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1 Halloween

Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis have the best dynamic out of all the slasher movies, Michael Myers as a character is simply just the best written out of all of them, and the Halloween series is one of the only slasher movie series to have a lot of good titles like Halloween 1, Halloween 2, Halloween 4, H20, and the reboot of Halloween 1 in 2007 was great as well. It is one of the only slasher movies that is actually genuinely good because of the plot... Which is rare to say indeed.

Halloween is considered the gold standard of the slasher genre. And is considered one of the best horror films ever made. The film is riddled with suspense and beautiful cinematography. However, the film does suffer from many of the flaws of its successors. So I wouldn't call this the best horror film ever made, but it could be the greatest slasher film ever made.

2 Scream

This great and inventive film inspired a new generation of horror fans to go back a few years and watch the slasher films that were the inspiration for this particular film. Wes craven was one of the few true masters of horror. Great film.

Scream is a great slasher movie because it rebooted the slasher genre and it was something new. Ghostface was a normal character who could die. The characters were likeable as well.

Wes craven really knows how to mix horror and satire. My 7th favorite movie of all time

3 A Nightmare on Elm Street

The original nightmare and part 3 stand out as being the best of the series but all are worth a look. There will never be another Freddy related film to touch either. And even though it gets a rough review from most I thought Freddy Vs Jason was good. Very fun. Very creative... And who wasn't sitting around for years waiting to see it.

Freddy is the best character, by far. Michael and ghostface are great too but they don't provide the energy that Freddy does. Freddy is also hilarious and is pretty funny. Michael doesn't even talk and ghostface isn't as tough as freddy

4 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This is one of my favorite. Movies...
I like the both parts of the remakes( 2003 & 2006)... Well... The original series 0f 1980s was also awesome!.
But the remake of the movie is much better...
This is the best slasher movies of all!...
Oh crank... The chainsaw will freak you out...
Anyways... Jessica beil rocked in "the Texas chainsaw massacre(2003)... And Jordana brewster in "the Texas chainsaw massacre:bloody beginnings...
Well guys... Watch this movie... And you will definitely like this movie..!..

That's my comment...

This is the best slasher of all time. The remake is definitely not better than the original, just more gore and less suspense as well as bad acting.

5 Psycho
6 Candyman
7 Friday the 13th (1980)

Better than Halloween: better music, more mysterious killer and than more iconic since 3d chapter, more gore (Savini! ) Don't listen those that say carpenter invented Slasher with Halloween, it was already done with Black Christmas and some giallos as well.
I like Halloween but I love Friday
Oh yes, by the way, TCM is absolutely not a slasher! And if Scream gave Slasher movies a second born, you can't put it at the same level as 70-80s classics. And to finish, Jason rules!

A very good, mysterious movie but the Final Chapter was the best of the series. Where is it on this list.

8 Friday the 13th

I just didn't feel the spirit of the Friday franchise in this movie. Yes, it gave a shoutout to the first four films but it felt so generic. Sometimes rebooting a franchise doesn't always work, the grainy look, lack of technology (phones/computers) and location made a real difference in the originals. Tell me something, why isn't part 4 on this list? It was the darkest, best directed of the series and was the last time Jason was the true antagonist. People started cheering for Jason after that.

Worst of all Friday films but still worth a watch.

9 Child's Play

I feel uncomfortable even clicking vote, with Chucky staring at me...

10 Scream 2
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11 Freddy vs. Jason

The only successful mainstream blend of two horror franchises, this film pits Freddy against Jason, and the result is an awesomely entertaining hour-and-a-half of slasher gore.

The film puts two of the best slashers ever made together in a showdown, it's a bit silly I agree but at the same time entertaining and exhilarating.

This was hands down, the best slasher. The story lines, of both Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday 13th was excellent

12 Scream 4
13 I Know What You Did Last Summer
14 Black Christmas

Way too slow! The buildup took too long and the payoff was disappointing.

The original deserves to be in the top ten. Remake not so much. Very scary slasher

15 Suspiria

This isn't a slasher movie, if you want a Dario Argento slasher go with Deep Red or Tenebre

16 Hellraiser
17 Scream 3

While scream 3 is the worst scream movie in the series, it is a underrated sequel that I have fun with. It has problems, but it is a decent sequel.

The worst in the series, but it is still an enjoyable sequel. I like the mansion chase at the end. It's just a fun movie.

18 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
19 Maniac
20 House of Wax
21 Saw
22 High Tension
23 Wes Craven's New Nightmare
24 A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors
25 Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives
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