Top Ten Reasons Movies are Better Than Books

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1 Movies are More Intense

Movies are truly more intense than books. Movies have a lot of action and violence, but the books don't have any of that. Movies are better than books.

I love books, and I repeatedly reread my favorites, but I will admit that sometimes it's nice to just sit back and watch a movie. I would also agree that movies can be a lot more emotionally intense (via helpful music, visuals, etc.), which is great.

Books are not intense at all. Movies contain more violence than books.

2 Movies Have Special Effects

Movies are better because they cut out all of the unnecessary stuff that is in books. Movies are way less time-consuming, which is another reason why I prefer movies to books.

They are perfect for a sleepover because who would want to read a book at a sleepover? That would be messed up and it wouldn't really be a sleepover!

This is fair. Once again, despite the fact that many of us adore reading, it can be nice once in a while to just let a movie do the visualization for us.

3 You Have Easier Access to Movies

It is so much cheaper in the long run, and you get the same information out of it.

So right! They are way easier, plus you can watch them anywhere!

Movies are easily found online for free.

4 It Doesn't Take as Long to Decide If You Want to Continue Watching a Movie

It takes days to read a book but only an hour or two to watch a movie.

5 You Don't Have to Try and Visualize the Story

If you're watching a horror movie, you actually SEE the terrifying stuff right before you. In a book, you can picture all of it as goofy as you want. That's why horror novels barely scare me.

This is where imagination comes in. If you don't have such a thing, you're better off with the movies.

I agree, but it is harder to imagine in books than actually seeing the picture in, let's say, a movie!

6 Movies are Easier to Understand

Movies are better because reading is boring. When you are watching a movie instead of reading a book, you have more fun because you can chill and destress instead of reading the same book for hours and days. Movies take less time and they have more action.

Whenever I am reading, it gets very boring, and I eventually get really tired of it. But if I was watching a movie, I would be happier because it would not be as boring. Movies are also more intense and have a lot of special effects. They are much easier to understand and they don't take as much time as books do. Books are sometimes too detailed and just go on and on about this one little thing forever. You never have to flip a page in a movie. I would rather watch motion pictures than read a book.

7 Movies Don't Take Up as Much Time
8 Movies are More Appealing

Some books I read are boring, but when I am watching a movie, I get all bouncy due to the suspense. Especially if it's a movie based on a book. Take Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005).

Books just go by fast, while movies take their time!

I love going to a movie and having fun with friends and family. I can't exactly do that with a book.

Yup, movies are more appealing than books. Use your brain! It's funnier to watch a movie than read.

9 Movies Can Incorporate the Best of So Many Art Forms to Make a Masterpiece that Can't Be Reduced to Words Alone

'Kay, so some authors are super talented and can make you see, hear, and feel every description with their superior writing style. I will say, though, that not all books are written like this. Even if they are, sometimes it's just fun to kick back and see what directors and actors are capable of when they really set their minds to it.

I really think this is entirely a matter of opinion. Even though it's an interesting list, people probably shouldn't be losing their minds over something so small and getting really wound up.

10 You Can Be Any Age to Watch a Movie
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11 Less Reading

Nobody cares, movies are so much better.

12 You Can Watch a Movie with Your Family and Friends

It's an amazing social experience. With books, you have to read them alone.

You can share the moment with people, so that is nice!

13 Movies Have Music and Books Don't

Both books and movies deserve your full attention. To separate a part of your brain to listen to music while reading is unacceptable.

14 You Can Eat While Watching a Movie

This is good because those book-lovers don't want food stains on their pages.

15 Books are Weird
16 Books are Sometimes Too Detailed and Just Go on and on About This One Little Thing Forever.
17 They are Good for People with a Disability
18 Movies Don't Take Up as Much Time

Books like "Harry Potter" take you 3 to 4 weeks to finish, while the movie takes you 3 to 4 hours to finish.

It's great, isn't it? With movies, you can choose your own pace, making them more exciting and interesting.

Stop wasting time reading a book. Just watch a movie for 2-3 hours, then get back to work if you have any.

19 Books are a Waste of Paper
20 Books are Just Dull Printed Words on Paper
21 Books Get Boring Once You've Read Them Over Again
22 You Use Your Brain to Read

I hate it when my gosh-darn brain needs to be used! It grinds my gears!

23 If We Read Books, Our Eyes Becomes Dull and We Feel Sleepy

As much as I love my Wings of Fire books, I can't even get past Chapter 5 without struggling to keep my eyes open.

24 You Don't Have to Flip the Page
25 Movies Have Better Connections
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