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1 Godzilla Godzilla is a giant monster originating from a series of tokusatsu films of the same name from Japan.

Somebody mentioned that he has been defeated so why is he number 1? Simple, he has the largest fan base of all these monsters. While it's true that he isn't the most powerful, and HAS been defeated, this wouldn't alter fans decisions for him to be #1. I personally like the fact that Godzilla isn't the biggest or strongest monster, because it's always interesting to me when an underdog takes on an Alpha, as Godzilla has done in MANY movies.

I don't understand. Godzilla has lost, and there are so many misconceptions about him. If you quit watching English dub, and watch the subbed you would understand.

Godzilla lost to Keizer. He was dying, and he was saved by Ozaki.
Godzilla lost to Mechagodzilla ll, he would be dead if not for Rodan.

I like Godzilla and all, but there are so many powerful monsters out there. To believe he is the strongest monster if all is ignorant and arrogant.

2 King Ghidorah King Ghidorah is one of Godzilla's most well known enemies. First appearing in 1964's Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster, he has gone on to appear in more films than most other Godzilla foes.

Completely EVIL theme. Now after you listen to it... listen to it through headphones. Trust me, it DOES get worse.

King Ghidorah is my 6th favourite kaiju! He is so awesome! I like the fights the looks and most of all abilities and weaknesses!

In The three headed monster godzilla needed 2 others and still didn't win against him. He is a BEAST.

3 Gigan

Gigan is my favorite Godzilla monster, even more than Godzilla. Sure he only appears in like three movies, but, he's still awesome! He has scythe hands and a buzzsaw on his chest! And in Final Wars, his scythes are replaced by chainsaws! This guy is just flipping awesome.

He's cool and looks like an alien. H has razor sharp claws that could probably destroy anything. He's pretty powerfully being able to fight against godzilla.

Yay! My third favorite monster is on here! And he should be he has hooks for hands a buzz saw on his chest and built in sunglasses so he can hit the beach!

4 Mothra

After KOTM. I start to fall in love with her a lot than how I was used to her. She was my third favorite Kaiju, now she's my second because of that film. She's beautiful and amazing. And yes, I do ship her and Godzilla. She even has the best design in the MonsterVerse HANDS DOWN! She deserves a Solo film after Godzilla vs. Kong.

Queen of the Monsters! Versatile and regal and powerful and immortal and cute and beautiful and gentle unless provoked.

Mothra sucks and should be in less Godzilla films and media. I mean she's a giant butterfly, wow so amazing...

5 Mecha Godzilla

This is the saddest list I've ever seen. How did Zilla get to number two!? Zilla is one of the worst Godzilla monsters, not number two! Jet Jaguar, Hedorah, and Mechagurias shouldn't even be close to the top ten. This list is bad, let's leave it at that.

Possibly my favorite kaiju. He's just so cool and fun to watch with rainbow lazer eyes, missile fingers and toes and a lightning canon in his chest.

Mecha Godzilla is the Metal Mario of the Godzilla series. When you see him, you think, "Why, Tokyo? "

6 Destoroyah

It killed godzilla's son, was able to survive against godzilla in his most powerful state, and knocked him down more than any other monster. He deserves to be number one.

Destoroyah, the mutant monster! The nightmare of Jr.! The monster savage! No wonder he is Destroy! Get it?

The only monster to bring Godzilla down on his knees and kill his son. Hardcore.

7 Anguirus

Even though anguirus has lost some fights he only died once, and that's a small death count for Godzilla monsters. Mothra died four times and rodan died twice in Rodan and mechagodzilla 2. Plus anguirus defeats gigan and an army of mechagodzillas with Godzilla in the comics

Anguirus is so underrated. I'd put him on par with the likes of Rodan. Probably my favorite under Godzilla himself. Love this scrappy little guy.

He never gives up and can take a lot of hits while fighting. He is also the closest thing to a friend Godzilla has had

8 Rodan

Why is Rodan so low? He should be way higher. He's the absolute best. He could easily beat up the other monsters. If I made TheTopTens I would make Rodan number one. Rodan number one.

I am the 1 rodan fan. Rodan is just so awesome! he's my favorite kaiju because I love all his awesome
features. I love how he lives in a volcano and how fast he is, and he looks so cool!

Rodan is a really powerful monster with extraordinary powers. He should kick Ghidorah's ass!

9 Biollante

Biollante is probably the most forgotten monster of the Heisei era, which is sad cause she was amazing. I mean besides from the overal dark and dramatic atmosphere of Godzilla VS Biollante, which made it a great new beggining for the series, Biollante is simply a very cool monster. She is massive, she looks horrifying and her whaling cries are creepy with no doubt. Her battle with Godzilla should be considered at least a draw.

I'm all for the design of most of these kaiju, but Biollante's seems the most unique. Even though Big G himself is my favorite, he has a boring design. He's a dinosaur, and that's about it. The plant motif has been done to death, granted, but I still find myself loving the idea and design.

10 Space Godzilla

Yeah, it's like Toho thought, "Who would win if Godzilla fought Godzilla? " therefore Space Godzilla. The name is unoriginal, but he's still awesome.

Generic name aside, he's probably Godzilla's smartest foe and a cunning adversary.

I love this Godzilla but the regular godzilla is better!

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11 Jet Jaguar

Size changing robot is awesome!

12 King Kong

I would say that King Kong is not a Godzilla kaiju, but considering that he's been in 2 movies with Godzilla, I'd say that he counts.

Yeah he doesn't share as many franchises as Godzilla but he has done 2 movies with him

13 Hedorah

I think this monster is such a cool concept. The amount of backstory and the complex evolution process of this monster is on the destroyah level of awesome. He also makes a 10 second cameo in Godzilla final wars. nice job Toho.

He wants to pollute the world in all his sludge.

14 Battra
15 Monster X

Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah is my number 1 favourite Godzilla enemy and my number 7 favourite Godzilla monster.

Probably the last incarnation of Ghidorah.

Keizer Ghidorah is too low on the list! He should be within the top 5!

16 Titanosaurus

Let's face it. We need more aquatic Godzilla characters. And Titanisaurus fits that role perfectly. Put the roar aside, and you have a very interesting character. His abilities are unique, and he looks pretty cool, honestly. I love this monster.

My all time favorite monster also we NEED more aquatic monsters and Titanosaurus fits this like the best possible.

Ok, this is gonna be biased because I LOVE Titano- but respectfully he is quite strong.

17 Orga

One of the Coolest Monsters ever!

18 King Caesar

They way they designed him to look is truly amazing. The big dog ears and the lion fur and the scaly skin. Its a honor to have him as a character

King Caesar is the true G.O.A.T. of the Godzillaverse. He has the kung fu moves that keep the ladies coming back, and the jewel in is forehead has the always popular "use your own powers against you" feature. Plus this is the only Kaiju that I think can do a BACKFLIP.

19 Megalon

Another cool monster that was in only one film! Loved the way he jumped to move.

He and Gigan both make a great team!
They're so cute together!

Look how they massacred my boy...

20 Baragon

The Underdog of all Godzilla creatures. He is the most loyal of all beast in the Godzilla series.

21 Zilla

Oh come on! He's not that bad. You guys, I think we need to take a break from Zilla and just ignore the trashy film. The film sucks, but the monster Zilla is pretty cool.

Godzilla 1998 and Godzilla the Series were the introduction of Giant Kaiju movies to me, so I am probably playing this for nostalgia. Still, love the creature

Zilla is a giant piece of crap and is honestly my least favorite Godzilla film.

22 Megaguirus

I believe it's spelled "Megaguirus." Oh well. Anyways, Megaguirus is awesome and I really hope she and Destroyah can make another appearance sometime in the future.

Name fixed! I do hope she makes a return for the future of the MonsterVerse. Mostly as a Mothra Villain.

23 M.U.T.O.
24 Kiryu

Kiryu is Godzilla but in robot.
He is way cooler than Godzilla.
Kiryu should be #1 or #2.
He King Ghidoraod, Mechagodzilla 2, and Moguera should be #1
Kiryu is the best Godzilla monster.

Kiryu actually means Machine Dragon. And he's a Machine that looks ( to a extent ) like a dragon. Hence the name Machine Dragon, or Kiryu in Japanese

Love the monster but one flaw, kiryu? What kind of a name is kiryu?! It's mechagodzilla 3! I just think the name is stupid.

25 Godzilla Junior

Best son of Godzilla than Minya. Minya is so stupid in comparison.

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