Top Ten Least Scary Horror Movie Series

These horror series just aren't as scary as they are intended to be and usually come of as either laughably bad or downright terrible. I've tried to include series in which all the entries are considered bad, which is why you're not seeing Friday the 13th or Elm Street here - since they actually have good movies.

So, these horror movies completely miss the point of the genre: actual horror. So let us count down the Top Ten Least Scary Horror Series.
The Top Ten
1 Leprechaun Series

None of these films are scary, as long as you have the thought that it's just Warwick Davis dressed in green running around doing something ridiculous it completely removes any terror this film may have once held - if it held any in the first place. We have the first 4 films, and they already gave up and pooped him in space of the 4th film, having him come of out of some person's privates, the 3rd film is in Vegas which is a pretty good setting for the film and then there is 1&2 which is just Leprechaun shenanigans. The In the Hood movies and Origins aren't any better and certainly aren't any scarier, they just get more ridiculous as the films continue.

2 Child's Play Series

It is a great movie and a staple of 80s horror, but Chucky himself has a rather comedic personality. Which makes the whole thing a lot less scary and an accessible movie for people who want to get into the horror genre.

Child's Play is the msot iconic out of all the series on this initial list, and why I deem it not scary is the same reason Leprechaun is not scary. Chucky becomes more embarassing as the films continue and even though the first 2 are really good movies, they are nowhere near scary, because killer dolls don't really creep me out...unless it's Puppet Master...

3 Silent Night, Deadly Night Series

SNDN series is not that good at all really, in fact, it's laughably bad.Not a scary movie series whatsoever, especially the sequel with it's overexaggerated main antagonist..."Garbage Day" is probably one of the most iconic horror quotes of all time and I hate that. It just isn't a scary series whatsoever.

4 Children of the Corn Series

They have 8 movies, a 9th coming out this year. This franchise has been milked to the brim and all of it came from a decent short story, there is no need for 8 sequels. The movies themselves aren't much better, they don't do anything scary in them at all, it's children, how bad can they be?

5 Resident Evil Series
6 Jaws Series

Ah yes, Jaws. I may get a bit of disagreement here, but I never found the first film scary at's outdated a ton. It still is an absolutely great movie, don't get me wrong but it's not as scary as it was in the 70s.

Then we have the other 3 movies, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever and aren't scary at all, a complete failure in my eyes.

7 Final Destination Series

Bad CGI effects, one dimensional characters, and just how ridiculous it all is kills my enjoyment for these movies and also the fear factor is completely demolished. It's laughably bad and it just makes paranoid nutjobs even more paranoid which I do not approve of.

8 The Blair Witch Project Series
9 Critters Series

Critters is basically a rip off of Gremlins except more classed in the horror film genre than a borderline horror film like Gremlins. Anyway, these little furballs don't exactly give me the fear and who can blame me? These little critters went to space and it was just not terrifying what so ever. In fact, all the movies are scarily bad!

10 Paranormal Activity Series

These movies are plain bad. The first one had an eeriness to it which is enjoyable but after that it became some spooky ghost shenanigans which don't come near to scary.They used to pump these out every year and somehow they got people to scream, I'm not sure if it's real or not or those people are really soft but whatever - my point stands, these films are not scary.

The Contenders
11 Jurassic Park Series
12 Gremlins Series
13 Scream Series
14 Night of the Living Dead Series
15 Camp Blood Series

It's ridiculous how this series even managed to become one because of how laughably bad the first one was, a talentless low-budget disaster that tried to bank off of the success of Friday the 13th but only succeeded in being the only movie I've ever seen that thought orange was a good color for fake blood. There isn't a single aspect of the original that works, and it's baffling how it managed to get sequel after sequel.

16 Poltergeist Series
17 Ghost Rider Series
18 Saw Series
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