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1 Pitch

Not many can compete with him.

Certainly not in his abilities - he can use people against themselves in a way very few villains can. If any. Clearly he's worked to develop and improve his abilities too, which suggests that the variety of ways he can use that which he'd been both blessed and cursed with will only grow. Pitch will be tough opposition for anyone sooner of later. I wonder, if Joyce keeps creating spirits, how long will it take before simply adding another Guardian to the lot will not be enough, or if children will even be effective for much longer.

Clearly, Pitch is clever. It is a pity they'd made him act so stupid for no reason at all. I mean... the staff, the memories and the fairy?! He should have never given him even two of those at once, never mind giving Jack all three. Surely, Pitch would not sabotage his own plans quite so easily?

The Guardians wouldn't beat him in dance, or equestrian either and at least Pitch pays some attention to his ...more

I don't see how he - who had far more screen time than Jack's Little Sister and Baby Tooth - could have gotten less votes with such a complex personality. Granted, most people are ignorant to it, but there were definitely moments that made Pitch deserving of the top spot, or at least a spot in the top three.

And he should be the one to get with Elsa, certainly not Jack. He's too immature and really, he's never been in a relationship, whereas according to the books, Pitch has. One that certainly didn't end with divorce no, but rather with death (not Pitch's fault either), so Pitch is far more qualified and being alone for far longer than Jack, he's also the one who should have a chance before Jack. I mean, who knows, Pitch strikes me as the type who could improve and change with the right person. Like Elsa, whose come a long way from her own struggles and insecurities and has learned to understand.

Besides... I really do wish DreamWorks would choose to fix the mistakes ...more

How is it that Pitch, who is cooler (ironically) than even Jack Frost himself, is on third place and Jack is on first? Now this person makes the world go round, they help people survive. Pitch is the only one that truly protects people... but of course, what would you expect from the thankless human race?

He's funny in his own dark way, he's sarcastic, smart - he even figure's out Jack's centre before Jack - powerful, resourceful, patient... even though he does have a more impatient side too, which is also temperamental. But there's a lot more to Pitch than there is to Jack, it just isn't written in as bold a font. Really, he's the most interesting character in the movie and without him, there would be no "Rise of the Guardians".

A brilliant, well-thought out and designed character... it's just a shame Dream Works seemingly decided to scrap him completely towards the end and simply cast him out, just like the Guardians have. He had much potential and has much character development to go through, which makes him such a good character to write about and think up fan fictions for, but equally, it provides to many possibilities for a new T.V. series that could lead off from where Rise of the Guardian had ended and do a much better job at filling in gaps, adding to characters and bringing in the spirit realm, not to mention that it could involve a much more plausible character redemption arc than a single movie could.

2 Jack Frost


But beware...I am about to lay down a few reasons Jelsa isn't gonna happen...
1: Jack became Frost in 1712 (300 years before the movie took place) and Frozen took place in 1839 (ish) so Jack would not be visible unless she believed in him, and I don't think they had Jack Frost in Norway
2: They are made in two different studios
3: Elsa was inside her palace until she was 21, the only time shown outside her room was when she was 18, and Jack is stuck being 16
4: Jack is from America, stays in America, and is in America
5: Rise of the Guardians takes place in 2012, so even if they met, Elsa would be dead by now...sorry

that's the majority of it, sorry if you ship Jelsa, but I don't, and this is just my opinion on why it won't happen (please forgive me)

He is the only guardian who initially, nobody believed in, yet he was the only guardian who interacted with the children, which is the best way to protect them. Don't worry Jack I believe in you!

He is very cool. That movie is great, but Jack is, well Jack. Sandman was okay, but he was really evil. The other are okay. Jack is the best. He has a why to make winter white!

He's so sweet, and he doesn't agree with the other guardians at first, But he joins them anyway. That's just so sweet and nice of him.

3 Santa Claus

His workshop is totally cool!

4 Sandman

Even though he's slient and doesn't talk, I love the personality he has and how he's trying to convey his messages despite not being able to talk. In other words, he's very very cute. When he came back I was so happy!

He's really friendly and nice. Plus, he gives us dreams. He protects us.

He is the keeper of dreams so you gotta like him. He makes my dreams he makes your dreams,basically awesome.

He is cute, and gives us dreams. I respect him.

5 The Easter Bunny

I love the scene of Bunny and Abby that was my favorite scene with him. Not to mention that I love his Australian accent. I love his personality, He's so loveable, funny, and fluffy.

His accent is amazing. I love Australian accents! I don't know why. And also,his awesome boomerangs that he through,I really want them.

Cute. Hugh Jack man rules

He is so fluffy! !

6 Pitch's Nightmares

They have an awesome design... and that pun! *wipes away tear* Absolutely brilliant.

There scary,but there cool. I mean,everybody has nightmares once in a while...and it's all thanks to Pitch!

7 Jamie

So cute. He is also very brave and stands up for what he believes in.

He is cute now isn't he. And he is courageous, he never gives up andhe sorta protects the gaguardians in the movie.

8 Tooth Fairy

Toothiana a.k.a Tooth, the Guardian of Memories, she is my 2nd favorite out of my two main favorites in the film as well as Jack Frost. Perky, funny, cute and sweet, motherly and truly adorable. Tooth is the best out of all of them. I shouldn't say this as well, but, I have to admit, I have a little bit of a crush on Toothiana, because she has a huge heart and her pretty little face is too cute, if you have aww's to aww, then you to really go awww when you see her face, in her Tooth Palace as Pitch gives that speech there to them all, there's a cut to Tooth and you see her look so sad and you really feel for her and I found it just too heartbreaking I almost cried, nearly, inside, it was painful to see her look so sad at the time. Anyway, yeah Tooth is probably the best favorite next to Jack Frost for me in the film.

Sweet, caring and her! !

She is great too! She is my second favorite character in this movie ‚ô• She is kind and great. Her face is pretty too

9 Jack's Little Sister

What can I say, She downright Adorable, and when jack saved her. it made me love her even more.

She is so sweet and grateful that Jack saved her life.

She is so cute, but then she IS related to Jack.

Poor Jack. He saved his sister...and...*cries*

10 Onyx
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11 Baby-Tooth

I love her, She follows Jack around and sticks with him. I love baby tooth and how she climbs into Jacks Sweater pocket when she's cold, so cute!

She look cute

12 Man in the Moon

I don't know what you look like, but I am going to assume that you are a very smart person.

I'm so glad he brought Jack back to life.

13 Sophie Bennett

She's so cute. I loved when Jack tucked her in. she looked so peaceful.

So cute! Her voice is adorable

14 Abby the Greyhound

This Dog, is so funny. I can't even express how much I love Abby.

I love her. She's just so nice and caring.

15 Cupcake

She's so cute when she smiled in the beginning, I also love her little dream with the unicorn, that was very adorable.

Pretty funny, pretty relatable.

16 Pippa

Gentle, caring, but less naive and trusting than Jamie, she makes a realistic and good character in spite of the lack of screen time she and the other Burgess kids get.

She's a sweet, tomboyish girl, that though more pessimistic than Jamie, is still willing to stand up to her fears.

She is adorable and I love the determination in her eyes and how she is willing to go with whatever Jamie says.

Precious, fun-loving child with a faithfulness towards her friends that overcomes her fears.

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