Top 10 Best Dreamworks Dragons

If you have seen any How to Train Your Dragon movies or have seen Riders of Berk, you know about these dragons.
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1 The Night Fury

The Night Fury is even explained by the Book of dragons as the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. It has near unparalleled speed and stealth with it having the hottest blast. While the dragons universe says the Nadder has the hottest fire with its magnesium blast, actual science proves that the Night Fury's Acetylene oxygen (plasma) blast is actually around 700 degrees Fahrenheit hotter. In addition, like Hiccup said in the first movie, the Night Fury "never misses." The Night Fury is also defined by its intelligence with it being extremely smart for a dragon. It's smart, fast, strong, precise, accurate, and has a very strong blast; It is the strongest dragon no question. Even as of the end of the second movie, Toothless is the dragon that beat the Bewilderbeast that Drago was controlling.

2 The Skrill

The Skrill's power is so underestimated. He is capable of becoming the fastest dragon in HTTYD by just riding lightning. He is one of the many dragons the Riders couldn't deal with, having outsmarted them, tracked them down, and basically embarrassed them. And no matter whom he was pitted against, he was ready for the fight. The Skrill is capable of so much more due to his lightning powers; he can do almost anything. I vote for Skrill! The Night Fury does not deserve the top of the list, nor does the Bewilder Beast, Red Death, or Screaming Death. Night Furies are just overrated.

3 The Thunder Drum

Top ten reasons the Thunderdrum is the strongest: 1, it is awesome. 2, it got its power from Thor himself. 3, the cheif has one. 4, it can estinguish fire and roar things thrown at it with its sonic blast. 5, it can swim effortlessly through water. 6, it can fly at very high elevations. 7, it is very flexable, as shown in How To Pick Your Dragon when Stoick was dragged underwater by Thornado. 8, they have VERY long teeth able to give a nasty bite. 9, it is a dragon that always sticks by your side. 10, it doesn't act like a puppy dog, like Toothless does.

4 Flightmare

Flight mare is cool and unique, I think it should be in a movie. It might not be the best, but it is super cool when you compare it to the other dragons.

Nice pun made by the director. Very cool, mysterious dragon.

I love these dragons they paralyze you with fear.

5 The Scauldron

This dragon is fat because it takes water into its stomach and heats it up. After a while, it shoots the water out. One blast, and you're finished

Scauldrons are the best! They're so cute and powerful and beautiful at the same time! Night Furies are overrated. Scauldrons for the win!

It was said that Scauldrons are one of the few dragons that might be able to take down a Skrill!

6 Screaming Death

Unlike the Red Death that toothless and Hiccup defeated alone in the first movie, the screaming Death was never defeated by Hiccup alone or the other dragon riders put together. It took an entire island of dragons to scare it off and is able to destroy islands by itself. What more do I need to say?

Just look at it, it is obviously superior to any other dragons. Plus it took down all the dragon riders when it wasn't even full grown, the only reason they beat him (finally) is because they have hiccup, and all the other dragon riders, but the screaming death is just alone, only him.

7 The Changewing

A chameleon dragon, who has the ability to hypnotize. My second favorite dragon, after the skrill. This is because of it's fire type, which acid, my favorite.

It can change color! Impressive! Oh and by the way, a Titanwing Bewilderbeast, Screaming Death, or Red Death would be very scary (This comment is ridiculously obvious).

Invisibility is such a cool power. I wish I could sneak up on my friend and go BOO and they'd be like who's there? It's such a. Cool dragon.

8 The Timberjack

Timberjacks are amazing! Their wings are so unique and I love the concept of a dragon who can make bonfires and use their own wings as a tent. It really is the best dragon (in my opinion).

This beauty has razor sharp wings that can cut down a forest of trees. Those enormus wings make (A) a great saw, (B) a very effective tent, and (C) impossible to scratch its own back.

9 Death Song

They are sooo pretty! They are like butterfly dragons but they're deadly. They prey on other species of dragons and catch them by luring them in with their song that hypnotizes the dragon and makes it come to the area the Death Song is in. Then the Death Song produces this amber substance that traps the dragon and when the Death Song is ready to eat the dragon it gobbles it up. One of the few dragons immune to the Death Song's song is the Thunderdrum.

Such a beautiful dragon (though I can't help comparing them to a T-Rex sometimes because of their rather stubby legs)- and a big one at that! The way they move and fly is so intriguing to me, and they're by far my favourite dragon of them all. Even their tails can slam an adult thunderdrum against a wall! They're huge, can eat eels, are able to lure their unlucky prey by essentially hypnotizing them momentarily, are very alert, can fire a sticky amber-like substance with amazing accuracy (which even Toothless was unable to avoid) which traps and immobilizes their prey, can separate the amber from rock while still hard, and I would say they're exceptionally fast (though they don't do well in tight places because of both their size and the fact that their song reflecting back on them) and intelligent. I really don't understand why this amazing dragon doesn't have more love, and I do believe they deserve more recognition as both a gorgeous and quite dangerous beast.

10 Speed Stinger

Can kill a night fury like its nothing. Its faster. Its smarter. (Think logical it has to be able to process things quickly to avoid crashing) They work better together, and how in the name of thor is the night fury strong if there is only ONE. That means it has to be pretty defenseless. Speed stingers are better by far.

Probably the fastest dragon out there. They hunt in packs and are highly coordinated predators. The venom from their stinger can paralyze their victims for several hours. And most of all, they pretty much took over Berk over night.

The Contenders
11 Triple Stryke

The Triple Stryke is not only an exceptionally cool looking dragon, but it is actually one of the few dragons that can be a formidable match for the Night Fury in power, speed, intellect, and attack. Although it's more of a maele dragon, it still has a considerable amount of firepower. While Toothless will always be everyone's favorite dragon pretty much (come on. Let's just face that fact! ) the Triple Stryke is by far the best dragon that came out of the show. Plus, who wouldn't love a dragon with three tales?!? I mean, can you say awesome?!?

12 Monstrous Nightmare

These dragons are so cool because they can set themselves on fire and they have quit a lot of personality.

Great with sharp turns, awesome model, great friends.

Monstrous Nightmare would take down a night fury any day so it should at least be in the top 5

13 Light Fury

Light Fury is my best dragon in How to Train Your Dragon because she is beautiful, cute, adorable and amazing dragon. She should be in number two after Night Fury (Toothless).

Because Light Fury is beautiful, cute, amazing, and very cool. Light Fury should be placed at number 2.

The Light Fury is awesome! She can camouflage and she has the same abilities as Toothless!

14 Deadly Nadder

This dragon only shoots Spinei from Its tail. Other dragons can control Other dragons or They have Cooler powers So this dragon is weaker than a terrible terror. And it is not beautifull cute or Fast (it is UGLY slower than a gronckle and a Little bit crazy) I hate this dragon and I hate astrid too. There are a lot of dragons There are Cooler faster and more beautifull than it. The nadder is not cool But the gronckle is cute Smart and Very loyal.

This dragon is one of the fastest and can shoot spines from its tail with deadly accuracy and is 2nd most venomous dragon.

15 Night Light Hatchling
16 The Boneknapper

Even though it uses dead dragon bones for armor this dragon should be shown some respect. If it didn't have armor, it would probably die because of it's fragile skin. I love this dragon because this bad-ass will do ANYTHING to protect itself.

This dragon collects the bones of dead dragons to make an unusual coat of armor. It needs every piece to do certain abilities, like roaring.

I love how it seemed all mean and scary but actually it just wanted that bone and it's really nice.

17 Razorwhip

Razorwhip has way more abilities than every other dragon. Most people think that Toothless is the coolest dragon of all time, and granted he is one of the best ones. However, he can only shoot plasma out of his mouth and fly at high speeds, which is very helpful when it comes to fights and racing. But, the Razorwhip has so many more equally awesome powers. I'm not trying to put down night furys, but am saying that there are other dragons that people should look into.

I absolutely LOVE this dragon. It is just such a cool dragon! I love how the Razorwhip's fire is so hot, that it is light blue. And how it's tail is so sharp it can cut through anything! And let's not forget how it can shoot spikes off its tail! If I was a dragon rider, my dragon would definitely be this one!

18 Stormcutter

The razorwhip is the most dangerous dragon the riders have come across it so dangerous even it's tears are poisonous! The spines on its tail can slice you in half and it's fire so acidic and hot that it's blue. The scales are like Armor!

This dragon Is far larger than a nigh fury. It has two pair of wings so it can make extremely tight turns. It is also one of the fastest dragons. It's fire is a tornado of fire and has pressure. It can destroy almost anything.

I think this dragon should be somewhat popular, but not as god damn overrated as the night fury. Come on! The storm cutter is majestic and huge and powerful But also has a soft side for those in need...

19 Bewilderbeast

Second to the nightfury (thought to be extinct)... after the nightfury extinction they gained the tittle most powerful dragon... because of there size they also achieved the names "king of dragons" just like the "queen of dragons" the red death... they're the largest dragon known so far and have the ability to control the minds of other dragons (not toothless)... furthermore, they have the ability to shoot ice and even create a giant nest for themselves and all of there followers (out of there ice blast )

An ice spitting dragon. Tell me that that's not dangerous, especially to environments that cannot withstand those giant ice spikes.

20 The Whispering Death

This dragon burrows through the ground, has 6 rows of insane, rotating teeth, and breathes rings of fire. It is immune to the effects of dragon nip and the roars of the thunder drum. To tame a whispering death, brush its teeth.

It can swallow you whole! and it can grind and dig through tons of stuff, but not steel. he can also wip people with his tail, so it would be hard but fun to ride one!

Is this just me that thinks the whispering death is cute oh well

21 Woolly Howl

The Woolly Howl is hands down my favourite of them all! They're a Strike Class dragon that is very loyal, almost like a dog in my eyes. They're very agile, stealthy and rather dangerous. I honestly wouldn't mind having this dragon as my own, even if there were any other new species. The Woolly Howl can shoot hurricanes as well as rings of ice. No only can it withstand blizzards but its stomach can blend in with the clouds above. Isn't that just AWESOME?! Honestly... the Woolly Howl SHOULD be higher up on the list.

22 Rumblehorn

Don't you people know it is dangerous!

23 Grapple Grounder

One of the fastest dragon, has more stamina and stealth than night fury but less speed, power and firepower it has the strongest jaws stronger than grockle, is very dangerous and is flexible because of his snake body. this dragon should be nmber 2 on th list after night fury.

My favorite dragon in HTTYD. It's very interesting and looks beautiful.

24 The Snaptrapper

This dragon has 4 heads, each with 3 jaws, lures many victims to their doom by their sweet smell of chocolate. They also love rain and can't wait to play in the mud.

25 Red Death

This is the deadliest of all dragons. Not only does it have control over all dragons except its own species and the Bewilderbeast, but it can also destroy every other dragon. In it's prime it can kill any other dragon, even an Alpha Night Fury.

We all saw what it did in the first movie. It's huge and dangerous. Period.

The red death is the queen of all dragons its like below the bewilder beast

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