Top 10 Best Al Pacino Movies

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1 The Godfather

Al Pacino was actually nominated for an Oscar in this movie! And everybody is starting to say this is one of the greatest performances of all time, this is the real Al Pacino. Deserved to win this Oscar.

It was a composite of all 5 N.Y. families. Francis Ford Coppola combined a little of this, a little of that, and combined them in for a giant of the movie industry. Marlon Brando, who was terrific! This is the film that elevated Al Pacino to one of the greatest actors of any time period!

This is without a doubt the greatest movie of all time, and nobody "made" the film. It was just full of talent and was purely amazing.

2 Godfather II

He is just too cold for words. Sonny was a hot head, but Michael turns out to be more ruthless than he ever thought about being. Vito and Sonny both had the capacity to forgive, but not so Michael. And he was patient. Pacino's best role, no doubt.

Just the full package, and the greatest sequel in history. It had some memorable scenes and quotes, plus it gives you a more than reasonable insight into the reign of Michael Corleone and also the early days of Vito Corleone.

This is his best performance! He loses his soul completely in this one!

3 Dog Day Afternoon

Just an amazing performance overall. The way he speaks and the way he maintains his realism is unbelievable, and I cannot believe he didn't score an Oscar for this movie.

The best Pacino performance ever! The movie itself is very good and creates a reality for the audience because of the realistic performance.

This movie had one of the greatest performances in cinema history!

4 Scarface

It's to me one of the most riveting and absolutely phenomenal movies I've ever seen, and I've seen my fair share of movies in all genres. But this redemption story of coming from nothing to having the world ends in what I believed was one of the most tragic endings. The ending is determined by the one subtle but yet ironic act of goodness that Tony displays. Al Pacino did a tremendous job in bringing to life the "Cuban Refugee" turned "Drug Lord," along with the rest of the cast. Especially Steven Bauer, who was his best friend/right hand/2nd in command, whatever you want to call him, who was also phenomenal from beginning till he met his end. Will forever be Al Pacino's best work to date. De Palma/Stone's best as well.

5 Heat

A combination of two of the best actors in the industry. You simply cannot ask for actors better than those two. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro both play their best roles in this film. The film has an awesome story and acting.

Deeply in love with both legends, Al Pacino and De Niro. Great movie and dialogues when they face each other.

One of the best shootout scenes in film history! Two legends going head to head, and the dinner scene was intense. One of my all-time favorites!

6 Serpico
7 Scent of a Woman

I think it's the highest level of acting an artist can reach. Al Pacino is the heart, soul, and body of this movie!

Dramatic, funny, realistic. Right now, there aren't a lot of movies in which an actor has such an impressive performance. Watching this movie, you can feel the character's emotions. This is amazing.

The acting in this movie is absolutely mind-blowing. Al Pacino deserves the Oscar he won.

8 ...And Justice For All

The final courtroom scene contains one of the most electrifying performances ever seen in a film.

Good movie with an electric Pacino!

9 The Godfather Part III

Can't believe he wasn't even nominated for Best Actor. This is why people question the winners. Let alone not being nominated, he should have won.

10 Scarecrow

Great acting by Pacino and Hackman. A very different buddy movie. One of a kind.

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11 You Don't Know Jack
12 Angels In America
13 Donnie Brasco

Pacino gives a reserved and believable performance. He gives the character real sympathy, and his final scene is heartbreaking.

14 The Insider
15 Glengarry Glen Ross
16 Jack and Jill

Easily one of the greatest movies ever made, dunkacino anyone?

17 The Irishman
18 88 Minutes
19 Stand Up Guys
20 Sea of Love

Great movie - nice love story - not your usual Pacino role. Great!

21 Insomnia

A really great movie by Christopher Nolan.

22 Carlito's Way

Fantastic acting and intriguing plot - have to say I was in tears at the end of this. Very moving performance from Mr. Pacino. Best film I have seen in a long time.

Pacino was at his prime while acting in this film. He was relaxed, confident, and not over the top. And he was supported by a great Sean Penn.

Carlito's Way is one of Pacino's top 5 movies. Better performance than Dog Day Afternoon.

23 The Devil's Advocate
24 Bobby Deerfield
25 William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice
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