Top 10 Horror Movies You Probably Haven't Seen But Should

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1 Forget Me Not

Just bought this movie a week ago and have watched it 7 times since then. It's not a perfect movie in any sense, but it has an interesting story with a touch of originality for a slasher film.

While the "ghosts" were well done and kind of creepy, I do have some complaints about them. However, that doesn't keep me from enjoying this movie for what it is. A nice little unexpected ending was a refreshing thing since most movie endings suck nowadays.

You're right about this! LOVED the story and very scary, awesome special effects too! Totally different from all the others!

2 Eden Lake

Amazing little flick with a great atmosphere and a truly disturbing and crazy story. Yet what's so crazy about this movie is that the idea of it is not that farfetched. Sure, it would be rare, but something like this could actually happen in real life with how some children are raised and the effects of peer pressure.

And wow, at the ending. So wow.

3 Cold Prey

Great movie. Don't watch the English dubbed version. It really handicaps the film. Just watch it with subtitles and enjoy.

Some may view this as just another slasher from another country, but this is truly an amazing horror film. The location is creepy, the acting, from what I can tell, is good, and some of the scenes are just breathtaking. This movie is what I think the low-budget slasher film "Shredder" could have been, had it had better actors, a higher budget, and a more established plot.

Loved the fact there is a female heroine. The backstory is different and the "predator" is chillingly unique. I highly recommend watching the sequel as well!

4 All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

I waited forever to find this movie, and I'm so glad I did. It was a great flick with the ever-so-beautiful Amber Heard as the lead, and she does an amazing job.

While this movie kind of borders on the edge of becoming just another teen slasher, it never quite falls down to that point, which is a good thing. The best touch of all was the truly shocking ending. Definitely glad I hunted this one down to add to my movie collection.

5 Cold Prey 2

God, this was a good movie, especially if I'm saying that when I had to read subtitles. Amazing follow-up to "Cold Prey (Fritt Vilt)" that continued from the original in the tradition of the original "Halloween" and "Halloween 2."

It takes our protagonist, who just lost her friends and narrowly escaped the killer, and puts her in an isolated hospital where the killer takes his final shot at offing the strong-willed protagonist.

6 Burning Bright

Was completely and utterly surprised with this movie. It was so suspenseful and nothing like I expected it to be. So glad I took a chance on this movie, as it was great.

Briana Evigan did a spectacular job, and she is one of my new favorite actresses in this day and age. I hope to see her in plenty more movies.

7 Dead in 3 Days

A good foreign slasher flick, kind of similar to "I Know What You Did Last Summer." Actually, really similar except with technology.

But it's well-executed, and the shocks and twists were intriguing. The look of the movie was amazing. The English dubbing for this one actually isn't all that bad at all. Very depressing and slick feel to this movie.

8 Let the Right One In
9 Megan is Missing
10 Dead Snow
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11 Storm Warning
12 Penny Dreadful

I discovered this movie at the first-ever After Dark Horrorfest and have since watched it many times and shown it to numerous people. Everybody is always impressed.

Please ignore the silly-sounding title. This is a good quality, suspenseful movie that plays on your phobias.

This was a horror gem that most people have not heard of. I was so pleasantly surprised (and scared) by this film.

Don't let the lame title fool you. This is a very intense psychological horror film.

13 End of the Line

Yay to this amazing Canadian flick! I really, really liked this movie. It was kind of different and just kept getting better and better as it progressed.

In the first 20 minutes, I was so sure I wasn't going to like it and was getting disappointed, but then I got into it and it surprised me. Some uniqueness and good acting and setting made this film a pleasant treat.

14 Dream Home
15 Husk

Nice. Honestly, probably one of, if not, the best scarecrow movies I have seen in recent times. Crazy in a good way and a pretty creepy atmosphere.

This is probably as good as killer scarecrow movies will get for a long while. I mean, let's face it, killer scarecrows is not a very popular or effective subgenre. But to me, this movie is much more than just a creepy scarecrow movie. It's more along the lines of possession, and it actually has a decent plot behind it. Nothing groundbreaking, but definitely a treat for a die-hard horror fan like myself.

16 Shutter (2004)

I really liked this one! Great story!

17 Les Diaboliques
18 Begotten
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