Movies the Marvel Cinematic Universe Should Make

the marvel cinematic universe has some really incredible movies starting with iron man in 2008 the only bad movie in my opinion was the incredible hulk and that wasn't even that bad they've definitely been beating d.c comics at the movies but these are movies that the marvel cinematic universe should make to make there movies better and i'm not counting movies that were already confirmed so if anyone is going to add something don't add spider man homecoming 2 guardians of the galaxy vol. 3 infinity war part 2 because or anything else that was confirmed

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1 Avengers vs X-Men

This would be a cool movie and a great way to introduce the x-men into the marvel cinematic universe the movie would be like a movie like civil war but with more characters the story I have for it is it takes place 4 years after infinity war and the heroes left are thinking to themselves that we need some more heroes so they open a portal to the multiverse and that's when the x-men come in they come thru the portal and just starts a huge fight with the heroes and the avengers has to then get all of the x-men before something happens

2 Marvel vs DC Marvel vs DC

This might be the coolest movie ever if the dc universe stops with there feud with marvel we could make this movie the movie would be mostly the avengers vs mostly the justice league but it would still be cool I'm pretty sure dc would probably win because they have crazy unbeatable characters

Don't forget the Guardians Of The Galaxy in it

Actually happened in the comics - Gangem

Who are the DC version of Guardians of the Galaxy?

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3 The New Captain

So chances are after civil war captain america will be dead and that's where this movie comes in it starts off right after infinity war captain america has been killed and Bucky Barnes finds his shield so he tries to lead the remaining avengers and red skull returns to take on the new captain america so it's like the first one fights him now so is the new one

Bucky Barnes could not be the new Captain America because he is becoming White Wolf - MickeyMouse

4 Spider Man vs Venom

There's already a venom movie coming out I don't know if it is in the marvel cinematic universe but this would be a good way to have venom in there you know fighting his number one rival spider man I think it would be an awesome movie starting out with peter thinking everything's nice an peachy but then venom comes in and makes sure that it isn't

5 Hawkeye

Okay I hate this character more then anyone but I believe it would be a good sendoff for the character you know maybe explain why he was gone during infinity war the only problem with it is no one would probably want to see it but they could make the movie so he's more important to the marvel cinematic universe

6 The New Avengers

So this movie would create a new wave of avengers containing spider man, black panther, falcon, scarlet witch, maybe vision, ant man, and the winter soldier at least that's how I see it going down but this movie would contain all of them joining up after everyone else either dies or quits and just teaming up and defending the world

7 Doom

I had an idea that after Thanos is taken out the next big villain could very easily be Dr. doom he is an extremely powerful character it could be the next infinity war this movie would start off with everyone getting attacked by him and easily getting beat because they aren't good enough to beat him and like all the others they beat him simple as that

8 Fantastic Four

The fantastic four movies aren't really that good but a franchise that could easily change that is the marvel cinematic universe they fixed spider man after the amazing spider man 2 ruined him and I believe they could fix these movies to and it could be a good way to throw Dr. doom in there

9 Deadpool vs Wolverine Deadpool vs Wolverine

This would be an amazing movie both of them have an incredible healing factor and it would be an extreme battle I think Deadpool might win the fight but wolverine does have some tricks up his sleeve that he could use against Deadpool but it's a cool movie that I think should be made

10 Daredevil

There is a show on Netflix called daredevil and he needs a movie on him either of the Netflix version or another version of him no matter what they do it would be a cool movie they could either use kingpin or bulls eye as the villain or someone else but he would be a great addition to the marvel cinematic universe

The marvel T.V. shows were supposed to be in infinity war but they got cut - BoyGenius234

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11 Black Panther 2

It is confirmed already. Just wait... - TheFourthWorld

12 Ant-Man vs Ultron

Ultron would be resurrected - MickeyMouse

13 Star Lord's Ravager Adventures
14 Carnage
15 Venom vs. Carnage

A movie with the 2 superheroes fighting to the death

16 Kang the Conqueror

I don't feel like describing this movie but it sounds cool

17 The Incredible Hulk 2
18 X-Men
19 Ghost Rider
20 The Punisher
21 Scarlet Witch
22 Black Widow

Its been confirmed already.

23 Guardians of the Galaxy Meets Silver Surfer
24 Rocket Raccoon and Groot's Origins
25 The Origins of Drax the Destroyer
26 Quick Silver
27 I Am Groot
28 Marvel vs Power Rangers
29 Guardians of the Galaxy vs Power Rangers
30 Toy Story Deadpool
31 Thor 4

It rhymes

32 Nova
33 Honey, I Shrunk the Guardians
34 Iron Nanny
35 Thor: The Light World
36 Mr. & Mrs. Stark
37 The Red Room Diaries
38 The Fresh Prince of Wakanda
39 Coming to Sokovia
40 The Marvel Bunch
41 Starlord Origins
42 Antman vs Antboy
43 Guardians of The Galaxy Babies
44 Kitchen Nightmares Thanos
45 The Avengers of Groot Sitting
46 Hulk vs Deadpool
47 Kiddie Pool
48 Guardians of the Galaxy/Toy Story Crossover
49 Deadpool, the G-Rated Movie
50 Guardians of the Galaxy Into the Black Vortex

The guardians gets sent into the Black Vortex dimension where they end up in animation style, video game, anime, T.V. sitcom and various styles

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