SOCOM

The special command are the Arabian secret weapon, only used in high critical situations

Chosen from the best and well trained well equipped and ready to die for the safety of Jordan

In real life situations, they have proven to be much better than many if the above units!


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136 Al-Qaeda

US commando elite branch-this unit will be deployed when the country has out of oil. The objective of this unit is to crate chaos which sparked useless "war against terror' campaign so that they can steal another country's oil. Former leader, Osama Laden, US citizen (some say former CIA agent), initially was assigned to provoke Afghanistan people to rebel against soviet union. US funded and supplied weapon and money to this unit.
It is believed that some personnel of this unit has penetrate into US media especially in FOX news.

The biggest threat on this planet

Brain washed idiots... beware they will die when all odds are against them.

well said!


The United States Marine Corp has the toughest basic training in the world can you imagine how intense their special forces training is? By far the best of the best

United States Marine Corps MARSOC! The elite of the elite!

The most elite fighting force in the world

They train with navy seals so they can also be one of the best. Since The Navy And Marines have close ties.

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138 Indian Parachute Regiment

Para Commandos are a special forces unit of the Indian Army mandated with special operating missions such as Direct action, Hostage rescue, Counter-terrorist, Unconventional warfare, Special reconnaissance, Foreign Internal Defense, Personnel recovery, Asymmetric warfare, Counterproliferation are its primary tasks during hostility. Formed in 1966, the Para Commandos are the largest and most important part of the Special Forces of India. They are a part of the highly-trained Parachute Regiment of the Indian Army and, generally, all the Para-Commando personnel are selected from it. They are the crack force and help the main army to get in the enemy lines without much damage. The main aim of having a Parachute Regiment is for quick deployment of Soldiers behind the enemy lines to attack the enemy from behind and destroy their first line of defense. The Parachute Regiment, consisting of PARA (SF) and PARA (SF) Airborne battalions, is the elite volunteer force of the Indian Army. Because ...more

These forces has a quality that they shocked and confused their enemies by firing from all directions that's why they always got 100 percent success in their missions

All of you please know the work of the para commando (officer) and the paratroopers is very behind the enemy lines so their works get unknown the marcos have only one mvc but the parachute regiment have more than 10 param vir chakra and they are the best in jungle survival and jungle warfare they are too specialized in HALO & HAHO techniques than the MARCOS they are trained to the best in jungle warfare and desert warfare and unconventional warfare please notice that they have high quality weapons than MARCOS they are the best trained than seals and marcos and they can survive in any terrain

Should have the 1st spot

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139 Indian National Security Guard

The National Security Guard (NSG) is a special force in India that has primarily been utilised for counter-terrorism activities and was created by the Cabinet Secretariat under the National Security Guard Act of the Indian Parliament in 1986. It works completely within the Central Armed Police Forces structure. The NSG is an elite force providing a second line of defense to the nation. They have played a pivotal role in safeguarding the unity of India and have commendably foiled attempts of anti-national elements to tear apart the social fabric of the country. The NSG has maintained an edge over terrorist outfits in possession of latest technology and are considered among the best special operations units in the world

They are best in the world

Best army special forces in the world...

Nice but I think the hezbollah commandoes are the best in the world in siria

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140 Malaysian PASKAL

I hope I can join this unit one day. Did they need an engineer in their team? I am electrical engineering students. I really want to join Paskal but somehow I am not sure if my knowledge in electrical engineering can benefit this unit? If someone really know about this unit, please share information about it to me. You can send a message to I really need to know about this unit. I am actually in dilemma whether to purse my dream and become Paskal commandos or choose to be an engineer when I have graduate my degree. If someone can help me to figure it out, you are welcome to do so. Advice from former Paskal member or active Paskal member is highly appreciate.

Last I heard they can even capture the pirate without killing them and the south korean marine commando are also trying to learn from this unit.. It does give me a shock when a country such as south korean try to look for a new tactical from this small country..

Malaysian PASKAL have been trained very well and they are stand to die over the training session. They also have a good reputation during the black penetration testing operation. They also well in the Joined Force Operation.

Paskal the best...

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