Top Ten Hollywood Sniper Movies

When it comes to military personnel, few people are as romanticized as the lonely sniper. The same is true in military and war movies.

Snipers are an elite class of any military force and have been getting more and more recognition as of late. Their skill set is in high demand yet there are few that can rise to the challenges required by this highly-trained force.

While there have been many documentaries covering the training, deployment, and history of snipers, this list only covers the Hollywood-produced movies. Often drawing in big name actors and actresses, big budget war/military movies involving a sniper as a leading character tend to bring a personal touch to the horrors or conflict.

Below are the best of these movies.
The Top Ten
1 Sniper

One of the best sniper movies, showing the challenges and thoughts of being a sniper, including the inner conflict drama.

One of the original sniper movies, Tom Berenger gives us a taste of special operations through a sniper's lens.

2 Full Metal Jacket
3 American Sniper

This is absolutely the best sniper movie ever made. It also powerfully depicts the horrors of warfare and its consequences. It definitely should have been number one.

Hands down, this is the best and most realistic sniper movie ever made since it's heavily based on Chris Kyle's life story.

4 Shooter

Guys, I watched this movie repeatedly, and it never seems to get old. They need to continue the story and make Shooter 2. They definitely need to keep Mark in it because after watching, you can't see him the same way and say, "He's just another actor." He nailed this movie (in a good way), if you know what I mean. He was simply outstanding.

This movie is unbelievably amazing. Wahlberg really delivers as Bob Lee Swagger, and Michael Peña is also fantastic. What I found striking about the movie is the many angles on who Swagger is. He's not just a trigger finger. It reminded me a little of The Fugitive.

5 Saving Private Ryan

This is the true sniper movie, where the sniper is just part of a company rather than a superhero, as depicted in other films. It still perfectly shows the importance of snipers.

While the main character isn't a sniper, without the help of one, the group of heroes wouldn't make it far.

6 Jarhead

This film portrays modern warfare (as of 1991) and the almost non-existent role of infantry. Still, the training scenes and the mental tension held by soldiers, particularly snipers, are evident throughout the movie.

7 Rambo

Although Rambo isn't a sniper, the mercenaries he teams up with include one, and he's impressive. There's a small subplot where this sniper runs his own show.

8 Enemy at the Gates

Offering a unique perspective on WWII, this film depicts a reluctant soldier who becomes a national hero through the scope of his rifle.

Awesome movie. I believe it's a true story.

It's an amazing movie with a beautifully constructed, deep plot, far from the cheesy Hollywood stuff like Sniper.

9 Sniper II

Not many sequels make a top ten list, but this one is worth a watch for the sniper's perspective.

10 Sniper: Ghost Shooter
The Contenders
11 Hurt Locker
12 Sniper: Reloaded
13 Sniper: Legacy

This is by far the best sniper movie sequel so far. It's a well-done action film, and the sniper scenes are excellent.

14 Hitman

Excellent action and suspense.

15 The Day of the Jackal
16 Jack Reacher

A movie based on understanding a sniper gone bad.

17 The American

While the movie isn't an action film and the protagonist isn't a sniper, the plot centers around making a specialized sniper rifle. It's pretty interesting to see the other side of assassination through a scope.

18 The Expendables 2
19 The Expendables 3
20 Phone Booth

I've seen this twice. It's extremely enjoyable and even more mysterious if you don't know who voices the caller.

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