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1 Geri's Game

It's such a classic, I can't believe it's being overlooked. Not to mention that Geri is featured in Pixar movies (Toy Story 2) and is an integral part of Pixar culture.

I've always had very fond memories of this short. I'm I the only one who feels this way?

I love it. It's a classic, enough said

2 Lifted

Lifted is the short that was released with Ratatouille. Even the human character in the short looks like Linguini. I later found out that it's not actually Linguini and that it's just another character with the same design. This short is hilarious! The way the alien is being taught how to abduct someone is similar to taking driving lessons. In this case, it's UFO lessons. I found it hilarious when the alien was having trouble abducting the farmer. He tried getting him out the window butt first. The UFO is filled with switches that aren't labeled. So it makes sense that he doesn't know what to do. Seriously though, how is anyone supposed to know which switch is which? This was a very enjoyable short. It's definitely very funny.

3 Mike's New Car

Very funny and I'm surprised it wasn't on the list.

4 For the Birds

For the Birds is the short that was released with Monsters Inc. It's also the very first Pixar short I ever watched. Or at least the first one I can remember watching. So basically my reason for putting it on the list is mostly because of nostalgia. And it's pretty cute. The birds are hilarious. Especially when they're trying to get the tall bird off of the wire. The message of the short is that you shouldn't treat others in a mean way if they are different. When I was in elementary school, people were SO cruel to me! Just because I acted differently! So this short is pretty relatable. The little birds end up getting their karma at the end so that was fun to watch. Also, for some reason, that tall bird scared me when I was a kid.

5 Knick Knack

Meet tin toy 2: better than the original and awesome animations!

6 Day & Night

Day & Night is the short that was released with Toy Story 3. And it is awesome! Of all the Pixar shorts, this one is the most creative in my opinion! The two characters each have their own uniqueness. Day shows what happens during the day in a particular setting, and Night shows what happens at night in that same setting. Like if we were to see a sun rising up in Day, Night would stand in that area and show the moon. And they do this with other areas such as the beach. Day and Night each have pros and cons. Sometimes something exciting happens at night and sometimes nothing happens. Same goes for during the day. But they realize that they both have exciting things that happen inside them. And what's even more clever is that when the sun goes down in Day and the sun comes up in Night, they switch places! I love this short! I thought it was perfect from beginning to them! There is so much creativity and it's very unique! Outstanding!

7 Jack-Jack Attack

THis is a list for shorts that were released in theaters, so this doesn't count

8 Presto

Presto is the short that was released with Wall-E. I enjoyed this more than I enjoyed that good but overrated movie. At least this was actually entertaining! Of all the shorts, this is the funniest one. A magician forgets to feed his rabbit a carrot and the rabbit gets revenge. How can you not find that funny? Something that I want to point out is that carrots are actually bad for rabbits and can harm them if eaten too much. To sum it up, Bugs Bunny has been lying to us for years. Anyway, because the rabbit didn't get his carrot, he refuses to participate in the magic hat trick. Which involves the magician putting his hand in a magic hat and his hand is able to come out of a sorcerer hat. This leads to some clever slapstick. The rabbit hurts the magician by putting other things into the sorcerer hat while the magician holds the other hat. It's just so hilarious! That rabbit is pure evil. It even teaches us a lesson. Always feed your pet.

9 Luxo, Jr.

Luxo Jr. is a short that was released in 1986 but then was released theatrically in 1999 with Toy Story 2. This one is about the lamp that you see hop on the "I" in the Pixar logo before each Pixar movie. Not a lot happens in this short, but it's pretty cute. It even features the Luxo ball! Which became a popular easter egg in Pixar movies. I look forward to looking for it in Coco. It's great to see that the lamp has a parent. Just goes to show that even lamps have trouble with parenting. By the way, how does a lamp even have a kid anyway?

10 Tin Toy

While the baby might be more horrifying than Satan this short (as well as Knick Knack) inspired Toy Story.

The cordial syncs perfectly and this was in 89, yes 89.

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11 Piper

Piper is the short that was released with Finding Dory. And it won an Oscar because it's that good! The thing that really stands out about it is the animation! I think this is the most realistic animation Pixar has ever done! Everything in the short such as the water, the sand, and the birds all look real! You can see every grain of sand! They definitely went into a lot of detail! The waves in the ocean move exactly like how waves move! It's just so amazing to look at! I thought the little bird that we see throughout the short was really cute. I love the look of fear it gets from the ocean! I laughed when he saw a wave and it looked big from his perspective, but it turned out to be a little wave. It's just so adorable! I loved everything about this short!

12 The Blue Umbrella

The Blue Umbrella is the short that was released with Monsters University. And it's the only short on this list that was released with a bad movie. Who knew that Pixar could actually make me care so much about the emotions of an umbrella? I love how the umbrellas aren't the only ones with faces. The buildings, mailboxes, vents, etc. all have faces. This can be pretty creepy but not as creepy as the volcanoes from the terrible short called Lava. The blue umbrella and the red umbrella that it has a crush on are the only umbrellas with color. Which make them stand out. Which is an excellent way for us to connect with them and to show that they are meant for each other. They definitely make a cute couple. But how do umbrellas have sex?

13 Bao
14 Lou

Lou is the short that was released with Cars 3. So it's the most recent one. Apparently, the objects that are put in the lost and found can come alive and become a living thing. That doesn't really make any sense, but what I love about this short is its anti-bullying message. A kid acts like a bully towards the other kids, but in the end he gives them their stuff back from the lost and found and he learns that if he's nice to people he can make friends. It's better to help others than to be mean to others. And I appreciate this short for giving such a strong message.

15 La Luna

La Luna is the short that was released with Brave. In case you're wondering, it's not about a pony princess. It's about a kid and his father and grandpa who rearrange the light on the moon. The father and the grandfather argue with each other because they each want the kid to do things their way and they have different opinions. What I love about this short is that the kid does it his own way and the father and grandfather are proud of him for it. This is a very beautiful short. I especially love the way that the stars look. Whenever I watch this short, I immediately think of Super Mario Galaxy. I absolutely enjoyed this one. It's such a creative idea.

16 Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy is the short that was released with Up. I'm pretty sure it's no coincidence that this short takes place in the sky while Up also kind of does. There was a movie that came out last year called Storks. It was an okay movie. In that film, the storks delivered babies from a factory. In Partly Cloudy, storks deliver babies as well as baby animals from clouds that make them. So does sex not exist in their universe? There's an outcast cloud who constantly makes dangerous animals such as sharks, porcupines, and crocodiles. It's funny seeing the stork get hurt whenever he has to deliver something. Basically, this cloud is very unique. And the stork ends up deciding to deal with the dangerous animals to make the cloud happy. I really like the ending of the short. This is definitely enjoyable and somewhat heartfelt.

17 One Man Band

Underrated in my opinion, but a great short.

18 Partysaurus Rex
19 Lava

For whatever reason everybody on the web seems to dislike this, but the truth is: this is pure poetry, a very original elaboration of Hawaiian culture and definitely one of the best shorts ever by Pixar. You people who don't like this gem are ridicolous.

20 Boundin'
21 Dante's Lunch
22 Riley's First Date?
23 The Adventures of Andre & Wally B.

Worst Pixar short. Scary animation.

24 Mater and the Ghostlight
25 Small Fry
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