Top 10 Best Pixar Movies

Pixar Animation Studios is an American animation studio that has produced many successful computer animated films ever since its independence in 1986. What are the best movies ever made by the best animation company in the world?
The Top Ten
1 Toy Story

It's a good movie and coincidently, it was first released in the year when I was born 1995. I have fond memories of this movie and without this movie, I'll never even think of pursuing animation and story development in my career path

I think the whole franchise is the best of PIxar. If it's really over after the fourth film, I guess Pixar will never have such a great franchise again. I wouldn't say it's #1, though, I think it just gets better as each sequel passes by. Just my humble opinion.

It kicks more ass than any of the others, although the others all kick a fair amount of ass. This one is a classic and it started the success that Pixar is.

I love this movie. It's my favourite. It has a great story, amazing animation and memorable characters. I also really love the songs. In my opinion this is not only the best Pixar movies, but also the best ANIMATED movie. It's the best along with Toy Story 2 and 3

2 The Incredibles

This movie has Sam L. Jackson in it. enough said. But, to be honest, this movie has fantastic animation, likable and relate-able characters, clever dialogue, and a good metaphor, what with their personalities and actions relating to their powers. Bob has to be strong to support his family, Helen is mother, stretching from doing one thing to another, Dashal is an energetic child, and Violet wants to be unseen and tries to shut people out.

On a side note, The incredibles is the first movie in which the human characters don't look like plastic dolls. They had the human animtion down just right, and what do they do next? They make a movie about cars with faces. which is creative, but, the movie wasn't all that great.

The Incredibles in my opinion is the best pixar movie due to the fact that it doubles as a kids film and a film for maturer audiences thanks to its old spy movie feel, the realistic family dynamic between Helen and Bob, Bobs mid-life crisis and the scene where Bob finds out that a fanboy he rejected 15 years ago killed almost all of his colleagues and friends. Plus add to that one of pixars best original scores and there you have the best pixar movie. In my opinion of course.

Even though I also love Toy Story so much, this one should be number one. It has everything you could ever want in an animated movie:
1. Action
2. Amazing Plot
3. Surprises/Plot Twists
2. Good Character Personalities
3. Good Friends
4. Awesome Animation
5. Fun Villains
6. You can relate to it since it's very realistic
I'm sure that there's some other things that I've missed, but these are some pretty big things that make the movie awesome!

Highly regarded as Pixar's best movie, The Incredibles is a wonderful adventure that provides the perfect combination of the best of superhero movies, along with family comedy. It's hilarious to see two superheroes fight like husband and wife!

3 Finding Nemo

I loved this movie when I was little and I will admit that even at 15, I still sometimes watch it. Marlin may have been a bit overprotective over Nemo, but that was pretty much the whole point of the movie and it shows how much he cares for him. I think it has the best and most touching story out of any Pixar movie, as well as amazing animation and soundtrack. I also thought the actors/actresses fit their characters perfectly and couldn't imagine them being voiced by anyone else, especially Dory who almost everyone knows by this point is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. I loved "Toy Story" as well, but this to me is timeless.

Yikes! Takling about Peach (princess) and Mario on that list and Dot playing against tails, that's Nintendo and Sega not Pixar! Not only the retro fanboys (people who think old Mario Kart is better than new Mario Kart) invaded the video games list, but they are also invading Pixar lists too :(

Anyway, this is my favorite Pixar Movie ever. Every single aspect and point of this movie is so impressive and flawless that it easily marks one of the best animated films if not, the BEST animated film in my opinion.

Best. Movie. Ever. Everything about it, the characters, and story line, the animations, and especially the music. The music is one of the best things about it for sure. I don't know how this movie isn't number one. Also, Disney and Pixar couldn't have picked better actors to do the voices for Nemo, Dory, and Marlin. And as I said before, Best. Movie. Ever.

AN ASTOUNDING PIXAR MOVIE! The idea of a clownfish deciding to put his fears of the ocean aside because of how much he cares for his son was really a genius idea. The characters are cute and funny, the water animation blew me away, and the soundtrack made you feel everything they wanted you to feel. Unlike other Pixar movies, this one gave multiple major messages. They gave the message of how some things are worth risking when you are doing it for somebody you care, but they also gave the message of friendship and letting things go. When Marlin was adventuring with Dory, he discovered two things. One, he discovered that if he really loved his son, he would let him live a life without constantly being protected. Two, he learned to trust others like Dory. He learned to trust Dory as a friend throughout the movie. In the middle of the movie, there was a scene where Dory told Marlin to swim through an underwater canyon instead of over it. Marlin did not trust her, so they went over the ...more

4 Monsters, Inc.

I personally found this to be one of the most emotional, fantastic, funniest, and most brilliant films ever made. It's a masterpiece, with a fantastic score and storyline. It's original and keeps you on your toes. The song 'If I Didn't Have You', by Randy Newman and sung by Billy Crystal and John Goodman, is easily one of my favorites, right up there with 'You've Got a Friend in Me' and 'I Will Go Sailing No More'. This film has MASTER acting, with names like Jennifer Tilly, Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi, and John Goodman, all talented people. In short, this film is the best, right up there with Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Up.

This movie was twisty, if anything. It had quite a clever plot that kept on taking unexpected turns. Discovering that Mr. Waterson secretly ran a conspiracy behind the company, or that Randle wasn't actually motivated by having a scare record, but something more sinister, or that everything the monsters feared is based on a lie, or especially the twist ending, where an alternative that saved the company was discovered. The plot is so cleverly written this way, it really leads you on a rollar coaster of twists and turns.

I used to watch this everyday when I was younger and I'd always cry at the end for some reason. This movie holds so many great memories for me and even though Monster's University was okay, it will never measure up to this animated masterpiece.

This should be the number four spot, behind Toy Story, Up, and Finding Nemo. It is by far Pixar's most creative movie. Really, think of the fact that somebody had to IMAGINE that monsters scare kids to generate their electricity. It's genius!

5 Up

I remember seeing this movie twice in theaters when I was 9 years old, and it has since then remained my favorite stand-alone Pixar movie (Toy Story 1-3 of course is still the best of them all). It has a strange and bizarre concept of a house floating all the way to South America starring an old man, a talking dog, a boy scout, and a dodo bird, and that's part of what made the film so amazing. Seeing the opening 10 minutes of Carl's marriage with Ellie barely had any words to it, but the fact that it was able to tell such an emotional and tear jerking story using very little dialogue really caught my attention. Of course, this is Pixar, so expect outstanding visuals, creative storytelling, lovable characters, catchy soundtrack, and plenty of great comedy, and this movie has all of that! Well done Pixar! Well done!

Beautiful animation, an interesting but weird plot of a flying house, amazing heartwarming music, and great messages. The beginning and the end made me cry. It really expressed the things in life that matter, and the things you do for others. Carl Fredricksen (the main character) risked nearly everything for a dream he promised to his wife for the life of another person he valued. He put balloons on his house, and flew it all the way to South America! However, he met an annoying kid along the way named Russel. He gets captured, but Carl does not go to save him. Instead, he continues to fly his house to South America because he valued it more. He then started to look at his wife's adventure book, and he sees that all the time he spent with his wife and enjoying the wonders of life was truly an amazing adventure. He then came to realize the things that he valued more. He then throws heavy, valuable items out of his house to get it to fly again because all of that stuff did not matter to ...more

Yes. This movie should be first. A beautifully animated movie with some mature topics while still retaining that child like feeling with a flying house, and talking dog. Not to mention all of the emotions. In the opening scene we see Ellie and Carl living their life happily even though they never fulfill their dream of going to Paradise Falls, or having a child. We then get the mean side of Carl, which sets off his adventure. Then of course, there is Russel, Kevin, and especially Doug who all get their fair share of joy, comedy, and sadness. I say Doug especially because this is how you do a good comedy character, unlike some movies (Cough cough Olaf cough cough frozen.) a lovable pup who just wants his master to be happy. Although the antagonist Charles amounts could be better, I love every second of this film, no doubt you will too.

This movie was a spectacular emotional story. Most, if not all, main characters in Pixar movies go through an amazing change with great self-development, and the life-changing journey that Mr. Freddrick went through was arguably, more or less, the best one yet in a Pixar movie. His story is drawn out in a way that really touches you, drawing out his character to someone you can really sympathize for. His amazing change of character from start to finish is gradual and realistic, creating great character development for the movie.

6 Wall-E

I think this movie is a lot better than what many remember it to be. It had a great motivational story with a bold message that it really pushed throughout the movie. The apocalyptic future world was something that made it thrilling in a way, everything felt at high stakes, making every decision that was made feel significant. It also presented quite a tough dilemma for the human on the colonists ship, one that really has them and you thinking. The fact that this all spawned from the problem of product waste really encourages you to be greener and more eco-friendly.

Wall-E is for sure my favorite Pixar movie. Not many people would think of it as their favorite- it is not very popular and has very little dialogue. Because it doesn't appeal to many younger kids, it was not as popular a movie as some other pixar movies, but I really like it. I think the emotions shown where very strong and it was a unique perspective-
different from other Pixar movies. But, I do think it is a movie that will be appreciated more by older audiences.

There are few movies who come close to the heartfelt love story called Wall-E. Despite being one of the older movies in Pixar's entirety, Wall-E perfectly captures how an abandoned robot finds love. Wall-E is adorable and his curiosity always brings a smile to my face. The story is beautiful and empowering as much it is touching and heartwarming. I would 100% recommend to anyone who hasn't watched it as of now.

It shows a great reflection on the potential future of humanity if we let it all go to dust. Even when showing a poignant perspective of the world, it still manages to be kid-friendly. Pixar doesn't fail to impress

7 Toy Story 3

Like Finding Dory, this was a sequel that was sensible to make, (there are some movie sequels I know that feel like it is just being milked out), because it continued on something that was left unanswered before. For Finding Dory, it give the answer to Dory's backstory, and for this one, it expanded on the inevitable problem the toys discussed in the last movie: Andy growing up. This was the kind of sequel that needed to happen in order to provide more satisfaction to the overall story, rather than trying to make a sequel to a movie that already had satisfying ends.

While watching this movie I'm pretty sure I cried 5 times. This is just a sad story and I'd be happy if it ended there. But there's a TOY STORY 4 that's been released. Haven't watched it yet but definitely will to see if it was really that necessary or if it was just a waste of money. But this movie is definitely awesome. Wonderful animation that follows a thrilling story-line. Memorable characters saying good by for the penultimate time.

The best animated movie of all time. Period. One of the best movies of all time. This is an amazing movie and it should be at the top of this list. Hands down one of my favorite movies of all time. There is one scene that even if I think about it, I will cry.

The best Toy Story ever made! It had a good storyline and I hope it wins best picture this year. Also the number 1 animation of all time!

8 Toy Story 2

Toy Story is like the original Star Wars movie because this movie is the Empire Strikes Back of the trilogy. It's so great I can't even fit all of its greatness into this comment. The theme about everything coming to an end and whether we should accept it sooner or wait it out is a very mature dilemma and probably the best in the pixar movies. The visuals in the movie are purely stunning. The airport scene, Al's Toy Barn, and the scene where Woody gets restored are imprinted in my mind forever and they could be a short on their own. Jesse's back story rivals that of Up's first 10 minutes of heartbreaking-ness. It should be higher if not number one. Ratatouille should be higher too.

Truly the best Toy Story sequel and one of my favorite Pixar movies! This movie took a big step in animation for its time, and everything else about it was just so perfect! All the old and new characters were funny and well written, the music was astounding and perfect with every scene it was playing at, the twist villain was genius, and the theme was really sweet. The message about putting aside the inevitable and staying loyal to the ones you care for was expressed so wonderfully in this movie. Throughout the entire movie, you see hints that Andy is growing up, and that Andy is gaining less interest in playing with Woody. Woody gets the opportunity to keep his purpose of being loved forever by being a toy display in Japan, and he eventually accepts it. However, with his friends returning to rescue him, he came to realize that even if Andy may grow up, he still loves him, and being with him is worth every minute. In the end, Woody tells Buzz that even if Andy throws him away or stops ...more

The best Pixar movie without a doubt. Original Toy Story is very overrated (not saying it's bad, just saying it's not the best). The original Toy Story's animation does not hold up and is not very good. Toy Story 2's animation is flawless and still looks great now. The songs in Toy Story 2 are better (When She Loved Me, Wheezy's You've Got a Friend In Me), the story is better, and the performances are better. Sure, it doesn't have a break out line (YOU ARE A TOY! From TS1), but the whole thing is wonderful. Sid from the original Toy Story is just evil for the sake of being evil, while the Prospector is just lonely and has been waiting for a friend for so many years. Prospector is tired of being locked up. TS2 continued with the adult humor and the child humor and improved upon it. TS2 brought in series main characters Jessie and Bullseye, while also having Zurg and the amazing opening scene. The credits song (Woody's Roundup) is fantastic. Overall Pixar's best movie.

This movie is awesome. I don't know why this is less popular than toy story and toy story 3. The best part is when Woody and Jessie escaped from the plane. The characters I hate in this movie are Al mcwhiggen because he's steals others stuff and is obsessed with chickens and stinky Pete because he was mean before the end of the movie. This movie is better than the other toy story movies.

9 Inside Out

Has such a good message about how we need all emotions not just joy and represents it extremely well. It also has loveable characters and to make a good story it is an absolute necessity to have good characters that the audience will relate to or admire. It also (of course) has a lot of emotion which makes an interesting movie. There's too much to talk about this amazing movie and if I were to talk about the scenery it would take about an hour since the imagination in this is too much to handle. I don't think Pixar will ever top this movie and if it does, Pixar would have basically conquered the world. Congrats to you Pixar for not only making one of the best Disney movies, but also make one of the best movies in film making history!

It's official, Inside Out is now my new favourite Disney movie of all time, putting Big Hero 6 in second place. I've only watched the film twice, and I gotta say, nothing has made me love a film that quick after watching it the first time. Seriously, what's not to love about Inside Out? Everything about it is absolutely A-grade worthy. The animation, the visuals, the voice casting, the humour, the drama, EVERYTHING! This is a film that I would definitely watch over and over and over again and still love it. It's that brilliant!

P.S. Sorry BH6, your days in the top of my list are over. Inside Out all the way. Period.

There is no exaggeration that this is the best movie I have ever seen. A girl struggles with moving to a new city, an environment in which she feels exposed and uninvolved. She even tries to run away from the city back to her home. Her real home. I thought it was so touching how (spoilers) in the end the emotions become more complex (I.E. A blue and red memory or a yellow and green memory) which is a great explanation of the way our minds mature and evolve as we age and our emotions and memories become more complex and less one sided. 11/10 outstanding movie, should be number one.

The definite best Pixar movie! Such a powerful message and while I love Pixar and every movie has a deep meaning, this one seems to hit home closest of all because it captures something so general yet so complex in a perfect way: life. The way they create the world of Riley's brain is very well thought out. It's funny and relatable, especially since Riley is one year younger than I am (when I was when it came out) so I could really relate to her and some of her struggles. A complete masterpiece and work of art

10 Ratatouille

1. Ratatoille because he is a rat and he is friends with a human 2. Wall-e it shows how much humans are polluting the earth 3. Finding nemo marlin and dory go all across the sea to save a little cute fish 4. Toy story 3 it shows how much toys care for their owners 5. The incredibles funny story of a superhero family 6. Toy story amazing story and just love you got a friend in me song 7. Up up has a romance tragedy funny moments action and more but still ratatouille kicks buttux hello!

This is easily the most underrated pixar movie. It is funny, the animation of Paris is gorgeous, the characters are memorable, and it really sucks you into the environment. Some of my favorite animated scenes come from this movie. Aside from the Incredibles and maybe Up, this is the best Pixar movie.

Ratatouille is better than Inside Out, Toy Story 2/3, and even Finding Nemo. I think Ratatouille is better aimed to an older audience, and far more palatable to me than a lot of these other ones. Kids think it's okay but don't really see the themes in the movie. This masterpiece is very underrated.

Although WALL-E is my favorite Pixar movie, I had to vote for this because it belongs in the top 10, no question. You know a kid's movie is good is adult love it, too. Ratatouille is a movie you can watch infinitely. It never gets old.

The Contenders
11 Coco

It is a very touching and greatly built movie, my favorite of Pixar. It's a family favorite, the characters are fairly well written, the plot is well-executed, emotional. 10/10

I've watched all of Pixar's films and no film is as emotional as Coco. That scene where Miguel sings Remember Me to Coco is just so heartwarming. I would say it's as emotional as Up's first 10 minutes. The twist villain is great and animation is obviously spectacular. The story is also really we put together, the comedy hits, and the songs are memorable.

I love this movie! This is so beautiful, this should be higher! This is so emotional, and the part where Hector sings "Remember Me" to Coco was so emotional, I love it! This doesn't have cringy, annoying songs, in fact, the songs are really catchy and fun. For you disney haters, if you say that disney movies are boring and unemotional, I challenge you to either watch Coco or Inside Out!

Coco is now my favorite Pixar movie, because it has great mystery, and pushes the limits about death. Cars 3 just mentions Docs demise, Up tells a love story where Ellie dies, but Coco, it goes into the universe about death, and the super villain I love to hate, Ernesto De La Cruz. The tiger was super cool. Nothing like a mystery thriller from Pixar.

12 Cars

OK, every year, we tend to revisit movies we ignored as children. This movie, along with Rango, is no exception. I watched Cars when it came out with my friends in a Lowe's movie theater in downtown Hoboken and it was pretty good. Ignoring the fact that they are sentient cars, this movie has some deep stuff going on. Like the economic decline of Radiator Springs in a flashback, which hits hard if a small American town you lived in turns out that way. Don't forget James Taylor singing at his vocally finest and you have many grown-up tears watching this. My favorite line in this movie: "He did WHAT in his cup?"

Ok this movie is Far better than Ratatouille because for goodness Sake it's a RAT! Touching Food! DISQUSTING! And this movie really shows what racing is really like because 1 my dad is a dirt track racer and I grew up watching this movie pretending that Lightning was my dad and Sally my mom! And Tow mater my dad's best friend Beaver( his nickname ) because he has buck teeth like Mater! This movie is amazing! It tells about a Guy who's ego is huge and it makes him a total jerk to some people but then he gets lost and meets a country girl living in a small city. Kind of where I live. My dad was an awesome racer and he and she went to Myrtle on a High school trip and met each other so it's not exactly getting lost but you get the picture. Just Saying this Movie is Real in many ways to me. Especially

I think this movie worked really well as a humanistic story. Ignoring the fact that they are living cars, and you may see how complex the people in the movie really are. The emotional journey that McQueen went through, going through lots of gradual changes and gaining insightful new perspective along the way, is actually a pretty well-written one. And just when you think you know how it will end, it takes Lightening's decision at the end may leave you quite surprised. Great human story, despite them being cars.

Cars is an amazing movie that not only shows NASCAR racing but also a little dirt in radiator springs. This movie says that not everything is about winning your spirit is what matters. So I think this movie needs to be at least in the top 10. This movie represents what I've grown up in having my dad being a dirt track racer. Yeah it may be a little red neck but isn't racing all ready that? in my opinion it beats ratatouille by a mile. This movie has heart! Just remember Float like a Cadillac sting like a Beamer!

13 A Bug's Life

Truly underrated! Sure, it was not the best Pixar movie, but everything about it was just so great. Sure, some of the scenes were dark for a Pixar movie. Sure, it was a tiny bit forgettable. Sure, the animation was not as good as some other Pixar movies, but despite all that, this movie was so brilliantly written. The ants in the movie work so hard to get food for the grasshoppers so that they can guarantee safety for the ants. The leader of the grasshoppers is Hopper, and he is honestly one of the best written villains I have ever seen. He looks intimidating, so none of the other grasshoppers or ants mess with him. He puts fear into the heads of the ants so that none of them would be courageous enough to stand up for one another. He blinds the ants by making them think that the grasshoppers overpower them when, in reality, the ants outnumber them. With hopper as the antagonist, he creates a really interesting conflict and resolution. Flik, the main character, looks for heroes to ...more

Behind Toy Story, this is definitely my 2nd favorite.

The entrigueing plot, the well-developed characters, the visuals... They're all amazing.

The plot is so dark and light-hearted at the same time... One point you see insects dancing, the next you see them being fed to birds...

I love this movie. I use my baby sister as an excuse to watch it (she watches the same films over and over) so I don't have to do chores because I'm watching her, AND I get to watch the film! Killed two birds with one stone!

A bugs life is the only pixar movie that has a terrible darkness in it. Hopper the main villain, is very creepy, mean and makes the ants do nonstop slave work. I love Hopper! The darkness of this movie is at the end of course. I nominate this movie as a make you laugh, and scream adventure. This movie by far is the best pixar movie.

The most underrated Pixar movie ever. It's not a masterpiece like Wall-E (my favorite), Up or Toy Story trilogy, but I really like this movie. When I was a kid, I watched the VHS a million times! I don't understand the indifference people have about this movie. Many say that AntZ was better. I disagree. A Bug's life had more memorable characters and the computer animation aged better than Antz.

14 Finding Dory

There are many sequels I know of that feel forced, what is extended doesn't quite make sense for the original, but this movie was an exception to all of that. This felt like a true natural extension of Finding Nemo, making this particular sequel made complete sense; Dory's story and origin was an important one to make and expand onto, it was a legitimate reason to make a sequel. Unlike some other sequel movies I know, this one did complete justice to the original.

That seen with the truck falling in slow motion! I cried from laughter! I had to look away I was laughing so hard! I open my eyes for one second and two sea lions (or seals I don't know) got slapped in the face by a gigantic falling fish! Oh that was comedy gold! Besides the truck scene, the movie was AMAZING! Still deciding if it was better than the first... Yeah, finding dory might of been slightly better. You have to see this movie no matter who you are!

To be honest, this isn't one of my favourites, but I still gotta give it credit for still having beautiful animation, good soundtrack and almost all of the same actors and actresses that were in the first one, plus it introduced many characters like Destiny and the octopus, so although I didn't enjoy this as much as I did the original, I can still understand why people would think otherwise.

I love Finding Dory and how it talks about disability in general. I love how the movie handles Dory, Marlin and Nemo, as well as how they interact with each other. I love the supporting characters, both old and new faces alike!

I hope that it is only last because it just came out...

15 Monsters University

Monsters University is definitely my favorite Pixar movie of all the time! While Up and The Good Dinasour got me so emotional, Toys Story and Brave got me hyped, and Wall-E and Monsters Inc got me relieved and really connected to them, Monsters University manages to get me exotic, hyped, enthusiastic, relieved, and emotional altogether. It has such a developed plot, beautiful graphics, peaceful soundtrack, lovely characters, exciting events to live with, and most importantly:

It got something to relate and get connected with. It got such complex morals...something that many movies actually contradict with it.

While many movies explain us about how we succeed in many things the more we try, this movie literally explains the OPPOSITE. Monsters University has taught me that us humans are not good at everything no matter how we try; and if even if we did, we won't be mastering them. Each one of us should accept his/her strengths, weaknesses, benefits, and disadvantages and ...more

This is deserves to be higher! Best movies of 2013! Pixar has a good job make a prequel that happen before Monster, Inc. And I almost like all of characters too. Sometimes funny and cool yet. And have a great graphics and pictures. Just love it!

This is the unique prequel. This movie deserves be higher. Haha. I remember when I'm talking with my friend about it. All of the monsters is working before and learning in university soon. Like a flashback?
And don't forget this is the best movies in 2013 too. So vote it!

I've watched the whole movie but I don't remember it. I was like 5 and now I'm 10. But I recently watched the beginning of the movie and it was so touching and sad. It was really sweet and an amazing beginning.

16 Brave

This movie is beautiful. And people say that Merida is just a spoiled brat that gets what she wants in the end. She LEARNED HER LESSON in the end! If you really think that she's spoiled at the end you clearly weren't paying attention to the ending. People also say that she's just like every other Disney Princess. Um no. She's only similar to Tiana and Mulan, but they ended up falling in love. She never fell in love. The main reason people hate this movie is because they're too blind to see the beauty in it. They also unfairly hate on it because they compare it to other Pixar films which first off is bad criticism and second off is inaccurate because it is just as good as the other Pixar Originals. (In my opinion it's better than most)

I like how Pixar tried to go in a different direction with this one. The medieval theme wasn't really done before, neither was having a princess that is completely independent of herself. The whole scottish-middle-age land had some interesting story and lore to it to, especially the tales of the cursed prince from an ancient kingdom.

I've never seen Brave in a list of top 10 Pixar movies. Never. Which annoys me because this is at least in my top 3 Pixar movies, whenever I feel like watching a movie, this is often the one that comes to mind first. I love the animation, story and characters. Brave is an unfairly hated movie that deserves a little bit of love

I really genuine LOVED this movie. Brave throbbed on my heart. The first Disney princess to: Not have a prince, have a movie describing her mother relationship with her, come from Pixar, have awesome but messed up hair, and to look pretty even with natural beauty.

17 Incredibles 2

I liked this movie, its not better than the original but I felt like it expanded the world in such a great way. Also that one scene with Screenslaver jump scaring Elastigirl freaked me out. I jumped right out of my seat in the theaters. I loved Bob trying to be a good parent. "MATH IS MATH!" This movie was great and you should watch it.

This, The first Incredibles, Inside Out, and Toy Story 3 beat all the other pixar movies by miles!

This was amazing and better than the first which I thought was impossible.

Love this movie Love the animation Best animated movie and best movie of all time Incredibles 2 is the best animated movie since Wall•E!

18 Toy Story 4

Quick History:

I'm not the biggest Toy Story fan. The movies are good, but I don't like watching them. So, when I found out Pixar was making a fourth film, I wasn't interested. Trailers came out and I still wasn't interested. Then, I saw Chris Stuckmann's "Toy Story 4" review. He really liked it, so I decided to give it a chance. A few days ago, I was at McDonald's with my mom. She was looking through films playing in theaters. "Toy Story 4" was an option, so I decided to check it out. I went in with low expectations, and came out with my mind blown. This isn't just the best Toy Story movie, it's one of the best films I've ever seen! I love everything about this movie! I can't think of anything I didn't like! definitely the best Pixar film I've ever seen.

While Toy Story 3 did tie up a lot of loose ends so satisfyingly, Toy Story 4 provided some more ends to other things that weren't quite tied up yet. The main one diving more into the character Bo Pete, who wasn't really given a satisfactory ending before. Her character was much more fleshed out, giving her a chance to better end her story. Any other character whom wasn't really finished in the best way they could, namely Woody and Jessie, were now given a place that completely satisfies their character story.

This is a big upgrade on Toy Story and, by far, the best Toy Story film ever! However, with Lightyear coming out, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Will Toy Story 4 keep it's glory, or will a new era rise?

Toy story 4 is a absolute masterpiece. The greatest movie of the entire series. It destroys toy stories 1 2 and 3. And trails only saving private Ryan for greatest film of all time.

19 Onward

I'll be honest, when I was going to see this for the first time, I wasn't expecting anymore than just a simple D&D adventure, but boy was I wrong, this movie was so much more than what I thought it would be. It was humanistic story, a very moving one too. The stories of the two brothers, each with their distinct character, and the story of their past, it all worked well to build up a great emotional story.

To keep it simple, this movie was great! There was nothing wrong with this movie, and I am glad Pixar decided to make an original film after a decade of mostly sequels and prequels. The animation was absolutely stunning, and the expression of love and value was really touching. This movie makes you cry like any other Pixar movie, and it is the perfect family movie to watch.

The best Pixar movie I've seen in over a decade. The 2010s were full of inferior sequels or mediocre originals, but Onward breaks this curse with dazzling animation, creative story, and heartwarming themes. Shame that the virus ruined its box office, a terrible injustice! Fans are petitioning for a rerelease post epidemic.

I really didn't like this movie it was really slow and boring.

20 Soul

When I saw the trailers, I was a bit scared. I thought the character models looked too funky and that the plot would be rather bland. But when I watched it, I was surprised at how good this movie actually was! The detail to animation blew me away. The abstract design of the soul dimension was so fascinating and interesting to watch. The antagonist was funny. All the characters were well developed and written. Everything was just so pleasing to watch. I liked its message on life and how we live to enjoy it. However, it's message was not too predictable like other movies. It showed the difference between a passion and an obsession. It showed that we can follow our passion and enjoy it, but we should not let it distract us from the other things to enjoy in life. Watching this movie really made me feel better about my life and the choices I make in life. I would definitely put this on my top 10 favorite Pixar movies. However, I would not say that is a movie all ages can watch since it ...more

Instant classic, and highly thought-provoking as well.

21 Cars 3

I saw it yesterday, and it's actually really good! I think it's the best Cars movie so far. Yes, it's far from the best Pixar movie, but I think it's a big step-up from Cars 2 and it's the sequel we deserve! The only complaints I had were that in my opinion some scenes dragged on too long, and it lacked in terms of comedy. They were trying to make it all big and dramatic and didn't put a lot of comedy in it, which kind of had me bored with some parts. There were some parts that made me chuckle, but it wasn't laugh-out-loud funny. But I think the new characters were very well written! Jackson Storm was a villain where I genuinely got pissed whenever he came on screen or when I even heard his name! And that's good! He seems like a true villain and enemy to Lightning! Not the best Pixar has done, but still worth watching at least once. I would give this movie an 8/10.

This movie is great! It's not the best Pixar movie however it did become the best one of the franchise. The characters are great and interesting for the most part, the animation yet again is solid. Just everything about this movie is enjoyable. I really really liked it, it's also a big step-up for the franchise because Cars 2 is by far the worst Pixar movie, and Cars is not the best. This is so good and I hope to see it again soon!

The plot so far explains it'll be a very emotional movie. Lightning McQueen is getting older. He's been racing for 11 years. And rookies with high tech are coming into the sport. I think he might actually retire at the end of the movie I'm not sure though

This movie is brilliant. I just watched it and it is better than the 1st and 2nd movie.

22 Turning Red

The content of this movie is nowhere near as inappropriate for small children as any of the offensively racist Indian scenes from Peter Pan.

This movie was so bizarre, but it worked..., it's hard to describe it..., it's in its own league of Pixar..., it feels nothing like a Pixar movie..., it's a movie of its kind, that's for sure.

Pixar thinks that Turning Red is the first anime-influenced movie on Disney+.

23 Luca

Not one of Pixar's grandest achievements, but it is still very, very good and a charming edition to the Pixar legacy.

Feels much more like a Studio Ghibli film than Earwig and the Witch ever did.

Great movie, I like how Pixar did something different with this movie.

24 Lightyear

I just saw this in theaters and thought it was pretty good, but it's not my favorite Pixar movie ever. The villain was very surprising honestly and I really loved Sox the robot cat! I'd give this movie a 7.5/10, a good effort from Disney.

This should be at least top 15 in my opinion.

25 Cars 2

Cars 2 shouldn't get the hate it has. Seeing posts everywhere, people say this is boring but I'm not quite understanding why, people here state that the plot is complicated, and mater is overused. People please put your head in. Cars 2 has thrilling scenes, and good characters even you are saying. And we get to have a full on use with mater, but still focuses on other characters. The plot also makes sense if you listen, it's true that younger kids can't understand it but please be excited for what you have! And to be fair, the plot is basically about motor oil stuff and how's its running out.

The cars trilogy is mediocre at best but I thought the second installment was pretty good. Unlike the other two, this one has an original story which expands on the original. It's way more intense and action-packed than the other two, which is good becuase those were way too boring. And let's be real, what is better between a spy-thriller and basic Formula One? Another difference is that in this movie, the fact that the characters are cars actually matter, because it's part of the story. In the other two, you could make the characters human and it wouldn't change a thing.

HEY, YOU! I GOT SOMETHING TO TELL YOU! This movie is extremely underrated! This movie revolved around Mater, our favorite character, and the fact that Mater's character was displayed in a spy theme in this movie makes it even better! It was perfect how they put the seriousness and action of a spy movie with Mater's silly and crazy personality. The idea of friendship and the things you do for a friend is also what made this movie enjoyable and touching. Mater acted as a good friend that was okay with just being himself, but he also protected Lightning Mcqueen, his best friend, whenever he was in danger. The message of friendship with a spy theme with a silly character made everything in this movie so enjoyable and fun. This is easily the best Cars movie!

Cars 2 was just decent. The story is too complicated and confusing, the characters are one-dimensional and underdeveloped and the jokes and humours are bad and not funny. But the animation is astonishing and feels atmosphere when they go around the world in Tokyo, Paris, Italy and London. It's still a fun action-packed movie to watch with your family.

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