Best Movies of 2018

2018 is gearing up to be a massive year at the movies. With new instalments coming from the 'Star Wars', 'Jurassic Park', 'Mission: Impossible', 'Predator', 'Halloween', 'Fantastic Beasts', 'Rocky', and 'Transformers' franchises (on top of a whopping TEN superhero movies) we might have some crazy-high box office returns coming our way. Unfortunately, with 2017's earnings being what they were, we might also see some major box office flops and bombs turning 2018 into another underachieving year for studios. Of course, for those of us who don't care for all the blockbuster mayhem, there will likely be plenty of smaller-budgeted, story-driven films worth watching, I'm sure. This list is (hopefully) filled with titles that satisfy fans of both. Here you'll find a list that has compiled and ranked the biggest cinematic crowd-pleasers of 2018. It's a good year to be a movie lover.

The Top Ten

1 Avengers: Infinity War

This movie is incredibly overrated.

Yes, it was enjoyable, there was a sizable level of emotion and the payoff was well-deserved, yet I think this film overshadows too much. I felt as if Thanos was destined to win, and there were some plot armor elements here and there during the fights. In addition, I think more effort could have been emphasized on the development of characters in regards to first-time meetings and the fact that Thanos's Children were just mini-bosses with no lasting impact.

Lastly, its nowhere near the best film of 2018. There's several more that I find to be better in many regards and I honestly think there are better superhero films and material too. Although I can confidently say this was better than Age of Ultron (Which honestly sucked in my opinion). - CrimsonShark

One of the best ever movies to show emotion ever. ever people with under 10 minutes of screen time can really hit you in the feels like the kid that wanted to share this story about his superhero training to iron man. it went as follows:

"Well, first of all, let me start of by saying my stats are about 6'0 120 lbs. Pathetic. I know. I've been like this for all my life, a walking stick. Well, I've decided enough is enough, and said I'm going to join a gym.

Well I was terrified, A skinny piece of crap like me entering a gym, everyone's going to laugh, point, and kick me out, but I just told myself, remember all the people who ever made fun of you through out life, it can't get any worse then that, and use that as motivation. So I did.

I entered the gym and my legs were shaking, no joke. I have a routine that I am going to use, but today I said I'm just going to go in there and get a feel for the place, try a few excericises and gtfo. Well I walk in there, and I ...more - Morefunthanfun

Pretty good movie with an unexpected ending. Not expected this from Marvel since they mostly play it pretty safe with no risks. But this one was great. But Endgame sucked though.

Finally! A Movie where I can watch The Villain become the focus of the film.

2 Incredibles 2

The original Incredibles movie is probably the movie I've watched the most in my life. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've seen it beginning-to-end close to 30 times. It's a very nostalgic film from my childhood that I hold with the utmost respect as an adult. To this day, it remains one of my all time favorites. Watching the second installment took me back to when I was a kid and gave me everything I wanted in an Incredibles sequel. The characters are all the same lovable, complex individuals that we've known for the past 14 years and each actor gives an astounding vocal performance. The fluid animation and action sequences are equally breathtaking and exhilarating. The screenplay is sharp, clever, and does not pander to a younger audience whatsoever. The characters talk like they did in the original with well-written dialogue that will most likely fly over kids heads. And while the plot is a tad predictable at times, I'm perfectly fine with it because Brad Bird's execution is ...more - phillysports

I watched this on Netflix and it was amazing. Everything about it was amazing, from the characters to the animation to the jokes to the action etc. Brad Bird is an amazing director and it definitely shows here. The animation was soellbinding and the characters ruled. The comedy was excellent and I laughed at pretty much all of the jokes. Also, Jack-Jack is a god.
Amazing movie. - PhoenixAura81

Look on the bright side: at least Jake Paul and Amy Schumer aren't in The Incredibles 2.

It may been about 14 years since Disney and Pixar animated computer animated thriller about a dysfunctional family of superheroes working together to defeat the bad guys. That was so 2004. In reality, the world is still in a crisis. Don't set your hopes too high to expect the Avengers to fight against criminals and thugs. They're not real. Sorry to say it, fanboys and fangirls.

Director Brad Bird is back again with another Incredibles film. So far, this is one of the best animated movies I have ever seen.

Voice acting of The Incredibles 2 is what make the characters come to life. Craig T. Nelson kept up with the humorous attitude as Bob Parr. I couldn't help but laugh and laugh at how funny things are when things go haywire. Samuel L. Jackson does great collaboration as Mr. Incredible's friend as Frozone. His hilarious attitude helps keep up the sequel's integrity. And what ...more

Wow wow wow. This is one of the best movies in the world. I love this movie because I've watched it and I like the bit where Jack - Jack gets his superpowers against a racoon! I found it ridiculous. However I do think that the greatest showman should be about 6th because they worked very hard and they made it from 2009 to 2018. Both opinions are very good. Thank you pixar for making this absolutely amazing movie.

3 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

How is Incredibles 2 under this? This is creative, well-written, funny but not too funny, and a MASTERPIECE. Best film of the year by far. 10/10

Avengers lost in infinity war...then spider man into the spider verse is better...

I just watched this earlier. It was great, but not as great as people say it was. I guess it's just not my type of thing, but I can see why people like this film so much. The plot was very creative, the animation was lovely to look at, and the characters were likable and enjoyable. I'm really looking forward to seeing a sequel, if they would ever make one, as the film was something different and new compared to other superhero movies I had seen before. - Misfire

Best Spider-Man movie ever made. Heck, I would be lying if I didn't say this might be one of my new personal favorite movies PERIOD. It is a masterpiece in every sense of the word, and I try not to throw around that word often. With amazingly innovative animation and art, gripping story and action, and outstanding humor, what's not to love? - Atham

4 Black Panther

It was good, but way overhyped, as I thought it had very, very basic elements. Still though some parts were pretty cool. But seriously that "What are those?! " joke in the movie nearly ruined it! - Phillip873

I watched half so far until my uncle said it was like terminator but it was so good

Fine movie but definitely already the most overrated movie of the year. The best review movie on rotten tomatoes? Give me a break 7.5/10 - TopTenListmaker

My review just came out, so I have more thought there. And the comments are right by calling this overrated since it was merely good and little more than that. Your basic superhero movie, but there is some nice political stuff in there too. 7/10 - DCfnaf

5 Deadpool 2

I wasn't that big of a fan of the first one. It was entertaining and all but I felt it was very much of a try-hard. This one takes everything wrong with the original and makes it better. The story is much deeper and better and Deadpool himself is a lot better and funnier. Very good. - darthvadern

I really like the first Deadpool movie that came out in 2016. I thought it was a fun movie with likable characters and a lot of charm and humor. The sequel improves upon it in every way. The story is much better in the fact that it's not just about Deadpool going on a mission to kill one person. It actually has a lot of unpredictable twists and turns and they add a lot more depth to Deadpool's character. Every new character they add is just great and the acting in the film is great overall. The movie is just a phenomenal parody of superhero movies and sequels, and it succeeds in every thing it sets out to do. This might eventually become one of my favorite comedies ever. - phillysports

Because Black Panther sucks and is overrated. Watch Lion King it's better plus it was less predictable. Also Come on Deadpool Rules hands down best solo character in Marvel. Aside from maybe spiderman. - MrReally

Decent movie but they other here are total crap, so Deadpool definitely beat them all hands down. Avenger suck, black cat suck... they all suck bad.

6 A Quiet Place

Innovative and tense horror film with great acting. Loved this from start to finish. 9/10

This is really good horror movie. Gives this 9/10. Movie was a little scary.

Woah, this is only 8, The Quiet Place was masterful horror film and the best movie of this year. It was emotional, suspenseful, and the most original film of the year, if not the most original film of the decade. The ending of the movie is shocking and emotional and will bring you into tears. The acting of each character was amazing and unforgettable. IF you haven't seen this movie see it now and then tell me what you think is the best movie of the year. It is unbelievable, shocking, emotional, masterful, original, suspenseful, and the best movie of this year. - BrunoThaGod123

Incredibles 2 and Avengers aren't even out and somehow both rule the list. This movie should be in the top 10 (until now of course). The movie had great narrative, all characters and performances are fantastic, the plot and the idea overall are very interesting, the score is good, the tension is built so well, the direction is actually great and it's something new. This movie should receive more attention because it's actually damn good 8/10. - Ale99

7 Bohemian Rhapsody

Holy crap! Best movie of 2018 and definitely a top 10 favorite movie. Great Storyline and amazing acting from Rami Malek. It was just a roller coaster of excitement that came up an never came down.

I've been waiting for this movie five years now, and finally when it is out (and I'm off my mind with excitement), they don't bring it to the movie theatre at my place. There isn't another hall nearby. Even the faraway ones don't have English shows. Queen and Freddie have helped me through a very difficult time, and I wanted to experience their extraordinary, out-of-the-world level brilliance on the big screen. But sadly, the deep indulgence of my country's current society in cheap, degrading, and socially unaware bollywood stuff has hindered my one big wish. Huh, even my friends at school refused to watch this movie if it came (they refuse watch anything but bollywood, neither they've ever heard of Freddie or his songs). And I'm SO DYING to watch it.

I know I made an unusually long story here, but the point I'm trying to make here is watch it if you are getting an opportunity. If you know Queen, it will be an experience of a lifetime. If you do not,you will see a whole new ...more

I really enjoyed this film. While there are inaccuracies and scenes in the movie that were a bit slow, I can still say that it was a good film. Rami's Academy Award was well deserved. - Misfire

Despite some inaccurate information depicted by Queen, it was a near perfect film. It was tragic and controversial for the lifestyle Freddie Mercury has been through. Of course, I know songs prominently heard including "Another Bites The Dust" and "We Will Rock You". Bohemian Rhapsody felt like a live action version of a 1981 animated film "American Pop". Both of these films featured rock n roll music, but the plots were different. I was so impressed with Freddie Mercury's talented voice.

8 Ready Player One

I like this movie and the book a whole lot. I even bought this movie on iTunes. The visuals were brilliant and the Sonic cameo was glorious. I wish the OASIS was real. - PhoenixAura81

Not the most perfect Steven Spielberg movie with lots of pop culture references, but it's still great. It's overstuffed with stunning special effects and includes a few good laughs. So what's the moral? Stop playing with video games and move on with the real world. Enough of what I said, it's still great. Simply a fun film to enjoy in theaters.

There is one word on how I can describe what makes it great: MECHAGODZILLA!

No seriously! That scene with Mechagodzilla was amazing! They even picked the original 1974 version which is awesome. - asantalo

The people who saw the first screening say it was good. But honestly, if Spielberg didn't direct this, it would probably suck. - 445956

9 Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Infinity War is great and all but this is definitely my favourite movie of the year. The sheer visceral action, good performances and interesting story puts this ahead and the stunts and practical action makes this different. The best action movie since Skyfall - HarryPotter12

Best movie of the year! Good story and good action scenes. The only thing I didn't like was Solomon Lane's voice was the same, but still good. I rate this 9.5/10

Didn't disappoint me one bit! It's longer than any of the previous M:I movies, but I also think it's better than at least three of the previous ones. Great action, and the helicopter chase scene was incredible. 10/10. - Metarock

The movie was great! Better then Incredibles 2. The big helicopter scene and Tom Cruise stuck on the big mountain in India was incredible. Definitely better then the last movie!

Half of the movies came out this year is better than the incredibles 2 - Dvafan2

10 Ant-Man and the Wasp

It was good I guess but definitely not a top ten worthy movie. I liked the story a lot but this movie isn't nearly as good as the original. Not as exciting or epic, Ant-Man was ruined in the movie and it was boring at times. However I liked it nevertheless even if it was quite generic - darthvadern

This was really good in my opinion, but I may have to watch it again. - Misfire

More like, Wasp does literally everything and Ant-man sucks at everything, accomplishes nothing, embarasses himself, (because his suit is broken) and has to go back to his house every couple of days because he is on house arrest, makes enemies, almost dies and Wasp risks her life saving him, has no tragic backstory like Wasp does... honestly, it should have just been a movie about Wasp - TheInsomniac

I totally agree with you, I also think the first movie is a lot better - VeganTurtle

The post credit scene was a little comical and suspenseful. I've seen it on YouTube after watching the MCU film. Spoiler alert: here's the ending of what happened to Ant-Man.

Ant-Man: Hello? Ha ha, very funny. Hank, quit screwing around. You told me yourself, not screw around.

(Pym, Hope, and Janet are dead)

Ant-Man: Hank? Hope? Janet? Guys. Guys. Mean seriously, don't joke around. Beam me up, let's go! GUYS?!

Ant-Man is trapped after Thanos snapped his fingers.

The Contenders

11 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I'm just scrolling through here, and the hate that this thrilling movie gets! It doesn't deserve the hate that it gets, because even though there's a tiny bit less action in this movie than the original Jurassic World movie, it is STILL a good movie! There's even a bit of emotional moments mixed in, including the one scene where the ship leaves with the dinosaurs, and a Brontosaurus is crying out to them to pick it up, but is sadly ignored by the animal traffickers, and is stranded there to die. Even though all the dinosaurs left on the island died due to the volcano, lets face it: We all cried during that Brontosaurus moment.

Anyways, this movie was a great movie for the Jurassic park franchise and its fans. - IceFoxPlayz

That one girl who let all the dinosaurs out should be killed for not just opening the doors to let the gas out.
Or maybe the technician should be killed if he designed the button to let the dinosaurs and the big door out.
Or maybe the bad guy should be killed because he made a door to let the dinosaurs out.
Or maybe this movie should be killed because they could just make more dinosaurs, right? - TheGrayDude55

Retrospectively, it was okay. I liked some of the action sequences, there were some intense moments, some good acting here-and-there, great directing, some decent characterization (At least in regards to Owen, Claire and Maisie) and being willing to break the franchise's status quo. In addition, the visual effects here are better than its predecessor and the dinosaurs still look very good, while providing some memorable moments.

However, while throwbacks are always welcome, I feel as if that was done a little too much here, there are some plot inconsistencies and scenes that don't make much sense, the human antagonists are very cartoonish and pathetic and while the epilogue's follow-up is an interesting concept, the epilogue itself could have been done way better.

So yeah, it's a very mixed bag for me. Its got some really good action and concepts, but the story execution needs work. Also, I think an Editor's Cut could make the film better... - CrimsonShark

Lovely to look at, but the plot wasn't that great, especially the last part. I just didn't like how the girl freed the dinosaurs. Why would you let them out in the wild? There's a reason why they've already become extinct before, y'know? Thousands of people could die! What she did was a very stupid and a terrible decision.
I think letting the dinosaurs die would've been a better choice. Not that I don't have a heart for those poor creatures, but doing so would've made the film more emotional and it's just the more logical thing to do. - Misfire

12 Roma

Just saw this one, easily the best film I've seen out of 2018 so far. Absolutely blew me away. - nerffan8000

Judging from reviews and the fact that Alfonso Cuaron directed it, it's bound to be awesome. - bhopfan

This should be at least in the top 3, masterpiece

Needs top 10 - iliekpiez

13 Solo: A Star Wars Story

Terrible. The quality of Star Wars has declined since Disney bought it. - MarioBros11

This movie probably isn't as bad as people make it out to be, but I can understand why it underperformed.

Considering how much backlash The Last Jedi received and how frustrated the fanbase had become at that point, it makes sense that they weren't optimistic enough to anticipate another Star Wars movie in May. Much of the fanbase was dissuaded by decisions made by Disney and Kathleen Kennedy, hence they decided to withdraw from Solo, which I a shame.

I've yet to see Solo, but hopefully, it's better than what most people make it out to be. - CrimsonShark

It was competing with Infinity War and Deadpool 2. It had no chance at box office. - Tia-Harribel

I was absolutely blown away by how good this movie was. Two words - space western (now doesn't that sound kinda neat? ) If you love Han Solo and the original trilogy, you have to give it a shot. Don't let the ratings fool you. I haven't been this excited and pleased about a new release in a long time. - Coatsy

Star Wars: A New Hope was the first movie that I ever saw at the cinema, and I was only 3-years-old. So I have a special place in my heart for the films. If you ignore all of the flaws in the Star Wars movies, they are really enjoyable. This one was fun. - jcrum417

14 BlacKkKlansman

I just saw this movie, and I thought it was pretty good. The actors all do a great job at portraying their characters (especially Adam Driver and Corey Hawkins in his brief cameo), and the premise as a whole is perfect for satirizing the racial differences in our country. The plot also takes several interesting turns and Spike Lee's direction is very hard-hitting and sharp. It's an entertaining ride from start to finish, and it really challenges the viewer on an intellectual level. However, I do believe the film is uneven in terms of tone and its plot is a little too complicated for its own good. The movie isn't really sure if it wants to be a racially-driven crime drama or a straight up dark comedy, and because of that, I wasn't sure if it wanted me to laugh or to feel angry. I also found the editing a little sloppy, but that's probably just me. The movie also dragged a little and is way longer than it needed to be. However, I can look past those flaws and see the movie as a great ...more - phillysports

Blackkklansman is more than a good movie, it's just an important piece of art in History because of it's subject and theme. Like it just tells a great story that is actually genuine and reflects real world issues in the 21st century. Spike Lee is nothing but an absolute genius which is why without him, these movies would hardly make it in the big screen.

I loved this movie. Lee did a great job with the movie and should be praised. - iliekpiez

Spike Lee's best for many many years (or decades)

15 Isle of Dogs

Unlike any other animation films, this should be number one for delivering the best quality of entertainment due to how emotional and gripping this movie is. Isle of Dogs has a significance into animation because it doesn't target a specific audience, it would likely be a Adult and Semi - Kid friendly because of the surrounding nature with different sets of tones. The Adult nature of this movie would be the Political aspects that reflect the idea of corruption and dictatorship which kids would hardly understand and the Kids tone would relate to the emotional impact of the dogs. Who are immensely suffering from famine issues and a special bond to their owners who were force to withdraw from them. This should be a special gem and treasure to animation history thanks to Wes Anderson who made great films such as Fantastic Mr Fox. which satisfied me and quite the audience.

Avengers, Black panther, Ant man, Deadpool, Ready Player One... GOD I didn't know that 12year old kids could visit this site too!

Not Only Is This The Best Movie Of 2018, BUT IT'S THE BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. The Characters Are Likeable (Example; Rex), The Animation Is Awesome, The Voice Acting Is Groundbreaking, And It Has A Unique Plot. Darn, This Really Needs A Sequel.

A very good movie but its definitely nowhere near The Godfather or Forrest Gump for the best movie of all time. - AnLSUQB

This is by far the best movie of 2018, like seriously the animation and tone of this animated film is quite intriguing and astonishing.

16 Ralph Breaks the Internet

Well, all that is good, but what to do I really think about this movie, well, I think it is a good movie, BUT I HATE IT! I hate the main character! I hate the cliches and the plot holes, I honestly didn’t thought this movie was trying to be cool, but according to the other users on this website were thinking about it was. The only cool situation in this movie is when you see characters from other movies made cameos. Other than that, I was dying on the inside. Begging God to watch this movie.

This movie was awesome. I love the aspects of the internet depicted in this movie. Also, Sonic is a god. - PhoenixAura81

More Like "Disney Punches the First Wreck-It-Ralph's Already-Established Plot Full Of Holes" - xandermartin98

This movie was so good. I actually enjoyed it more than the original. - B1ueNew

17 A Star is Born

This movie should be higher than this. It has a really good soundtrack. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper KILLED IT. Loved the movie.

Wow! I'm so impressed by Lady Gaga. I study acting and its inspiring to see her bloom like this! 10/10

I watched this movie with my mom. It was amazing. The story, acting, and characters were incredible and believable. I also almost teared up watching this. It’s also one of my favorite movies of the year. - PhoenixAura81

YESS, Lady Gaga's first on screen debut as a lead character, AND singing with her actual, powerful voice, the critics are already looking up, and praising her for her sincere, stripped down performance, people wouldn't believe me when I tell them that's her on screen, as this is the most human we've seen her - Enmanu16

18 Hereditary

This was an excellent film, and the acting by Toni Collette was brilliant. However, the ending really disturbed me. I am not even sure if I liked it or not. - jcrum417

If the ending didn't work for you or If you were confused by the movie, then I'll recommend you for another viewing or more because this film is dense as hell. - BurnAux

Unpopular opinion: This sucked

Best horror movie in years - iliekpiez

I came out surprised that I really liked the movie - iliekpiez

19 Venom

I cringed so HARD during intra-personal conversations between Tom Hardy and the "Venom" - Joeljohns249

Tom Hardy was a much wiser decision. I was very disappointed with who they chose to play Eddie Brock/Venom in Spiderman 3. Topher Grace was not fit for the role of Venom. For a character as tough, brawny and totally badass as Venom, they could have done A LOT better than Topher Grace. I'm so glad they didn't choose him again for this movie. That role is NOT for Topher Grace. I saw this with my Dad and my brother once. It's definitely one of the best movies of this year and it definitely has a lot of kick-ass fight scenes. And Tom Hardy pulls of the roll of Eddie Brock/Venom quite well. We're looking forward to Carnage next.

I really do love Venom for a few reasons. First, Tom Hardy and his performance was fantastic and I loved seeing his interactions with Venom. Second, Venom himself is a badass and his voice actually made my skin crawl. And third, The action was very good. I only have one gripe with it though, it should have been an R rated movie like Sony originally planned. But in my opinion, Venom is criminally underrated and is much better than Black Panther and Jurassic World 2.

Forgettable Villain, Boring Side-Characters, The Editing was Rushed and The Visuals looked Unfinished.
But I did enjoy Hardy's Performance, The Relationship between Eddie and Venom, Humor and they did Venom Perfectly. - Deadn00b

20 Christopher Robin

It was hilarious and intriguing! I loved it! Everyone should watch it. It is a lovely movie for the family that will get you laughing, crying and cringing. Disney never ceases to amaze us!

I liked it. I liked parts more than others, but I liked it. I loved Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet and all the other characters of the gang the most. - iliekpiez

This movie looks really good. It looks like Another good disney live action adaption. - B1ueNew

As a huge fan of the franchise, I thought this was a great.

21 Halloween

This Takes You Back 40 Years From The Original And Not Once The Real Michael Myers Never Died.

22 First Man

Loved it, definitely not as good as Whiplash but I doubt anything he makes ever will be. Still though, the directing is fantastic and the way this film captures the 60s decade was incredibly well done, props to everyone who worked on the technical aspects of this film as well as the actors, Claire Foy especially. Don't think this will end up being among the best of the year, but it's still worth watching without a doubt. - nerffan8000

It was definitely Oscar worthy. Don't know if this or Infinity War is my favourite. I loved the focus on emotions. Foy could well win an Oscar. Definitely worthy of a Blu Ray purchase. - iliekpiez

Cannot wait to see it - iliekpiez

I'm very excited for this movie! Damien Chazelle is a great director! - Phillip873

23 Bumblebee

Bumblebee is the best Transformers movie to date. The first live action one not directed by MICHAEL BAY, but instead Travis Knight, director of Kubo and the Two Strings. Bumblebee is a movie with heart and it will bring back memories to fans of the cartoon. You get a story about the friendship between Charlie Watson and Bumblebee that evokes emotions that were absent in the franchise. For once, it has likable characters that are relatable and which you care for. This is the first fresh Transformers movie, if not the first CERTIFIED fresh one in the series at 94% with the first one at 57%. Not enough recognition for this movie as it came out this December.

Most surprisingly good movie of the year. If you hate Michael Bay's movies then this movie will make you like Transformers again! - Solarian

94% Certified fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes! That's about twice as high score as the first movie in the Bayformers series which was the highest rated movie in the series at that point! - darthvadern

Forget Avengers: Infinity War. Skip Transformers 5. Here is a Hasbro toy based film with action, humor, and a lot of heart involved with a yellow Autobot and a teenager. Bumblebee is less expensive in the movie budget and it has a plot about friendship. This is what makes Bumblebee one of the best movies of all time and here are amazing things to mention: setting takes place during the 1980s, planet Cybertron is at war, John Cena is an Army commando, nostalgic references on pop culture, Decepticons disguised as classic cars, Nike's Phil Knight has a son who directed this movie, True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld is Charlie Watson, Rick roll cassette tape, and less saturation of explosions. Of course, the special effects team made a great use of cgi used.

24 Bad Times at the El Royale

Okay, this was a brilliant and unique movie. I laughed, I cried, I jumped in my seat and I thoroughly entertained from start to finish. The performances were outstanding by really every single person in this film, but I must admit that Chris Hemsworth was hypnotic. I literally could not take my eyes off of him whenever he was in a scene. His performance was outstanding, fascinating, seductive and disturbing all at the same time. And no human should have a body that perfect. - jcrum417

I want to watch this one day

How is this not in the top 50 - iliekpiez

It's honestly sad that this film was snubbed by the Oscars.

25 Ocean's Eight

It started off a little slow, and I was thinking why did they have to remake this with women. But the last half was very entertaining and fun. - jcrum417

It was fun movie

This was a bad movie - iliekpiez

This was a really good movie (girl power! ) - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

26 Vice
27 Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Anyone who wants to experience this film (and I use the term "film" loosely) needs to do so blind, so I'm not going to say anything more other than the soundtrack and acting were great. I don't even want to go into the story, I'm sure most of you have a Netflix account so just go check this out. - nerffan8000

28 Green Book

Incredible, Masterpiece!

This one won best picture - lemur

29 Aquaman

Amazing! This is the movie that saves the DCEU from collapsing. With Zack Snyder out of the way after ruining Wonder Woman’s streak with the awfully mediocre Justice League, we have a movie directed by James Wan, the director of Furious 7, Saw and The Conjuring. This movie really kept my attention with all the fight scenes. King Orm and Black Manta were slightly better villains compared to Steppenwolf or Doomsday since they have reasonable motivations. I felt a rush in several scenes like the rooftop parkour scene you see in the trailers. This superhero movie moved me more than a few other recent ones like Black Panther and Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Pretty good. If this is what DC's movies are like from now on then that's a good thing! - Solarian

It hasn't been released but when it will I predict it will be in the top 20 - toorh

Water Dude. I'm excited. - girlcool

30 Won't You Be My Neighbor

This was just a pure phenomenal movie. I'm not that huge on documentaries, but of all the ones I have seen, this one is by far one of the greatest films, if not, THE greatest film I've seen through all of 2018 so far. While it does show all the wonderful things Fred Rogers has done throughout all of his life, as well as the major impact of Mister Roger's Neighborhood, it also shows the man's inner demons as well, and proves that Fred isn't just that kind, gentle, kid-at-heart, father figure we've all come to know and adore him for. Even if you never grew up watching that wonderful show, you still owe it to yourself to see this spectacular bio of a truly great man that we need in this world today. I loved Infinity War, Incredibles 2, and Isle of Dogs, but this film just puts those films to shame. 10/10. A+. One of the absolute best films of 2018. - OnyxDash

Tribute to one of the greatest. I wish more people would focus on decency, we need his values so much

This was SO good!

This is definitely better than most of the stuff above. - 445956

31 Upgrade

It was pretty cool

I love the ending

32 Game Night

Was hella funny - AlphaQ

So underrated!

Was so funny 10/10 best movie of 2018 for sure

33 Mary Poppins Returns

I absolutely love this film. Best film of the year and Emily Blunt's the best actress of the year. - girlcool

I can not wait to see this movie next week it looks awesome I hope it's a good movie

It doesn't look good. - DinoLover4242

This was honestly a surprise. It’s not as good as the first one, but I actually liked this movie. The only problem is that it kinda felt like a rehash of the first one, but it was still pretty good. - RadioHead03

34 Early Man

One of the earlier movies that wil be released this year, I'm glad, it looks like a masterpiece! - darthvadern

Absolutely hilarious pretty much all the way through! Also you'd be hard pressed making a movie more British than this. - Entranced98

I think it's funny because the hog/pig Massages a man

I didn't expect it to be about football.

35 Eighth Grade

Ya know back in eight grade my friends and I used to choke each other out to get a buzz

Yea dude the actors were hella hot in this movie

I really want to see this! - PhoenixAura81

Made my dick rock hard.

36 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Why do it get so much hate? It's like The Last Jedi. It's a fine movie with some problems but is really overhated - TheOneMan

Will feel bloated, forced, overcrowded, and just not very refreshing at all, it literally had to show Hogwarts and Dumbledore to attract crowd presence

After this, the Potter franchise will really start to definitely die - Enmanu16

YES! I'M SO HYPED! - HufflepuffGeekGirl

Does not look good. In fact, looks bad. - iliekpiez

37 Annihilation

Great action movie. Move over Ghostbusters (2016), these are REAL female action heroes. 8/10

Great movie. Visually stunning and the soundtrack is great. It's tense and defiantly needs a second viewing as the first leaves you with theory's and questions.

I can't stand Natalie Portman. I loathe her. I even question if she has a soul since there is this emptiness to her. But...I keep seeing this movie being praised, and my curiosity might get me to watch it. - jcrum417

This is what Science Fiction films are supposed to be; films with big themes that make you ponder existence and humanity.

38 Love, Simon

The acting is amazing! I love the whole story of the movie and how they showed that being gay is okay, and that it's okay to come out to the people you love. And get to be who you want to be.

I can't honestly find anythin wrong with this movie other than the kinda forced ending. Acting is fantastic, productions is great, plot is incredible, soundtrack is phenomenal, etc. Honestly a must-watch this year - WeirdScienceGuy

I don't mean to be ornery, but a lot of the movies ranking above this one are objectively trash :/

Be who you were meant to be. Screw the society who thinks you have to be a certain way. BE YOU. - NightJinx

39 Batman Ninja

Wait, this was 2018?... - MarioBros11

This was bad. - iliekpiez

40 Sicario: Day of the Soldado

I liked it but I liked the first one more. - iliekpiez

41 Papillon
42 Searching

This should be number two, right behind Infinity War. It was an overlooked masterpiece that used nothing but normal electronics to film. - Solarian

This should be way higher

43 Unsane

See also "Thoroughbreds"

44 The Favourite

This movie was my favourite this year. - Tia-Harribel

45 Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

By far one of the most interesting Superhero animated movies, likening to Under the Red Hood

46 Sorry to Bother You
47 Tomb Raider

Not amazingly awesome but no bad either
I really liked Angelina Jolie for Lara - TheBookworm

I liked it but I also wanted Angelina Jolie to be Lara - Sofiaaa

Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. The actress was good, the characters were good, the plot was good, and the action was good.

Bad movie. Video Game Movies Directly Based Off Video Games = Bad. - iliekpiez

48 First Reformed
49 The Predator

This was maybe the most disappointing. Sucked. A comedy? Really? - iliekpiez

Absolutely excellent film! I give it an 11/10 (it is that amazing). Mad props to Shane Black and everyone who worked on the film!

It is action I am looking forward into this film

50 Lean on Pete
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