Most Ridiculous Things About the Movie Independence Day

Admittedly, when I first saw Independence Day in theaters, I thought it was absolutely amazing. Almost 20 years later, however, each time I watch it I find myself enjoying it a little bit less and being perturbed by the stupid little things all the more.

As is the case with all alien invasion movies, enjoying Independence Day requires you to overlook some key issues inherent to the genre. These are born from the fact that any alien species capable of interstellar travel would have technology and intelligence so superior to our own that we would never stand a chance in a confrontation. But, one would also hope any species so advanced would have an equally advanced sense of morality and be beyond war and suffering. Not to mention a species capable of traversing the universe would have no need of Earth's resources since they probably already have the technology to mix, match, and build atoms however they want. Of course, that wouldn't make for a very good movie.

But I digress. This list is about the movie Independence Day and not the genre as a whole. It is for the scenes or ideas specific to the movie that are so silly you simply are unable to suspend your disbelief any longer.
The Top Ten
1 Mid-Nineties Macs are Compatible with Alien Computers

Apple isn't exactly the first brand that comes to mind when you think of cross-platform compatibility. They've even have issues with successive versions of their own products. So to expect people to believe a Powerbook will interface with an alien technology when I can't use the same charging cable on an iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 is a bit hard to swallow.

This drove me insane when I saw it first time. Really?!?!

2 Captain Hiller Kos Aliens in One Punch

Okay, maybe these aliens with their advanced brains are more prone to having their lights put out and slower to reboot afterwards, but this dude was wearing an armor suit. What kind of piece of crap armor lets you get knocked out cold, for hours, from a single punch?

3 After Insisting Hiller Not Go to the Base, Jasmine Dances at the Strip Club Where She Works

Not a whole lot to say here other than this woman as a goofy set of priorities. Apparently satisfying horny men is more important that trying to save the world. At least she seems to be the only one since the club appeared to be completely void of customers.

4 The Same Long-Shot Trick for Bringing Down the Alien Ship in Roswell Works Without Fail on Every Other Alien Ship

It's cool that Russell was able to save the day and redeem himself in the eyes of his children. Also cool that the whole world was able to communicate via Morse code. But there were three dozen "city-destroyer" ships in total. Even if the alien communication between the ships was completely shut off, what are the odds that this advanced race would be duped by the exact same trick 36 times in a row? Not good, my friend, not good.

5 Human Armies Across the World Were Able to Communicate Via Morse Code

Okay, let's assume all of these armies have electric power and someone who can recognize and translate Morse code. Let's also assume each group has an English speaking person since Morse code is not actually a unique universal language and is merely a means of sending individual letters of an alphabet. Let's also assume the hard-wire infrastructure necessary to connect each army is intact even though they apparently were unable to communicate using more standard technology. Okay, now, what are the odds that these armies have an operational Morse code machine plugged in and ready to receive a signal? Zero? Yeah, probably.

6 The Aliens Relied on 20th Century Human Satellite Technology for Communication

WHY? They build a starfleet large enough to transport "millions" of soldiers including dozens of city-destroyer ships measuring 15 miles across, and who knows how many thousands of fighter ships, but decide to go cheap on the communication system integral to the entire operation? Sorry, can't get over that one.

7 We Tried to Communicate with the Aliens Using Flashing Lights

Remember that emissary helicopter blown to bits over the White House. We were told it was trying to communicate with the invaders, but what in the world was it trying to communicate? I've lived on Earth my entire life and I have no idea.

8 A Sheet Defeats an Alien's Advanced Spacecraft

Yup. Nothing beats good old Earth produced parachutes Don't their force fields stop everything? Wait, they stop missiles and bullets but not human made fabric? Shouldn't our cops and soldiers be wearing this indestructible fabric used for plane parachutes?

9 Aliens Computers Do Not Use Anti-Virus

Sure, maybe the era of Norton and McAfee has come to an end in the alien world, but one would think this is because the operating system is so well designed that they are no longer required.

10 Jasmine Manages to Escape Being Torched by Stepping Into a Room in the Tunnel

The blast generated by the alien ship's primary weapon is able to incinerate entire cities, but Jasmine is able to out run it and lives by ducking inside a small concrete room. Perhaps this room is particularly reinforced and resistant to heat, but she left the door open! Heat simply does not flow by a space and even if it had, fire consumes oxygen and she would have suffocated.

Many of the elements on the list are possible, which is funny given you chose a movie that is pretty crazy and irreal. There are at least 7 times in which the protagonists get so lucky to save themselves in just a milisecond. A milisecond more and they would be dead. I liked the movie though, at least it wasn't like 2012, which was not only irreal, but also a bad movie.

The Contenders
11 The President of the United States Gets in a Jet to Fight Off Aliens
12 Captain Hiller Knew How to Fly an Alien Ship
13 The Air Force Recruits Crop Dusters to Fly F-18s

How could the military possibly have a shortage of pilots, but a surplus of aircraft? How could crop duster pilots possibly learn to effectively fly and command an F-18 in less than 5 hours?

Well he did say he flew Jets in Vietnam. Phantoms.

14 Thousands of People Die in the Tunnel, but It’s Ok Because the Dog Lives
15 Roswell Ufo Incident Happened in 1947, but the Movie Claims It Happened in 1950s
16 The President Suddenly Knows the Entire Alien "Master Plan" After a Jolt of ESP from the Captured Being
17 The Huge "City-Destroyer" Ships Managed to Hover Above the Ground Without Causing Any Disturbance Below Them

Sure, you're saying, but they have some advanced alien propulsion that uses energy in a way we can't comprehend. These aren't Harrier planes that have to move massive amounts of air in order to hover.

But, when the ships passed by the moon, there was significant disturbance in the sand, enough so to destroy evidence of the moon landing. And that was without atmosphere.

18 The Crop-Dusters Were Able to Fly and Bank in Perfect Formation
19 The Glass They So Proudly Pronounced as "Not Bulletproof" Was the Only Barrier Between an Alien (Who Just Killed Several People and Completely Shredded a Laboratory) and the POTUS Who Just Got Promoted to POPE (President of Planet Earth)
20 If None of the Gizmos Worked Until the Main Ship Arrived, How Did They Work After the Main Ship Was Destroyed and How Did They Back to Earth Alive?
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