Best American Pie Characters

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1 Steve Stifler Steven "Steve" Stifler is one of the main characters from the "American Pie" movie series excluding its four spin-offs. He is portrayed by Seann William Scott... read more

Pretty much a good chunk of the funniest quotes and moments come from Steve Stifler and they always have us in tears laughing.

As the life of the party, Stifler has experienced everything from drinking Kevin's semen (unintentionally) to being peed on, to eating dog feces, to having sex with Paul Finch's mom. He's easily one of the most loved (and admirably hated) characters in the American Pie movies.

Let's be honest, Stifler is the kind of friend we all need in life. He is hilarious, a lovable jerk, and also deep down has a soft heart, which makes his character one of the best of all time in Hollywood history.

2 Noah Levenstein

Jim's dad is one of the coolest and most hilarious characters ever. He's embarrassingly funny whenever he humiliates Jim. Though he may make his son feel uncomfortable at times, Mr. Levenstein cares about Jim more than anything.

3 Jim Levenstein

Jim always manages to somehow completely humiliate himself. He's pathetically comical and lighthearted through all of his endeavors. He remains loyal to his heart and is always willing to help out his pals, though he may embarrass himself while doing so.

4 Paul Finch

Most notorious for having sex with Stifler's mom and possessing an undying infatuation with her, Paul Finch is intelligent yet a lovable idiot. He continuously seeks the approval of others. Finch even steals his boss's bike and lies about it to impress his friends (American Reunion). Though this occurred, we love him nonetheless.

5 Michelle Flaherty

Though Jim thought Michelle was a bit strange at first, he couldn't help himself from falling in love with her generous, amicable spirit. Michelle gave us iconic lines including "And this one time at band camp." Since then, we've loved her endlessly.

6 Jessica

Jessica was really cool because she was down-to-earth and would offer realistic advice to Vicky.

7 Stifler's Mom

Known as a "MILF" by several people, Stifler's mom is hilariously provocative and enticing. Her blossoming relationship with Jim's dad, Noah, pulled on our heartstrings because the two just clicked. Though she may not be a main character, we can't help but love the mention of Stifler's mom.

8 Oz

"This place is an untapped resource - these choir chicks are hot!"

9 Nadia

When Jim chooses Michelle over Nadia (American Pie 2), Nadia doesn't become bitter over his decision. She continues to be the sweet, lovable (but certainly not innocent) Nadia that we know and love.

10 Kevin Myers

Kevin's love for Vicky was sweet and always evident. He was a guy with a good heart, and that can't go unnoticed.

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11 Chuck Sherman

The Sherminator was a dork, but we couldn't help but find him alluring (to an extent). He was hilarious in every sense. Though he never did quite fit in, he was comically comfortable in his own skin.

12 Victoria "Vicky" Lathum
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