Top Ten Reasons Why Ben Affleck Will Be a Great Batman

Ever since Ben Affleck was announced as the next actor to play the Caped Crusader on film, a large number of fans have voiced their doubts on Batfleck's... I mean... Affleck's chances of doing the character justice. Well, with the film's release less than a year away, I figured it was time to look on the bright side. This list compiles the top reasons for you to believe that Ben Affleck has what it takes to say "I'm Batman! ".
The Top Ten
1 He's a solid actor

Despite the way a lot of people look at him, Ben Affleck has a really impressive portfolio of roles behind him. It's impressive especially because of how diverse he's been as an actor. And while his previous stint as a costumed superhero wasn't the most lauded of roles (Daredevil), he's had over a decade to recover and, undoubtedly, has matured greatly as an actor (he even acknowledges, himself, how Daredevil was a misstep).

2 He's going to be very careful about everything

After 'Daredevil', do you really think he's going to allow for his reputation to be shot (again) like it was back in 2003? I don't think so. This time around, he's going to make sure that the script is well-written, that his acting abilities are suited for the role, and that the future of the series is looking bright (he's going to be wearing the super suit for a while, after all). Harsh criticism is something that he seems to have a hard time avoiding so I honestly don't think he'd take a role this massive without taking the necessary precautions first.

3 He's playing an experienced Batman
4 He has the complete look

He's tall, he's muscular (those muscles he's showing aren't moulded out of rubber - they're him), and he's got that chin (which is also on this list). That's more than you can say about any of the previous actors who've played the role. I mean, as much as Christian Bale was a great Batman (save for the voice, perhaps), he looks like a twig compared to Affleck.

5 He's at a good age for the role

Similarly to how him playing an experienced Batman will enhance the story, him having the look of an older, more beaten Batman/Bruce Wayne will likely result in a more emotional performance. He'll be guilt-ridden, tired, full of dread, and, perhaps, even more brutal than any Batman that has come before him.

6 He's an Oscar-winning writer and director

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He co-wrote 'Good Will Hunting' and directed 'Argo', which proves that he's a totally competent filmmaker. From where I stand that can do nothing but improve his chances (seeing how he's capable of seeing things from a broader perspective).

7 He has a lot of source material to work with

With an endless supply of comic books and a long list of cinematic portrayals to use as source material, there's no way that he's not going to have the supplies he needs to help him create a proper Batman.

8 He will be part of a bigger universe

Not only might we be getting out best Batman yet, we'll also get to see him share the screen with Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and many more down the line. There are endless reasons as to how that will improve this Batman's time on screen.

9 This series of films will likely draw a lot from the comics

This point is very important to those who love superhero movies. While Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight Trilogy' was awesome, it was also very grounded in reality while "The DC Extended Universe" appears to blend that sort of realism with the look and feel of the comic book world together with it. So, we're basically going to get the Batman we want (dark and gritty with a classic, comics-inspired look) in a world that (while still very truthful to the comics) more closely reflects a world that we can relate to and understand. Where's the negative side to all this?

10 He has a strong chin

Sure, not every guy with a chiseled jaw can be Batman (I'm talking to you, Clooney), but it is a great physical detail to get right. And Ben Affleck's chin is easily the best one we've seen yet in the cowl, so there's definitely one sure thing we can look forward to.

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