Top 10 Horror Movies With the Best Opening Kills

The Top Ten
1 It The film starts with a young boy named Georgie chasing his paper boat down a rainy street, which leads him to a storm drain. There, he encounters Pennywise the Clown, who brutally drags him into the sewer.
2 Final Destination 2 The movie begins with a catastrophic highway pile-up, caused by a series of freak accidents involving a log truck. This chain reaction results in numerous gruesome deaths, setting the tone for the series' theme of inescapable fate.
3 Cube The film opens with a man awakening in a mysterious, cube-shaped room, only to be lethally sliced by a hidden wire trap as he attempts to move to the next room. His gruesome death illustrates the lethal nature of the cube's traps.
4 Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh The movie opens with a scene in a New Orleans apartment where a man named Paul McKeever is investigating the Candyman legend. He is gruesomely murdered with a hook after summoning Candyman by saying his name five times in front of a mirror.
5 Urban Legend The opening sequence features a college student being attacked in her car at a gas station, only to narrowly escape. However, she is later killed by a mysterious figure hiding in her backseat, setting off the urban legend theme.
6 The Collection The movie begins with a brutal mass killing at a nightclub, orchestrated by a masked killer. This chaotic scene results in a high body count, introducing the film's ruthless antagonist.
7 Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies The film begins with a botched robbery at a museum where the Djinn is awakened from a red gem. The Djinn kills one of the thieves by granting his wish to escape unharmed, twisting the wish into a fatal outcome.
8 Scream 2 In the opening sequence, a couple attends a sneak preview of the horror film "Stab," based on the events of the first Scream movie. During the movie, the woman is attacked and brutally murdered by Ghostface in the crowded theater, while the audience believes it is a publicity stunt.
9 The Grudge The film starts with a scene of a man in Tokyo who looks out of his high-rise apartment window before suddenly jumping to his death. This act sets off a chain of supernatural events tied to a cursed house.

The first horror movie that really scared me.

10 Scream The film opens with a high school student, Casey Becker, being terrorized over the phone by a masked killer before being brutally murdered. Her death sets off a series of killings in the small town of Woodsboro.
The Contenders
11 The Ring The movie begins with two teenage girls discussing a cursed videotape that kills the viewer after seven days. After watching the tape a week prior, one of the girls, Katie, experiences terrifying visions and is mysteriously killed that night.
12 Wrong Turn 2: Dead End The movie opens with a contestant on a reality TV show being brutally killed by a trap set by a family of cannibalistic mutants. This grisly murder introduces the dangers lurking in the remote woods.
13 Ghost Ship The film starts with a seemingly idyllic scene on a luxury liner that quickly turns horrific when a malfunctioning wire cable slices through the passengers, killing nearly everyone on the deck. This shocking event sets the eerie tone for the rest of the movie.
14 Jaws The film begins with a young woman swimming in the ocean at night, only to be attacked and dragged underwater by a great white shark. Her terrifying death signals the unseen menace in the waters off Amity Island.
15 Halloween The movie starts with a young Michael Myers donning a mask and murdering his sister in their home. This chilling act of violence establishes Michael as a relentless killer.
16 Sinister The film opens with a disturbing Super 8 home movie depicting a family of four with bags over their heads, standing beneath a tree with nooses around their necks. They are then hoisted into the air and hanged in what appears to be a ritualistic execution.
17 Wes Craven's New Nightmare The movie starts on a film set where special effects crew members are creating a new Freddy Krueger glove. The glove suddenly comes to life and brutally kills two of the crew members, blurring the line between reality and fiction.
18 Scream 4 The opening sequence features two teenage girls at home alone, watching a horror film when they receive a threatening phone call from Ghostface. They are subsequently attacked and murdered in a bloody confrontation, setting the tone for the film's return to the franchise's roots.
19 The Lost Boys The opening kill scene in "The Lost Boys" takes place on a boardwalk amusement park. A security guard is attacked and dragged into the air by an unseen force, setting a dark and ominous tone for the rest of the movie.
20 Hellraiser In "Hellraiser," the movie opens with Frank Cotton solving a mysterious puzzle box. This action unleashes the Cenobites, who brutally tear him apart with hooks and chains, establishing the film's theme of pain and pleasure.
21 Bride of Chucky The opening scene of "Bride of Chucky" features Tiffany Valentine stealing Chucky's remains from a police evidence locker. She murders a police officer in the process, resurrecting the infamous killer doll and setting the stage for their murderous spree.
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