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1 Mrs. Doubtfire

I would have to agree that this is the #1 Robin Williams movie. Anybody that can play, successfully, both a man and a woman in the same movie, and make you laugh AND cry, is a great actor. He played such a great part in this movie, and his emotions ran the gambit. I love many of Robin Williams' movies, but this one is probably the best.

Definitely the quintessential Robin Williams movie. At least for my generation. Good Will Hunting was good but not a comedy Aladdin was only the voice of Robin. The number one movie has to be a comedy and has to be Mrs. Doubtfire.

2 Aladdin

One if my mist favorite Disney movies! It seems like this was the first time a well-known actor did a cartoon voice for a major animated film, and he set the bar way high! I don't know if anyone has even come close (except *maybe* Steve Carrell in Despicable Me). Such comics and voice brilliance. Just watched this movie AGAIN today after seeing it twice in the last two days, and I won't ever get tired of seeing it. Another Robin masterpiece, second only, in my opinion, to Mrs Doubtfire.

I loved Robin Williams and he was great as the Genie I'm so sad he passed away. They did a special presentation of Aladdin yesterday on Disney Channel and my theory was that they were "secretly" dedicating it to him. And then I started to tear up for some reason when it said this at the end. "This is dedicated to Robin Williams, for making us laugh." It's so sad that an actor so happy and funny could end up so depressed.

3 Good Will Hunting

This isn't just a good movie, it's a good movie that *stays* a good movie. For instance, I loved The Departed, but you can't watch that 50 times. Heck, even twice is a bit much. But I could watch this movie probably everyday and still get enjoyment out of it. Part of that enjoyment is definitely Robin being cast off-type and delivering a heartfelt performance.

Loved this movie, really showed what a wonderful actor he was! We knew he was funny and wonderful but this showed another side that is also wonderful and heart touching! Great man, funny man and wonderful actor!

4 Dead Poets Society

Seen bits and parts of DPS on T.V. but then in its entirety for the first time in 2000 thanks to my high school creative writing/poetry teacher, thus inspiring me to become a writer, to seize every opportunity I have in life and quenching my thirst for poety. And the shy, confidence-lacking character played by Ethan Hawke, was someone I could relate to.

"What will your verse be? "

That's a kind of movie who can inspire most of teenagers when they look at this Film. Very great character hold by the great Robin Williams! I just saw this movie sunday night again and it was again a great experience!

5 Jumanji

I love Jumanji, but my older sister hates it. She thinks it has a lot of violence in it.

RIP: Robin Williams. We will miss you and I'll always remember your sense of humor!

This movie is amazing! It has everything; comedy, love, adventure.

This movie is full of fun.
R.I. P (Return if possible) to Mr. Robin Williams

6 Good Morning, Vietnam

If you ask me, I think Robin Williams does his best in these kinds of roles rather than the kiddy stuff, I know most people love him for his genie performance and yes that is a great one, but come on guys, his raunchy adult humor is where it's at

Brilliant, thoughtful, funny. Excellent performance of Robin Williams.R.I.P. , kind man!

It was a combination of comedy and seriousness. Robin at his best at both.

7 Hook

I will miss you Robin, you are a very good actor and I love your movies especially Hook!

This is an amazing movie, as a child I loved it and as an adult I now truely appreciate it for its message.

This is my first robin william movie and I love it since I was a kid.

Robin you will be miss RIP

8 Night at the Museum

One of my favourite films when I was growing up and still is, Robin did such a good job in this film, I couldn't imagine any one portraying his character better!

I loved it! This movie may have turned into trilogy. Without Robin Williams, none of this would be possible to make.

It was an original character for the great Robin Williams in this great movie very good for people of all ages!

9 Robots

He's in Robots? I did not know that.

10 Insomnia
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11 One Hour Photo

Wow! I cannot believe this isn't higher! His acting performance in this was breathtaking! I loved him, hated him, was disturbed by him and I felt such great empathy for his character.
Excellent film.

The movie itself isn't the greatest, still good but not amazing. However Robin's acting was incredible and truly astounding. The fact that Aladian is number 1 is cringe worthy.

So underrated. Please give it a watch if you love 'American Beauty'!

12 Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Well, all I can say is that's all for the Night at the Museum franchise. Don't expect a 4th one to come soon because medical science and technology cannot bring back the Mork. Basically, the third and final part of the trilogy ends with a happy ending.

13 The Fisher King

I didn't have the chance to see this movie but I heard Robin Williams was great as usually!

You're kidding me. Really. The Fisher King is easily in the top 3!

14 Flubber

Loved this movie. It was one of the funniest movies by Robin Williams.

Flubber was my favourite childhood movie.

15 The Birdcage

I was watching this movie when I heard of Mr. Williams passing. Looking at it again last night made me cry at such a lost of a great talent. All of a sudden watching his movies and interviews really shows the brillant and sad Robin. May he now be at peace in his Father's arms, no more pain.

Brilliant film! Very underrated. Brilliant performance from the late great Robin Williams, opposite a great performance from Nathan Lane. This should be a lot higher on the list! (14th when I posted this) I can't believe 'Robots' is in the top 10!

16 Happy Feet

This movie was even more dark and disturbing than Disney's Hunchback and not in a good way.

17 Awakenings

Awakenings is a very touching movie that deserves to be number 2 behind Aladdin. This was also the first movie that made me shed a tear which adds to its sadness and filmwriting.

This should be in the top 5 along with Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Good Will Hunting, and Dead Poet Society. A very underrated film.

A touching drama with great performances from both Williams and DeNiro.

18 Jack

I still cry every time I see this movie. It is just perfect. I think I will go home tonight and watch it. RIP Robin.

A fantastic film with Robin Williams and Bill Cosby what more can you say.

I think this film is underrated... So beautiful!

19 Patch Adams

What's a great movie with a character of Patch Adams by Robin Williams! It is an underrated movie! Because probably many persons didn't have the chance to see it! It a reality movie with the humor of a great actor!

Patch Adams is one of my favorites because I felt it was something that could really happen and should happen!

I love this movie and the messige it deliverd. Patch Adams is one of a kind doctor, he did really go in to heart to help peapole, in sicknes and need with laughter witch is the best medicine.

20 World's Greatest Dad

This movie will obviously seem weird to some based on what happens to Kyle to spark the main plot, but how everything else plays out is so perfect and genuine. Plus the movie's soundtrack will make you cry more than once. Robin Williams performed in this movie so well that you always could tell what was happening in his head and sympathize with him because it was just so real.

Williams' performance in this movie is second only to his is "Dead Poets Society."

21 What Dreams May Come

A really imaginative, and original idea. The film does delve into our psychi about life after death. I love how Williams acted in this, and loved the look, the feel of it and the idea of the afterlife.

A brilliant film, beautifully scripted and acted, having lost my sister in law followed by my brother ( her husbands ) sucide this film opens the flood gates.

Great movie! I would strongly recommend to anyone that enjoys cerebral/psyche films. It will take you on a journey to life after death

22 Death to Smoochy

A CRIMINIALLY underrated dark comedy touching upon the corruption and exploitation involved in the corporate side of children's programming.

A really enjoyable and creative film!

23 Popeye

I hope God forgives Robin. He did a lot of good things in his life.R.I. P

I yam what I yam. Popeye is my fave show.

24 The World According to Garp

Have any of you actually seen this movie? It is excellent and his performance is wonderful.

His first and best dramatic role.

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