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1 Dumb And Dumber

I love this movie! It made me laugh from beginning to end! It made me a Jim Carrey #1 fan for life! One of my favorite parts is when Lloyd and Harry kill mentalino on accident and he is dying and they are pointing and laughing! There are to many great scenes to count! Once you have seen this movie, you will never be the same. Makes you have a new perspective on life. Thank you Jim, thank you.

I have seen more funny people but I haven't seen the funny like Jim Carrey because whenever I just look at the face of Jim Carrey I start laughing. and this movie made me laugh from the starting to the end. and now also when I remind the scene of this movie it makes me laugh. Jim Carrie is the King of the comedy.

I'm 12 years old and I'm a big Jim Carrey fan. I watched it on my birthday and I LAUGHED from BEGINING TO END! The best part is I laugh only when something is extremely funny and the amount I was laughing, it was crazy. This DESERVES to be Number #1! If you haven't watched it, watch it you'll see wut I mean!

This is my favorite comedy of all-time! I have literally watched this movie over a hundred times, and I can watch it a hundred times more. It never gets old, and even when I know the next joke is coming up, I always bust out laughing.

2 Liar Liar

Best father and son relation is shown in this movie. And the director of this movie used all of Jim Carey abilities to deliver such a hilarious comedy movie.

The most Epic movie ever watched!
I was laughing like hell, And its one of the best movie of mine, jim carrey your just awesome and best actor amongst all of them!

Jim carry's acting is awesome..
He makes to laugh too much...
His awesome expressions that he delivers...

This is hands down Jim carrey's best comedic acting performance. He is going at a 100 in this one! All the laughs are derived by his acting and that alone in this movie to where Dumb N dumber humor is part situational and part Jeff daniels.

3 Bruce Almighty

It has a really strong message in the end and it is way better than that Evan Almighty movie. Jim Carrey is my favourite actor and Morgan Freeman, the inspirational actor, as god was cool. If you are a Christian, don't get offended by this. This movie holds a strong message that especially you guys can understand.

Well here it is worlds #1 movie. Great to see it here. Hopefully it can get to the top. Dumb & Dumber rubbish should be lower. I am sure that it can go.

This is the greatest movie that I ever seen in my life. Great soundtrack, great script, perfect actors and actresses. A must watch experience.

This movie is one of his best I also liked dumb and dumber, liar liar, ace ventura series and the mask

4 The Truman Show

My opinions of this list
1. Dumb and dumber: hilarious, but light on story
2. Liar liar: Funny, but not as funny as others, and moderate on the plot
3. Bruce almighty: creative, funny, and the plot is intriguing
4. the mask: Hits as often as it misses
5. the truman show: not quite as funny as the others, but still has its moments, and has the most creative plot of all of them.

It is a great drama about Jim Carrey. Very well done and very creative. Being a major fan of Jim Carrey, I loved this movie and could actually feel the character's emotions. This movie proves that Jim doesn't always have to be a slapstick comedian all the time and can be a serious actor when he wants to.

This movie is Carrey's underrated, as it's not a comedy, a movie genre he is usually associated with. People aren't used to it as they probably watched Carrey's comedies more than other movie genre's he plays in. This Sci-Fi drama is definitely one of his best works.

Amazing script an idea. New, special and unique and certainly leaves so much wonder! I have never seen anything like this and I love it! And Jim you are astonishingly amazing!

5 The Mask

One thing about Jim Carrey that you can best describe him in the comedy genre is that he is a real life cartoon character. This movie literally takes this guy and literally turns him into a real life cartoon character! He is amazing!

I almost died laughing from the movies ace ventura almighty and the mask! Jim Carrey is the best actor of all times. He can make everyone laugh. I think really has a big talent!

Funniest movie I have seen in a long time.
Jim Carrey just has the face and the voice for almost any comedic movie.
Definitely a must see.

He is just the perfect comedian in the world. He has his own class and no one can even go near that class... Superb movie... He is Great...

6 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

This was where it all started for Jim. It is his masterpiece, no other movie can compare to how beautiful and free his acting was in this movie (except maybe the mask), and it blows my mind that this isn't #1.
This film is, in essence, Jim Carrey.

This movie is definitely the best of the Ace Ventura series it is hilarious and quite original for the time and of course Jim Carrey is hilarious as he always is.

This performance is comparable with any of Charlie Chaplin's performances.

Its an ultimate proof of best comedy film.. Superb acting
He is such a gifted person to the earth.. I love his movies

7 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Firstly, how is this only number 9? Secondly, a list of reasons why ESotSM is an 21st century classic - 1. Jim Carrey's serious acting: Sure, flicks like Ace Ventura, The Mask, and Dumb and Dumber are fun to watch, but Eternal Sunshine shows an emotionally side of Carrey that we can sympathize with, as we see him reflect on his life and his decision to forget his girlfriend. 2. Sentimentality: While The Truman Show made Carrey a protagonist worth rooting for, ESotSM places him in the shoes of a man regretful of his decision to discard his past and desperately looking to start over for the life he had. 3. The narrative: SPOILER ALERT! Eternal Sunshine begins with the ending and flashes back to Carrey having his memories erased, an excellent way of telling the film's story from his point of view. Simply put, this is a beautifully made look both at how chronology can be used to mentally travel back in time and how one should always think twice before choosing to forget a life that ...more

Quite possibly my favorite movie of all time. Easily Carrey's most mature effort comprised of sheer finesse, calculated nuances, and an emotional velocity like a tidal wave, one that soars into the stars and wraps around the heart of the viewer.

If more people watched this movie and / or had more appreciation for Carrey's more serious movies, this would be first. It is, to say the least, poignant, philosophical, and a brain bender that will leave you utterly fascinated. Watch it!

Have seen this movie so many time no that I have lost count, it's a true pice of art in moving pictures, it's like I have to see it more only becuse of the fact that I can have missed a deep thought in the movie plot.

10/10 can call this masterpice my favourite movie with pride.

8 Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

I can't believe Jim Carrey went from playing Ace Ventura in the rhino scene to impersonating Joe Biden on SNL. That's so messed up!

Best comedy ever made! Jim's way of making people laugh is like no other comedians. I mean have you ever seen anyone else able to act abnormal and do it so perfectly without one single mistake. he is simply the best I hope to see more work from him soon!

Most comedy movie in the world... Jim carrey is the best ever as always.. He makes us laugh very much through his acting and expression..

I like this movie very much, anytime I am sad and I remember this movie, I feel relieved. Jim carrey you are the best comedian I have ever known on this planet. God bless you

9 Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The Grinch ROCKS!

I don't get why people hate the sequels to the son of Mask and Evan Almighty just because Jim Carrey's not in it, even though they know it's not the same character. Because I love those movies and I've never seen the originals.

I absolutely love this fun enjoyable Christmas movie and I love Dr Suess and Jim Carrey as the enjoyable Grinch . Jim Carrey did a wonderful job in my all time favorite movie .

My family saw this movie the night before I was born. We're gonna see the next Jim Carrey film (Sonic The Hedgehog) for my birthday this year.

The hilarious body language of jim carrey as the Gringe is unbelievable. For those who have'nt seen the film should watch it. To be swept away by the comic performance by jim carrey

10 The Cable Guy

One of my favorite movies of all time, I can quote this movie almost in its entirety. It is INCREDIBLY underrated. It's a shame that people were so off-put by his darker role in this movie. I literally cry with laughter every time the Medieval Times part comes on. Chip Douglas/Ernie Douglas/Larry Tate/Whatever the Cable Guy's Name Is is one of my favorite characters in any comedy movie. I really wish more people saw this movie and appreciated it. It's JIm Carrey's black sheep for sure but just an amazingly funny movie. Oh not to mention, Jack Black, Ben Stiller, and a few other well-known actors made cameros in it, plus it was written and directed by Ben Stiller.

This was is and always will be my favorite movie of all time. Jim's character Ricky Ricardo ( last name he used) was genius. I saw this for the first time when I was three and it changed me forever. Thank you Jim you were a big part of my Childhood. I just wish I was not born in 1999 so could have seen this on the big screen.

Absolutely hysterical movie! Definitely his best! So underrated - it's a dark comedy which is different than his usual slapstick self, though he is slapstick here too sometimes. This is just an absolute masterpiece of a movie and most people seem to not like it.

Let's put something straight. This movie is a horror movie! Jim Carrey playing as a psychotic stalker was amazing! I really felt connected but this movie shows what happens when you go a little over board to earn someone's friendship. He was like a crazy cartoon character! And that ending killed me LOL! To anyone who hasn't seen it, SEE IT if you want to see Jim Carrey go The Roomate!

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11 Batman Forever

Jim Carrey is my favourite comedian so when I heard he was in this Batman movie, I was interested. After I watched this, I became a Riddler fan and Batman fan. Jim Carrey, thanks for introducing me to the superhero world because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be a superhero fanboy I am today. Overall, I am a Batman fan but before, I wasn't crazy about superheroes. Yeah, this movie is corny and a little silly but hey, with Jim Carrey, everything is goofy and family-friendly. Like I said, if it wasn't for Jim Carrey's performance as the Riddler, I wouldn't be the Batman and overall superhero fan I am today.

They should make a dark night movie with the riddler and penguin

12 Yes Man

It is an awesome movie had seen 13 times yet. It is really good. I love his works which he is doing by making people laugh.
I had seen the following movies by now
Liar liar
Bruce almighty
Yes man
Ace ventura pet detective
Dumb and dumber
The mask
"must watch the above movies all are awesome. "

While it might not be Jim Carrey's funniest performance, but I truly think this movie has an inspiring message to it that truly connects to me, to me personally it's my number one.

You can learn so much from this film its very inspirational movie it really teaches us the value of our very life in an entertaining way of course thanks to Mr. Jim Carrey love this guy

This movie should earn at least 10 awards because this movie makes me laugh 70 times a day and the song just makes me cry. It is just so god! IT, S JUST AWESOME!

13 Man on the Moon

As a big fan of Andy Kaufman, I think this movie is great and Jim Carrey's portrayal perfectly captures the essence of the story!

Perhaps, his best dramatic role.

Best ever! And underrated!

Way off. Needs to be in top 5.

14 Me, Myself & Irene

Raunchy, absolute hilarity from beginning to end. Only Jim could've pulled this off with "watch it over and over" syndrome.

The best Jim Carrey film I have ever seen can't stop watching it... Jim Carrey you indeed are the best actor I know

Without doubt it's the best jim film I've ever seen. Jim you're the boss man!

Jim Carrey as Two-Face was... interesting.

15 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

I don't care about the Netflix version, I watched this one when I was younger it was the original. Yeah Count Olaf is a dark character but the adults are really dumb. "Not "insert disguise" its Count Olaf" That's also a gag so they put three gags into one movie.

He played a really sinister pedophile villain. A really interesting take-on on a villain. Gotta admit, if a movie has Jim in it, you gotta love it!

Face it. With Meryl Streep, he was the only worthy actor of that movie. Who could have been so much better.

I love this movie! Jim did very amazing at Count Olaf! In my opinion, no other actor could be better!

16 Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!

Jim Carrey is excellent in this movie and this is one of my favorite book from Dr. Suess . This is an enjoyable movie that is family friendly and I love it too . Jim Carrey is a wonderful actor / comedian

17 A Christmas Carol

I really love this movie and I even have the the book and the cd of this wonderful holiday movie . Jim Carrey did a fantastic job in this movie with his awesome sense of humor .

18 The Sex and Violence Family Hour
19 Sonic the Hedgehog

He is a perfect choice for robotnik.

Perfect choice for Robotnik!

He plays this role perfectly.

20 Mr. Popper's Penguins

The only scene I remember from this movie is the wake up scene where the penguin was the alarm clock. So this movie isn't good.

I loved that movie, so cute.

21 Kick-Ass 2

A badass character performed brilliantly by Carrey. Awesome movie.

22 The Number 23

This movie is really hard to get into. It is slow but if you really like stories that revolve around conspiracies and you want to see dramatic Carrey, then this movie is recommended. Otherwise, you will be bored to tears.

Best thriller movie I've ever watched.. jim carry hats off best actor in thi world.. I loved your role as detective in novel.

Jim carrey as never seen before..
Once more he proves his acting abilities...

Jim Carey can handle very well a serious role.This movie is proof.

23 The Majestic

Jim is top of the list when it comes to comedy, but my favorite is The Majestic. His performance before the McCarthy panel was one of the most moving performances I've ever witness.

Great movie and story line. Jim cam also do drama!

24 Sonic the Hedgehog 2
25 Over the Hedge

Why's this on here? Jim Carrey wasn't in this at all.

Not a Jim Carrey movie

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