Top 10 Best Pixar Movies

Pixar Animation Studios is an American animation studio that has produced many successful computer-animated films since its establishment in 1986. What are the best movies ever made by this renowned animation company?
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1 Toy Story

It's a good movie, and coincidentally, it was first released in the year when I was born: 1995. I have fond memories of this movie, and without it, I would never have even thought of pursuing animation and story development in my career path.

I think the whole franchise is the best of Pixar. If it's really over after the fourth film, I guess Pixar will never have such a great franchise again. I wouldn't say it's #1, though. I think it just gets better as each sequel passes by. Just my humble opinion.

I love this movie. It's my favorite. It has a great story, amazing animation, and memorable characters. I also really love the songs. In my opinion, this is not only the best Pixar movie but also the best animated movie. It's the best, along with Toy Story 2 and 3.

2 The Incredibles

This movie has Sam L. Jackson in it - enough said. But, to be honest, this movie has fantastic animation, likable and relatable characters, clever dialogue, and a good metaphor, what with their personalities and actions relating to their powers.

Bob has to be strong to support his family, Helen is a mother, stretching from doing one thing to another, Dash is an energetic child, and Violet wants to be unseen and tries to shut people out. On a side note, The Incredibles is the first movie in which the human characters don't look like plastic dolls. They had the human animation down just right, and what do they do next? They make a movie about cars with faces. Which is creative, but the movie wasn't all that great.

3 Finding Nemo

Just classic Pixar at its best, once again. I think everyone needs someone like Gil in their life to let them solve their own problems and grow, and I love Marlin and Dory's platonic relationship. How she never had to replace his wife but instead goes off on her own journey but they still stay friends.

I loved this movie when I was little, and I will admit that even at 15, I still sometimes watch it. Marlin may have been a bit overprotective over Nemo, but that was pretty much the whole point of the movie, and it shows how much he cares for him.

I think it has the best and most touching story out of any Pixar movie, as well as amazing animation and a soundtrack. I also thought the actors/actresses fit their characters perfectly and couldn't imagine them being voiced by anyone else, especially Dory, who almost everyone knows by this point is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres.

I loved "Toy Story" as well, but this to me is timeless.

4 Monsters, Inc.

This movie and Monsters University build so well on Mike and Sully's characters and their dynamic. In Monsters University, the story focuses more on Mike and how he learns to be okay with just being okay. Near the end, Sully apologizes. In this movie, it's more about Sully and his journey, and near the end, Mike apologizes. This film is mostly just fun, classic, and original Pixar at its best.

I personally found this to be one of the most emotional, fantastic, funniest, and most brilliant films ever made. It's a masterpiece, with a fantastic score and storyline. It's original and keeps you on your toes.

The song 'If I Didn't Have You', by Randy Newman and sung by Billy Crystal and John Goodman, is easily one of my favorites, right up there with 'You've Got a Friend in Me' and 'I Will Go Sailing No More'. This film has masterful acting, with names like Jennifer Tilly, Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi, and John Goodman, all talented people.

In short, this film is the best, right up there with Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Up.

5 Up

Everyone talks about how amazing the first ten minutes are - and they are the greatest ten minutes of any Pixar film. This is up there with Wall-e and Eve's love story, and just as emotional. But the last ten minutes are just as beautiful and heartbreaking - when Carl is regretfully looking through Ellie's adventure book, reminiscing on all the adventures she wasn't able to have.

But then he realizes, flipping through the pages, that he was her adventure, and she was satisfied and wanted him to go have his own. Masterpiece.

6 Wall-E

When I was younger, I would force my family to watch this every week. After rewatching it five years later, it was way better than I remembered. It's so charming yet haunting, and I agree that the messaging may be a bit on the nose, but this movie has so much heart.

So much work was put into this movie, like the little flaws in the camera to make it look handheld or on a steady cam. Wall-e is the most adorable, curious, contagious little robot, and I'm so happy he found love after how lonely he was.

I think this movie is a lot better than what many remember it to be. It had a great motivational story with a bold message that it really pushed throughout the movie. The apocalyptic future world was something that made it thrilling in a way.

Everything felt at high stakes, making every decision that was made feel significant. It also presented quite a tough dilemma for the humans on the colonists' ship, one that really has them - and you - thinking.

The fact that this all spawned from the problem of product waste really encourages you to be greener and more eco-friendly.

7 Toy Story 3

Like Finding Dory, this was a sequel that was sensible to make, unlike some movie sequels that feel like they are just being milked out. It continued something that was left unanswered before. For Finding Dory, it gave the answer to Dory's backstory, and for this one, it expanded on the inevitable problem the toys discussed in the last movie: Andy growing up. This was the kind of sequel that needed to happen in order to provide more satisfaction to the overall story, rather than trying to make a sequel to a movie that already had satisfying ends.

8 Toy Story 2

Toy Story is like the original Star Wars movie because this movie is the Empire Strikes Back of the trilogy. It's so great I can't even fit all of its greatness into this comment. The theme about everything coming to an end and whether we should accept it sooner or wait it out is a very mature dilemma and probably the best in the Pixar movies.

The visuals in the movie are purely stunning. The airport scene, Al's Toy Barn, and the scene where Woody gets restored are imprinted in my mind forever and could be shorts on their own. Jessie's backstory rivals that of Up's first 10 minutes of heartbreaking-ness.

It should be higher if not number one. Ratatouille should be higher too.

9 Inside Out

I want to say it's underrated, but looking at these reviews, I think that it has just the right amount of recognition. This movie has a great message on toxic positivity and how you need lows in life to have highs. All the emotions somehow have emotions themselves, which is taking the joke that Pixar personifies inanimate objects one step further. The emotions are all so hilarious and overall it is just a feel-good movie.

It has such a good message about how we need all emotions, not just joy, and represents it extremely well. It also has lovable characters, and to make a good story, it is an absolute necessity to have good characters that the audience will relate to or admire.

It also (of course) has a lot of emotion, which makes an interesting movie. There's too much to talk about with this amazing movie, and if I were to talk about the scenery, it would take about an hour since the imagination in this is too much to handle. I don't think Pixar will ever top this movie, and if it does, Pixar would have basically conquered the world.

Congrats to you, Pixar, for not only making one of the best Disney movies but also making one of the best movies in film-making history!

10 Ratatouille

1. Ratatouille because he is a rat and he is friends with a human. 2. Wall-E because it shows how much humans are polluting the earth. 3. Finding Nemo because Marlin and Dory go all across the sea to save a little cute fish. 4. Toy Story 3 because it shows how much toys care for their owners. 5. The Incredibles for its funny story of a superhero family. 6. Toy Story for its amazing story and the You've Got a Friend in Me song. 7. Up because it has romance, tragedy, funny moments, action, and more, but still, Ratatouille kicks butt. Hello!

I have 5 favorite Pixar movies. The only Pixar movies I don't like are Cars 2, Cars 3, and The Good Dinosaur. All the other ones (besides my top 5) are just movies that I like. They're not my favorites, though. Anyway, here's my top 5 favorite Pixar movies (don't judge me):

1. Turning Red
2. Toy Story
3. Inside Out
4. A Bug's Life
5. Ratatouille

The Newcomers

? Inside Out 2

Watched the movie today. Has a good balance between plot and humor. Also, both parents are confirmed to have the other emotions in the end credits, avoiding a plot hole.

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11 Coco

So heartwarming, visually gorgeous, and funny. The songs are great and the story is so touching. Yes, it's impossible to watch it for the first time without crying.

I've watched all of Pixar's films, and no film is as emotional as Coco. The scene where Miguel sings Remember Me to Coco is just so heartwarming. I would say it's as emotional as the first 10 minutes of Up.

The twist villain is great, and the animation is obviously spectacular. The story is also really well put together, the comedy hits, and the songs are memorable.

12 Cars

Okay, every year, we tend to revisit movies we ignored as children. This movie, along with Rango, is no exception. I watched Cars when it came out with my friends in a Lowe's movie theater in downtown Hoboken, and it was pretty good.

Ignoring the fact that they are sentient cars, this movie has some deep stuff going on. Like the economic decline of Radiator Springs shown in a flashback, which hits hard if you've lived in a small American town that turned out that way.

Don't forget James Taylor singing at his vocal finest, and you have many grown-up tears watching this. My favorite line in this movie is, "He did WHAT in his cup?"

13 A Bug's Life

Truly, A Bug's Life is underrated! Sure, it was not the best Pixar movie, but everything about it was just so great. Some of the scenes were dark for a Pixar movie, and it was a tiny bit forgettable. The animation was not as good as some other Pixar movies, but despite all that, this movie was brilliantly written.

The ants in the movie work hard to gather food for the grasshoppers to guarantee safety for themselves. The leader of the grasshoppers is Hopper, and he is honestly one of the best-written villains I have ever seen. He looks intimidating, so none of the other grasshoppers or ants mess with him. He instills fear in the ants, preventing them from standing up for each other. He blinds the ants by making them think that the grasshoppers overpower them when, in reality, the ants outnumber them.

With Hopper as the antagonist, he creates a really interesting conflict and resolution. Flik, the main character, looks for heroes to battle against the grasshoppers and builds a fake bird with the help of all the other ants to possibly scare away the grasshoppers. When the rest of the ants discover that the warriors Flik found were only circus performers, they all kick Flik out of the ant colony, and they continue to make food for the grasshoppers.

Near the end of the movie, Flik realizes that all the ants work better together as he needed all the ants to build and fly the fake bird. With all the ants working together, they defeated the grasshoppers, and they were finally free.

This movie's plot was great, but I would not consider it to be the best Pixar movie. It lacked the strong and touching message that all other Pixar movies have. However, I still think that it is an amazing and enjoyable animated movie.

14 Finding Dory

There are many sequels I know of that feel forced, where what is extended doesn't quite make sense for the original, but this movie was an exception to all of that. This felt like a true natural extension of Finding Nemo, making this particular sequel made complete sense. Dory's story and origin were important to tell and expand upon, it was a legitimate reason to make a sequel.

Unlike some other sequels I know, this one did complete justice to the original.

That scene with the truck falling in slow motion! I cried from laughter! I had to look away because I was laughing so hard! I opened my eyes for one second, and two sea lions (or seals, I don't know) got slapped in the face by a gigantic falling fish! Oh, that was comedy gold!

Besides the truck scene, the movie was AMAZING! Still deciding if it was better than the first... Yeah, Finding Dory might have been slightly better. You have to see this movie no matter who you are!

15 Monsters University

Monsters University is definitely my favorite Pixar movie of all time! While Up and The Good Dinosaur got me emotional, Toy Story and Brave got me hyped, and Wall-E and Monsters Inc. got me feeling relieved and really connected to them, Monsters University manages to get me excited, hyped, enthusiastic, relieved, and emotional all at once. It has a developed plot, beautiful graphics, a peaceful soundtrack, lovely characters, and exciting events to experience. Most importantly:

It offers something to relate to and connect with. It presents such complex morals, something that many movies actually contradict.

While many movies tell us that we succeed in many things the more we try, this movie explains the opposite. Monsters University has taught me that we humans are not good at everything no matter how much we try. And even if we did, we wouldn't be mastering them. Each one of us should accept his or her strengths, weaknesses, benefits, and disadvantages and continue living within them. Mike tried his best to impress everyone with his scaring techniques by working and studying hard, but he failed to do so. However, instead of hitting a bird with a stone, he hit three birds with one.

16 Incredibles 2

I liked this movie. It's not better than the original, but I felt like it expanded the world in such a great way. Also, that one scene with Screenslaver jump-scaring Elastigirl freaked me out. I jumped right out of my seat in the theater.

I loved Bob trying to be a good parent. "MATH IS MATH!" This movie was great, and you should watch it.

This, the first Incredibles, Inside Out, and Toy Story 3 beat all the other Pixar movies by miles!

This was amazing and better than the first, which I thought was impossible.

17 Toy Story 4

Quick History:

I'm not the biggest Toy Story fan. The movies are good, but I don't enjoy watching them. So, when I found out Pixar was making a fourth film, I wasn't interested. Trailers came out, and I still wasn't interested.

Then, I saw Chris Stuckmann's "Toy Story 4" review. He really liked it, so I decided to give it a chance. A few days ago, I was at McDonald's with my mom. She was looking through films playing in theaters. "Toy Story 4" was an option, so I decided to check it out.

I went in with low expectations and came out with my mind blown. This isn't just the best Toy Story movie. It's one of the best films I've ever seen. I love everything about this movie. I can't think of anything I didn't like. It is definitely the best Pixar film I've ever seen.

18 Brave

This movie is beautiful. And people say that Merida is just a spoiled brat that gets what she wants in the end. She learned her lesson in the end! If you really think that she's spoiled at the end, you clearly weren't paying attention to the ending.

People also say that she's just like every other Disney Princess. Um, no. She's only similar to Tiana and Mulan, but they ended up falling in love. She never fell in love. The main reason people dislike this movie is that they're too blind to see the beauty in it.

They also unfairly criticize it by comparing it to other Pixar films which, first off, is bad criticism, and second, is inaccurate because it is just as good as the other Pixar originals. (In my opinion, it's better than most.)

19 Onward

Quite underrated in my opinion, and surprisingly touching, clever, with great characters and a heartfelt brotherly relationship that was perfected. The characters sound more like the characters than their voice actors, which I think is a pretty good thing.

I'll be honest, when I was going to see this for the first time, I wasn't expecting more than just a simple D&D adventure. But boy, was I wrong. This movie was so much more than what I thought it would be. It was a humanistic story, a very moving one too.

The stories of the two brothers, each with their distinct character, and the story of their past, all worked well to build up a great emotional story.

20 Soul

I cried, yes. I love and hate it when characters are okay with dying, not because they want to die, but because they're at peace with life and it would be okay. This hits seriously hard.

When I saw the trailers, I was a bit scared. I thought the character models looked too funky and that the plot would be rather bland. But when I watched it, I was surprised at how good this movie actually was! The detail in the animation blew me away. The abstract design of the soul dimension was fascinating and interesting to watch. The antagonist was funny. All the characters were well-developed and written. Everything was just so pleasing to watch.

I liked its message about life and how we live to enjoy it. However, its message was not too predictable like other movies. It showed the difference between a passion and an obsession. It showed that we can follow our passion and enjoy it, but we should not let it distract us from the other things to enjoy in life. Watching this movie really made me feel better about my life and the choices I make in life. I would definitely put this on my top 10 favorite Pixar movies. However, I would not say that it is a movie all ages can watch since it revolves around the concept of death, but other than that, this movie is great, and I recommend watching it.

21 Cars 3

I saw it yesterday, and it's actually really good! I think it's the best Cars movie so far. Yes, it's far from the best Pixar movie, but I think it's a big step up from Cars 2, and it's the sequel we deserve!

The only complaints I had were that, in my opinion, some scenes dragged on too long, and it lacked in terms of comedy. They were trying to make it all big and dramatic and didn't put a lot of comedy in it, which kind of had me bored with some parts. There were some parts that made me chuckle, but it wasn't laugh-out-loud funny.

But I think the new characters were very well written! Jackson Storm was a villain where I genuinely got annoyed whenever he came on screen or when I even heard his name! And that's good! He seems like a true villain and enemy to Lightning! Not the best Pixar has done, but still worth watching at least once. I would give this movie an 8/10.

22 Turning Red

Great story, great protagonist, a masterpiece of movie design, and two of the best antagonists. While Tyler may not be as compelling as Mei's overprotective mother Ming, both antagonists bring every good element to the film.

Pixar thinks that Turning Red is the first anime-influenced movie on Disney+.

This movie was so bizarre, but it worked. It's hard to describe.

It's in its own league of Pixar. It feels nothing like a Pixar movie.

It's a movie of its kind, that's for sure.

23 Luca

At first, I thought it was pretty okay, then I rewatched it twice and decided it was pretty great. I love the main characters and their dynamic, especially Luca and Alberto together, but of course, Giulia is enjoyable on her own. I really wish they had continued with their original plans of making Luca and Alberto a couple since it would have been the first official gay couple in Pixar, I think.

Not one of Pixar's grandest achievements, but it is still very, very good and a charming addition to the Pixar legacy.

It feels much more like a Studio Ghibli film than Earwig and the Witch ever did.

24 Elemental

This movie is a good animated movie but not as good as other Pixar movies. I still adore the visuals and how interesting they made the characters. It's worth watching more than Turning Red or Lightyear.

The story really focuses on family and romance. But I wish they had given Wade's backstory. It makes him so relatable. Overall, I give it 9/10.

25 Cars 2

This movie may not be the best but is extremely underrated. I don't understand why people have to pretend to hate it when they actually love it.

Cars 2 shouldn't receive the hate it has. Seeing posts everywhere, people say this movie is boring, but I'm not quite understanding why. People here state that the plot is complicated, and Mater is overused.

Please, people, pay attention. Cars 2 has thrilling scenes and good characters, even you are saying so. And we get to see a full-on use of Mater, but the film still focuses on other characters. The plot also makes sense if you listen.

It's true that younger kids might not understand it, but please be excited for what you have! And to be fair, the plot is basically about motor oil and its depletion.

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