Best Action Movies of 2012

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1 The Avengers

This movie is the greatest superhero movie of all time. It is perfect in everyway possible. The characters work brilliantly together, its very clever, its perfect.

What a miracle of a film. Only Joss Whedon could get everything right. There was action, excellent performances, character development, but most of all, a story. See it if you have not yet.

This movie has everything that a good movie should have: Lots of action, talented actors and a good sense of humor. Well, in most parts. So yeah I highly recommend this

This might be the best movie of 2012. I saw it 3X in theaters. I wouldn't mind seeing in again & and again. So much better than the dark night

2 The Dark Knight Rises

Awesome movie of 21st century. Never seen this type of movie ever. Just hats off to you batman. Legend never dies always alive in our hearts. Action, Drama, emotions, etc. All the feelings are showed beautifully in dis movie. The Dark Knight Rises is the Best movie of 2012. Batman You are a true superhero. No one can be like you.

This movie is just amzing that it made me want to cry if no one was there and it made me so happy at the end. It is a must watch movie. Batman is the best!

The avengers is great, is good seen the best marvel superheroes together (except spidey), but THE DARK KNIGHT? Can be win all the marvel heroes in a lone battle

The classic batman movie ever made after the prequel dark knight... Its kind of orginal.. I thnk this batman could live among us...

3 The Hunger Games

I've wanted to see this series made into a movie ever since I read the books. I think the movies did a really good job of portraying the books, there were a few things that the movie producers may have chosen to left out but it was a really good movie.

This movie is so good but peeta looks mental. And their was not too much gore which is good. I think it is intense acting and really should be voted for. I would reccomend it. However the last hunger games book, falls way behind the others and the movie.

This is an amazing movie, that is both a thriller, and love story. I would strongly suggest watching this movie, it makes you stay at the edge of your seat through the entire thing, if you love a thriller you will love this movie.

Awesome hunger games is seriously violent and that's what I like the best and awesome action movies and even the book is the second
Best kids book ever for me it's the first.

4 21 Jump Street

Very funny and exciting movie. It may not have been exactly brilliant, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

21 jump street is the new clssic, it has ice cube in it, I mean come on, its awesome, avengers is the best, but I had to vote for this, but I'm still reading the hunger games and haven't seen it yet

It's so funny, if you want to watch it for free and without loving in go to letmewatchthis. Ch

5 Skyfall

No way... Skyfall was totally better than the hunger games and 21 jump street... In fact the best action movie after the avengers and the dark knight rises... It should totally be in the top 5...!

Excellent bond movie.. Nice drama, action.. Daniel Craig... Was Awesome.. How Come It is on 20 and Hunger games on 2.. May be the Number has been reversed..

Funny thing about Skyfall is the Javier Bardem's character named Raoul Silva looks like Michael Bay during the mansion scene.

Such an incredible and cinematic movie.

6 Looper

Looper is a stunning and original film. Very stylish looking and the soundtrack is awesome. Highly entertaining and suspenseful with really cool sequences.

Really good movie and idea.

7 The Grey

I really enjoyed the movie. After the plane crash it kept you on the edge of your seat! The will to survive, Man vs the elements and the wild animals, that want to eat them! It was awesome! I bought The Grey after seeing it!

Awesome for Liam Neeson fans!

8 Django Unchained

This should be close to number 1. The action scenes were extremely well layed out and bloody as hell. Violence was very comedic at times and extremely violent. The movie was basically set around violence, Django killed like 50 guys?

Some excellent acting and action scenes.

9 Dredd

Spectacular visuals and action. Karl Urban fits the role of Judge Dredd perfectly. His adaptation of the character is far superior and faithful to the comics than Stallone's Judge Dredd. Unrelenting violence throughout. A highly entertaining movie that should be viewed by fans of great action.

I would recommend it.

10 Prometheus

A really good alien movie.

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11 Contraband

It's very amazing film I have never cry that I ll watch a film like it thanks it's so great the most inetersting that you use good action and clever men!

12 The Raid: Redemption

I am very proud after watching this movie, I am Indonesian people but this is the first time Indonesia has action movie as cool as this. Recommended...!

This is the best action movie ever made. With a low budget still can make your heart beating so hard because the punches and stab action. Can't wait to see the sequel. Its out now, The Raid 2 Berandal

This movie tops all the other movies on the list it's so awesome! Don't believe me? Watch it for yourself... The ending will blow you away!

Hand to hand combat featuring pencak silat. That was the most awesome action film I have ever seen. RECOMMENDED!

13 Battleship

Awesome movie - a must see. Should be at the top of this list. My wife and I have watched it 5 times now and everyone we invite to see it with us agree it is a super movie. Peter Berg nailed this one.

It's a very awesome movie that have a lots of stunning action, and very cool alien ships and weapon.

Very awesome. I can watch it all over again and again and again. I liked it so much. Very very very nice

It's a awesome movie.. Technologies shown are just fabulous..

14 Wrath of the Titans

I thank you all

15 Safe
16 Chronicle
17 The Bourne Legacy

A good suspenseful action movie, yet highly underrated. Really great acting from Edward Norton and Rachel Weisz (as well as the rest of the cast), but especially Jeremy Renner as the agent Aaron Cross. Shot in really beautiful and cool locations as well.

Very suspenseful and interestingly done.

18 Haywire
19 Men in Black 3
20 The Expendables 2

What? Just 15?
I think The Expendables 2 is the best movie I've ever seen. With the greatest actors and good story. The movie I never bored to watch is : The expendables 2, Battleship, The Avengers, Terminator, and Rambo.
Can't wait for The Expendables 3

Way to make the expendables better
JJ Abrams and Matt reeves and Doug liman for the trilogy
Replace Sylvester Stallone with tom cruise. Replace Jason statham with Liam Neeson. But still have Jason statham and Sylvester Stallone

Please must watch this movie...

Really? Not top 10? Duh!

21 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

It wasn't portrayed correctly with the book and neither were the Lord of the Rings movies. (At least according to my stepdad and late uncle who read the books many many times).

22 The Amazing Spider-Man

Loved this movie

23 Act of Valor

Shows real techniques used in battle and is just an amazing movie.

24 End of Watch
25 Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
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