Best Movies to Watch When You're Sick

This is a list of movies that are pretty good to watch when you are sick in bed.
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1 The Godfather

The most amazing journey through a Patriarch and his family. Al Pacino and Marlon brando along with James Caan and Robert Duvall gives the greatest performances of all time!

I was home all week, and I watched this the first day. PRetty enjoyable, just sitting at home, doing nothing but watching the greatest film ever made!

Marlon Brando is the main actor behind this movie and it could not have been made if the Actors were different!

2 The Dark Knight

Christian Bale is a great actor! The Dark Knight is even better than Batman Begins and is fine to watch when your sick!

Best movie of all time and Heath Ledger gives the best performance ever! It is good when your at home sick!

The best movie. Action and Crime along with a bit of Drama, Heath Ledger gives a stunning performance!

3 Finding Nemo

Best fish movie ever made! All pixar animations are good and this is the best, to watch when your sick is also good. The stunning look at underwater life!

The best animation of all time, and it is a great adventure, funny and pretty good for watching at home, early morning is the best!

Most excellent movie under the ocean and it is filled with awesome scenes and shows you how fish "live" under water!

4 Ferris Bueller's Day Off

It's perfect! I'm sick today and it fits the theme is well. It's about a student named Ferris Bueller who pretends to be sick to get a day-off. Good film

Good movie.
The print of this movie doesn't look old at all.
Time well spent.

I really wan't to see this, I always thinking that good movies are classics like this one!

5 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

It takes my mind off the feeling every time, and it leaves me feeling mostly good afterwards with the urge to watch the rest of the series.

Lord of the Rings is the greatest Saga of all time! It has some good actors, amazing special effects and a great plot!

Best movie of all time, and to watch it at home because you away from work or school is just a big bonus!

6 Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest

Will Turner played by Orlando Bloom is the reason why I became Orlando's and Pirates of the Caribbean fan. Amazing character, amazing actor. DMC is the best of Pirates of the Caribbean in my opinion. I love this movie!

To watch Captain Jack is just a bonus! One of the greatest movies in cinema history, this masterpiece is the best of the series and is a great adventure for your Television!

The best movie to see, it is a legend in the cinema and to watch when your sick is even better! Jack Sparrow really does make this movie what it is!

7 The Hunger Games
8 The Avengers

This is the greatest movie ever! JARVIS would adore it. I am feeling sick, so let JARVIS help me!

Somebody make a remix list on Top Ten Movies to Watch When you are Feeling Sad

9 The Dark Knight Rises

If Batman can get back up after this one, so can you!

10 Shrek

Did this when me and my brother were 5 and both had some sort of a fever. Slept through it, though...

The Contenders
11 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

I say if you are sick and want something with vampires, watch The Vampire Diaries. It's a teen romance with drama and action. It's a really good show.

*Spits out water* A teen movie about vampires? If you are searching for a "teen movie about vampires", try The Lost Boys or The Moth Diaries.

12 Saving Private Ryan

Greatest War movie ever made! Watching it at home is pretty good, while everyone is out working or something you can close the blinds and make the room dark and watch this on your big T.V.!

Best and nothing can defeat it! Steven Spielberg's most amazing movie and should be watched and be put on your list of movies to watch when your sick!

Tom Hanks is a great actor and in this movie it is his best part, that can't be missed! Matt Damon also has a good role

13 Mean Girls

Really stupid movie. First it was Heathers, Clueless, Jawbreaker, now this...

Simple movie about high-school, perfect to watch when you're sick.

14 Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
15 The Simpsons Movie

Whenever I'm sick and need to stay home from school, this is the movie I watch

16 Schindler's List

A very long movie! Schindler's List is an epic in Steven Spielberg's name and it is one of the finest works in Cinema. It is an excellent choice for your sick list!

The best Jewish movie of all time, Steven Spielberg is without a doubt the most creative director of all time!

The most emotional journey through the Holocaust and will make you feel sad, about the Holocaust!

17 Clueless

Honestly the best film for young girls to watch aside from legally blonde

18 Zootopia

Such a good movie for anyone and everyone!

Great movie! Very funny and entertaining

19 Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Most inspiring and beautiful film I have ever seen! Great to watch anytime, and will certainly lift your spirits of you're feeling down.

I agree! Everyone should see this movie. It will really bring up your spirit.

Why is this 26?! This should be #1! This was the best movie ever!

20 Trolls

This movie is good when you are sick.

This should be next to Zootopia.

My favorite Dreamworks movie.

21 Mad Max: Fury Road
22 Pulp Fiction
23 The Godfather Part II

The greatest and most epic of all the Godfather series. It is an amazing look at Vito Corleone's life and Michael during pre Revolution Cuba and it is the best to watch

The best Al Pacino performance you can watch, Winner of Six Academy Awards and Robert De Niro is amazing in this film!

Good movie and it is full of adventure, crime and drama. Al Pacino slowly becomes the thing he didn't want to!

24 Shrek 2
25 Cheaper by the Dozen

I thought this movie was stupid, watched it once while I had the flu, and I threw up...just saying'

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