Top Ten Times Disney Has Been Accused of Using Subliminal Messages or Images

Even though Disney is known for family friendly entertainment they have had their share of controversy. One being they have been accused of using, mostly sexual, subliminal messages and images in their movies and in many other of their products. This along with other controversies have lead many to believe that Disney is some evil satanic corporation set out to corrupt and mislead innocent children. I personally believe that most of these are young fresh out of college animators having a goof or the artist's hidden personal "autographs". However what that being said there is one that makes my stomach turn. It's so bad and inappropriate I don't think TTT's would let me post it. So I didn't. I think I'm already pushing it with some of these already on the list. But......(lol) I will maybe try to post it later and see what happens.
The Top Ten
1 Naked Woman Appears in a Window in the Rescuers

As Bianca and Bernard are going through the city in a sardine can, naked women can be seen twice through open windows in the city.

Disney admitted the images are there and claims they were added during the post-production process.

Disney has since removed the images.

2 Mini Mouse's Dress Forms a Penis in Mickey's Hand on Euro-Disney's Bladid

The cover art for Euro-Disney's Bladid shows Mickey gripping a penis that is formed from Minnie's dress/body. To me, this is the most disturbing one on the list.

3 Penis Drawn Into the Gold Castle on the VHS Movie Cover for the Little Mermaid

On the original VHS cover, a golden penis can be seen in the "phallic" castle.

Disney claims the cover artist didn't work for the company and has since changed the cover.

4 Subliminal Message of the Word "Sex" on a Dancing Naked Woman in the Hunchback of Notre Dame

The word "sex" being hidden seems to be a recurring theme in Disney's animated movies. There are multiple instances in The Lion King.

There's a cover in Tangled formed from Rapunzel's hair wrapped around Flynn (this one is disturbing because it's so obvious), and there's one hidden in Frozen's famous moment when Elsa sang "Let it Go" (around the part she sings, "I don't care what they're going to say!").

During her fire dance, Esmeralda at moments appears to be naked (many claim nipples are even shown), with the word "sex" allegedly written above her breast within the flames.

5 Jessica Rabbit Goes "Commando" in Who Framed Roger Rabbit

In the movie, there is a scene where the car Jessica is riding in crashes into a light pole, and Jessica is ejected from the car.

As she is tumbling and spinning around, her skirt flops open, and you can see a "beaver shot."

Disney was made aware of this scene and has since edited it.

6 Subliminal Message of the Word "Sex" in the Lion King

One of the most popular. Before he lays down to look at the stars, Simba slaps his paw down on the edge of a cliff. As the dust that comes off the ground floats off, it spells "SEX" before dissipating.

There's definitely lettering in the dust cloud, but Disney claims the letters spell "SFX" for the special effects company that worked on the movie. However, many people claim the words "sex" and "lie" are subliminally hidden throughout the whole movie.

Wow. I never noticed that before!

7 The Rabbit Hole in Alice in Wonderland Resembles a Vagina

Along with the many alleged drug references, the "rabbit hole" really resembles a vagina.

8 Image of the Backside of a Topless Woman in a Thong on the Poster for the Re-Release of The Lion King

This one seems too blatant to even be subliminal. Even if it wasn't intentional, how can they not see or notice it when they approved that poster?

9 "Good Teenagers Take Off Your Clothes" Subliminally Hidden in the Dialogue in the Movie Aladdin

This is a popular one. I personally believe this one is nonsense.

When Aladdin is confronted by Jasmine's tiger on her balcony and the scene cuts to Jasmine coming outside, Aladdin's muffled voice can still be heard. Many people believe you can hear Aladdin say, "Good teenagers, take off your clothes." Disney claims the line is, "Good kitty, take off and go."

Disney has now changed it to a simple, "Down, kitty."

10 Priest Grows an Erection During the Wedding in the Little Mermaid

Another popular one that's been debunked.

During the first wedding ceremony, the minister appears to grow an erection. However, when watched carefully and with different camera angles, you can see it's actually his knee protruding.

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