Best Zac Efron Movies

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1 The Greatest Showman

Greatest performace! I think this should be his number 1! I think this movie really showed his amazing singing ability, dancing, and all of the above!

Loved it... its been like over 8 months since I saw it for the first time and siencethen I watched it a billion times and I will never get tierd of it!

I love that movie and Zac is a great actor to play it! 5 stars!

This is definitely his best movie ever.

2 Neighbors

I love the hotdog... And the body!

Zac is just hot in that Movie.

I love all of them

3 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
4 17 Again

Really an amazing movie. I love the part where he tells Maggi that there will be a person just made for u. The way he talks in that scene is so nice, kind and gentle. Also the whole vie is very touching and the way he takes care of his wife is really nice.

He's really handsome... And going back to childhood is really a nice concept in a movie... Zac is one of my favorite male artist in Hollywood... Maybe I'll meet him someday and tell him he is gorgeous.

Its an amazing movie!
Zac is superb!
It's so touching and he has great love for his wife and family!
Its totally entertaining and fabulous movie!

Awesome movie that I have watched twice in the past week purely amazing. Great acting by Zac himself to pull off such a hard role to play.

5 Charlie St. Cloud

You were trully amazing in this movie. It made my heart sour, and my eyes turn misty. You are the most talented and exceptional actor of our time, and for that matter, of our decade, totally amazing!

Favourite movie ever... Cried 6 times and 6 times more than I've ever cried in any movie! (Except for movies involving dogs they're just sad)

This must be his best movie because of how powerful and touching his acting is in it. It's very interesting and it makes you think

Amazing movie... It makes me think about the life about the one that we love and care... Just Love It

6 The Lucky One

I absolutely love this movie! Zac, you did a fantastic job of transforming into a soldier. It was so convincing. As always Zac does a fantastic job of making the character come to life. Keep up the good work. He is the best actor ever! AWESOME MOVIE!

The most beautiful romance I've seen in quite a while. It slowly grows on you and then takes you over completely. Zac is simply amazing, he looks calm, strong and beautiful.

Most amazing movie ever! It made me feel like one day I will fall in love and find the person of my life as if they are waiting for me to come just as I am.

Amazing movie! Made me feel like everything happends for a reason and everyone has their destiny...
The way the 2 main actors act with each other and the way the story goes is just unbelievable... Happends in true life actually

7 Hairspray

I really love this movie especially because Zac efron is in it he is my second future boyfriend!

Oh come on! It should be higher. It was hilarious and a bit like the 60's groove. Vote higher you people for crying out loud

Best ZE Movie EVER! Just watched it with sister, friend & sisters friend! Amazing :D I just love the stage show because it's different to the movie and it explains much more!

This movie is so awesome! I just love the way zac acts all of his movies

8 High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Honestly,my favorite hsm film it has plenty of great songs like now or never, the boys are back and scream and so many more also I mainly put good songs with sac efron in because its how I found this website.

We need Troy Bolton back nice singing skills zac please be with Vanessa again we miss Troyella a.k.a zanessa

I love you Zac and Vanessa !

9 High School Musical

Why the heck isn't this top 5!

He did very good

10 Baywatch

He's super hot in this movie! This movie has a lot of o tension like a roller coaster and I really recommend I because it is funny has a lot of tension a little bit of romance

He is so sexy in this

Is a good movie

It is so funny.

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11 We Are Your Friends

The soundtrack to this movie is awesome and Zac Efron really acts great with the genre.

12 High School Musical 2

It should in 7th place

13 That Awkward Moment

Seriously this should be higher, there all good actors especially zac efron he's my inspiration, he is why I go to the gym, I grew up with Michael Jackson same as him,he is my inspiration on life, he takes life by his right hand he is dope as

Really good I love Zac, the black guy was pretty cute too laugh out loud

14 The Paperboy

His acting is so good here he let it out all.. He's so committed to this film he actually let himself get pissed (literally! ) all over by Cameron Diaz! And in most of the scenes he actually hanging there just wearing that sexy white underwear laugh out loud

15 Dirty Grandpa

Its pretty good!

16 Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

I love zac efron... I download his all photos

17 The Derby Stallion Special Edition
18 Melinda's World
19 Me & Orson Welles
20 New Year's Eve
21 Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile

Zac absolutely nails it as this character, perfectly portraying his sadistic charm

22 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
23 Triple Play
24 Scoob!
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