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1 Heath Ledger's Joker - The Dark Knight

Heath Ledger's Joker is the greatest movie villain of all time. When he was on screen the movie was just so captivating to watch. With Nicholson's Joker it was just Nicholson but a little more exaggerated, with Ledger there was no Ledger left, only Joker. And while Nicholson got the golden age Joker spot on all you people saying who the Joker is are wrong as he is a violent psychopath today like Ledgers.
1. Ledger
2. Hammil
3. Nicholson

AH the craziness in Heath's eyes were magnificant. His Whole acting as the joker is a masterpiece wish he could have been in dark knight rises if Heath Ledger didn't die. Miss you so much Heath, Reast in Peace sob sob sob

The thing that makes him the best is that NO ONE thought he would be a good Joker. And he ended being the best Joker possibly ever.

NOBODY.. Mark my words, 'Nobody' could play Joker's role as brilliant as Heath Ledger did..
His acting was marvelous.. He brought life to the character..

2 Jack Nicholson's Joker - Batman

Don't get me wrong, Ledger was an okay character, though he wasn't the Joker. That said, THIRTY PERCENT? Are you people INSANE? I mean, I get that Ledger tried a more realistic approach, but that's just not how I picture the Joker. In my opinion, Jack, and Hammil, are the people who other Joker actors should use as examples. Jack is not only creepy, but he's also hilarious and enjoyable. He's just more fun to be around. I mean, compare these quotes: "I... Am an agent of chaos." and "Whadda I want? (beat) My face on the one dollar bill..." The second one is just more interesting and, er, Joker-y. Overall, I'd rewatch Batman anytime, just so I could get some more laughs, and some more shudders, from Jack's performance. And Ledger... Okay, yeah, I don't like that performance. I dunno, crucify me if ya want. TT.TT

Jack Nicholson's Joker is the combination of three villain parts: The standard gang criminal, the funny and plain crazy villain and the insane, killer psychotic. He should be at first place.

When batman in 1989 came out, there hadn't been a batman film for almost 25 years. this man, along with Michael Keaton, brought batman to a new base of fans and did a great job to portray the craziness of the role.

Nicholson had the "joke" side of the Joker, but played it dark as well. That laugh was haunting. Ledger had a great character in his Joker, but it wasn't the Joker.

3 Tom Hardy's Bane - The Dark Knight Rises

So you think darkess is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it. Moulded by it. I didn't see daylight until I bcame a man.

The acting only with eye.. guys, just think about that! Wonderful.

He freaked me out scarecrow was the mask joker was the knife and bane was the back breaking

Tom hardy s poetry of bane was just perfect he played well and hardy is a brilliant actor

4 Danny DeVito's Penguin - Batman Returns

DeVito is not only the best version of The Penguin but one of the best versions of any villain. He's crazy scary and really sympathetic and should at least be at second place.

Devito and Burton added a lot of poetry and "gothic" to the character (originally a gangster) that makes us empathize with this poor Oswald.
And great acting by Danny Devito.

Oh god I hated him. He was awful. A bad villain in the most overrated movie. And I don't like Tim Burton.

More realistic then that silly goofy over the top 1960s Adam West Batman penguin, this penguin should've been in the dark Knight with Heath ledger's joker

5 Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent/Two-Face - The Dark Knight

If it wasn't for Aaron Eckhart's Two Face, The Dark Knight wouldn't have even been half as good as it was. His character was the perfect portrayal of a man who was the great "white knight" and put away criminals and became even worse than the criminals himself as he became demented and introduced the very anarchy Joker spoke of. The scenes with Two-Face were the best (particularly the driver scene) and his psychosis and behavior is well-observed as he is a complete villain persona in the end and the best portrayal of this character archetype.

6 Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman - Batman Returns

Catwoman is Batmam Returns to good art to Michelle Pfeiffer, super scene, excellent fight missis to catwoman, speek boom and crush, and good cat bodylifting.

She was sexy and dangerous.

7 Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow - Batman Begins

He wasn't a bad Scarecrow, but one of the first choices Nolan had for the job was Marilyn Manson. I believe he would have played the part better

Murphy was the first actor to actually capture the Scarecrow's true villainy and threatening atmosphere.

I think he was perfect for the role; he can be creepy when he needs to be. My second fave villain

8 Jim Carrey's Riddler - Batman Forever

He's the best thing about Batman Forever and perfectly captured the character, The Riddler. He should be higher.

Riddler is green what is man, in mask Jimm Carrey is in film be great part, werry happy style and speedly.

9 Liam Neeson's Ra's al Ghul - Batman Begins

He had such an excellent fighting skill! He trained Bruce. Bruce became the batman. And Ra's even tried to destroy Gotham!

10 Anne Hathaway's Catwoman - The Dark Knight Rises
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11 Tommy Lee Jones's Two Face - Batman Forever
12 Uma Thurman's Poison Ivy - Batman and Robin
13 Christopher Walken's Max Shreck - Batman Returns

You really learn to like Max throughout the movie and his partnership with The Penguin. He should definitely be on the list.

14 Cesar Romero's Joker - Batman: The Movie
15 Frank Gorshin's Riddler - Batman: The Movie
16 Mark Hamill's Joker - Batman Mask of the Phantasm

Lower than Mr Freeze in Batman and Robin? What are you smoking?

Best Joker in human history!

Why isn't this in the top Ten?

The real number 1

17 Mark Hamill's Joker - Batman: The Killing Joke

OBVIOUSLY! He's the best! This is my all time favorite (not only Batman or DC, but) Superhero Movie. Mark did a humongous job of excellence! I mean still can't beat TAS. But he is always great. Plus Killing Joke is my favorite Graphic Novel. I really enjoyed this story, more than Alan Moore does (I do respect him a lot). So basically, I'll vote this forever. NUMBER 1!

18 Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Freeze - Batman and Robin

Easily the most intimidating intelligent and evil villain.

What could be better than a movie filled with ice puns?

19 Burgess Meredith's Penguin - Batman: The Movie
20 Marion Cotillard's Talia al Ghul - The Dark Knight Rises
21 Paul Dano's Riddler - The Batman
22 Robin Atkin Downes's Doomsday - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
23 Tom Wilkinson's Carmine Falcone - Batman Begins
24 Eric Robert's Sal Maroni - The Dark Knight
25 Jared Leto's Joker - Suicide Squad
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